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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
01948 661930


Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
01948 667378


Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence



Tuesday 26 January 2016 – 7.30pm - at the AWC


1.            President’s Welcome.  The President, Peter Williams, welcomed everyone. 


2.            Minutes Silence.  A Minutes Silence was held in memory of those who had passed away during the year.


3.            Apologies. No apologies had been received.  


4.            Minutes of 2015 AGM and Matters Arising.  It was noted that Item 10 was incorrect: The Referees Membership fee had remained at £6.00.  With this correction the Minutes were agreed as a true record.


5.            President’s Annual Report. On behalf of the League, the President thanked our Sponsors, Stubbs, Parkin, South, and all those who had advertised in the handbook or on the webpage.  He then congratulated all the 2016 League Champions, Runners Up, League Competition winners and Runners Up and commiserated with all those not so successful, particularly those teams who had proved to be the strongest in their divisions by holding everyone else up.  He particularly congratulated Phil Scott who had been a busy County Deputy President, now with an even busier year to come.  On behalf of the League he thanked all the League Officials for their contribution to the smooth running of the League and also anyone else who had helped in any way.  He ended by trusting that the Whitchurch League would be as competitive and friendly as ever and hoped that the forthcoming season would fulfil or hopes, that we would have dry weather, some excellent bowling and enjoy the company of our fellow bowlers.


6.            Chairman’s Annual Report.  The Chairman, George Edge, endorsed everything the President had said and wished everyone a good year’s bowling.


7,            Secretary’s Annual Report and Correspondence.  The Secretary, Alison Hine, reported that:

  • There had been fewer traumas than some years.  The main problem had been Wem Albion’s failure to play their fixture with Preston Brockhurst which had resulted in a complaint from Nantwich Park Road over the ensuing effect on the Division.   Although we would not expect a whole team to fail to turn up ever again, the Management were proposing a rule change – to make the offending team’s eyes water.
  • Donations had been made to St Alkmund’s and British Heart Foundation and thanks had been received.
  • A letter had been received from N Shropshire Parks asking the League to affiliate again.  This was agreed.
  • All Clubs will have received the paperwork for the County AGM on 1 Feb at Bagley Sports & Social Club.  A copy of the proposed Shropshire Code of Conduct had been circulated with our AGM papers; this has been updated to show links to the Safeguarding Bowls website. 
  • Some Clubs had been failing to send representatives to meetings: for example, in December: Ash, Childs Ercall, Cheswardine, Ifton, Ruabon, Wem Albion and Wrenbury had not been represented.  Some late apologies had been received eg Ruabon and Cheswardine.  Non-attendance does incur a fine of £5.  It was intended to impose these fines this year.
  • Finally, she noted a change of email address for 2016: secretarywdbl@gmail.com


8.            Treasurer’s Annual Report.  The Treasurer, Peter Lawrence, stated that it had been another successful year and circulated the Balance Sheet as at 30 November 2015, which showed three year’s accounts.  The accounts had been audited and passed by Stubbs, Parkin, South.

  • A profit of £869.95 had been made this year.  This was down on the previous year because the Division prize money had been increased: 1st - £200; 2nd £150; 3rd £100 and 4th £50. 
  • The Raffle money raised at the competitions had been paid out in donations.  Some of the raffle money raised at the Annual Dinner had been paid out on the night as a gratuity to the waitress staff.
  • It was expected that next year’s bills would include fines for non-attendance at meetings. 
  • Honoraria for 2016: although the RPI had been negative in September 2015 it was agreed to increase the Officials’ Honoraria by the same proportion as at the last AGM ie by 1%. 
  • The 2015 Accounts were proposed and accepted.


9.            County Delegates’ Annual Report.  Phil Scott congratulated Callum Wraight who plays for AWC in the Whitchurch League on winning the Champion of Champions.  He then reported that:

  • This year the County had made a profit of £6000 which was mainly due to the £1 per player increase and the imposition of fines for not attending the AGM.
  • The County teams had had a good season with both the seniors and the juniors losing in the semi-finals by only a couple of chalks against Warwickshire and Wales respectively.  There had been a strong showing of North Shropshire Juniors in the County squad with 8 playing and 3 Reserves who it was expected would go straight in this coming year.
  • The League had hosted the Senior Inter-League and Phil gave a big thank you to all that helped that day at Ash, Calverhall and Prees and all the Officers.
  • The County Cup would have a new format in 2016, subject to confirmation at the imminent County AGM. 
  • A County Code of Conduct Committee, comprising Mike Potter, Brian Kitson, Barry Jennings, Mike Caddick and Phil, had been set up after a few disturbing incidents at games.  A proposed Code of Conduct had been produced for discussion at the County AGM.  
  • The outgoing County President, Mike Potter, had taken over from Alan Mayhew as the Shropshire representative at BCGBA Meetings.   Rob Ellison had been made a Life Member of the BCG Referees’ Society which was very much deserved for all that Rob has done for us here in North Shropshire and throughout the county.   
  • Finally, Phil noted that after the County AGM he would embark on a journey that he could not undertake without the support of the League, from the officers on the top table to all the players who have entered the competitions he has run in his various roles in different associations.   He thanked everyone and promised to represent the League during his year of office as County President to the best of his ability.


10.         BCGBA and Referees Society Report.  Rob Ellison reported that:

  • The Referees’ Society AGM had gone off very well and the new Secretary was doing a marvellous job.  The Referees Society was showing a deficit this year which would need to be made up but proposed increase in membership fee to £8 had not been passed.  He noted that the Referee’s fee per match was £30 plus expenses.  Over the past year he had held a couple of Referees’ Seminars in Shropshire.  The current most serious problem was discipline and he hoped that the SCGBA Code of Conduct would be passed at the County AGM.
  • The BCGBA would continue to struggle for money as the proposal to bring in £1 per player had not gone through.  They were shortly to scrap the Club NR forms and replace them with a Club Registration form.   In future if any Clubs did not enter the correct details they would be caught and made to pay the amounts owing.
  • In answer to a question about Registration numbers, it was explained that the County had finally asked Mike Beckett to look at all Registration numbers to try to resolve the large number of duplicates: there were over 300 people in Shropshire with the same numbers.  The new forms would relate to playing members only – if an individual had a registration number but didn’t play then they would not have to pay. 


11.         Shropshire Referees/Welfare/Coaching Reports – Isobel Jones reported that:

  • She had attended the Shropshire Referees AGM last November where the main discussion was how to encourage more bowlers to become referees.  The main worry seemed to be that at a lot of the matches whether it be at League or National level spectators seem to be fired up with alcohol and referees do not want all the abuse that is aimed at them on the day. 
  • Three Referees seminars were held in 2015 led by Rob Ellison and Mike Potter plus three other Shropshire referees, all of whom gave up their time to attend the seminars. 
    • March 2015 North Shropshire seminar was held at Bridgewater BC, attended by 15 bowlers.  Seven of those sat the referees’ exam and two passed.  At the moment in North Shropshire we have at least nine qualified referees.
    • Second seminar was held at Sir John Bailey, attended by six bowlers, none of whom were interested in taking the exam.
    • Third seminar was held at Meole Brace.  No one turned up except the referees conducting the seminar.
    • Welfare: Isobel reminded the following Clubs that their Welfare Officers’ DBS certificates needed to be renewed: Adderley, Bridgewater, Calverhall, Malpas, Barony Park, Prees, Victoria, Wem USC, Woore and Nantwich Park Road.  Barry Jennings had confirmed that he would visit Whitchurch on 10 February to update the certificates.  Please contact Isobel to book a time.


12.         League Rules.  The outcome of voting on the proposed amendments is attached at Annex A to these Minutes.


13.         League Applications/Resignations and Format of the League for 2016.   Mike Beckett reported that:

  • Wem USC had applied to enter another team but at present there was no room under the current division structure.  The matter was discussed and it was agreed that (a) the League should not be restructured and (b) the new Wem USC team would be accepted only if another team withdrew before the start of the season.
  • The season would start on Tuesday 5 April 2016.


14.         Fixture Book 2015:  John Mitchell confirmed that the format of the Fixture Book would remain the same as the previous year.  He was under pressure to produce the books on time and would be grateful if the Club information could be submitted as soon as possible.


15.         Competitions 2016. Phil Scott thanked his team of helpers and parents without whom he would not have been able to run a successful competition programme and also all the host clubs, greensmen, caterers and the players.  He reported that:

  • This year the Juniors had regained the Inter League from Mid Shropshire in their own backyard winning by a single shot.  Well done to all those players from the A team to the C team.  They were all worthy of their success and a credit to the League.  Hopefully they will be able to defend their title successfully here in North Shropshire.  The Seniors unfortunately failed to qualify from their group at Prees by 1 chalk and the Veterans reached their semi final hosted by Market Drayton.
  • Alan Boulton reached the County Veterans final only to lose to Mick Jones at Old Shrewsbury.  There had been other North Shropshire successes.  Liam Jones District partnered Jodie Rutter Wrockwardine Wood to the Centenary Mixed Pairs title and then represented Shropshire in the National Final in Leeds.  Peter and James Farmer won the father and son at Bayston Hill. In the County Merit Peter Farmer just lost in the Final and Andrew Moss reached the final four and represented Shropshire in the All England at Stoke.  Overall in 2015 there was a bigger entry from this area in the County competitions which should enable Phil to bring more competitions up here for 2016.
  • No changes to league competitions were planned for this year as there was no room in the season.  The Norman Ford qualifiers would be invited in the next few weeks via their Club secretaries.  The Judith Purcell would be at the District and the St Almunds at AWC.  All others would be decided nearer the time.  A proforma would be sent out for clubs to indicate whether they would like to host County competitions and qualifiers but please note no home players are allowed in some County competitions.
  • Entry for cups would be online again this time – Clubs were asked to ensure that they ticked the right boxes as last year some Clubs had got it wrong and had been fined.


 16.        Elections of Officers 2016




Vice Presidents

As per Fixture Book



Mr P Williams



Mr G Edge


Vice Chairman

Mr P Scott



Mrs A Hine


Assistant Secretary

Mr J Mitchell



Mr P Lawrence



Stubbs Parkin South


Fixtures/Results Secretary

Mr M Beckett


Competition Secretary

Mr P Scott


Management Committee

Ms P Healey & Mr S Fullard plus Officials


County Delegates

Mrs A Hine, Mrs M Matthews & Mr N Hine


Referees Delegates

Mrs I Jones


Junior County Selectors

Mr P Scott


Inter League Captains Senior

Mr D Booth & Mr C Lloyd


Inter League Captains Junior

Mr P Scott, Ms P Healey, Mr S Fullard, Mrs I Jones, Mrs M Matthews


Inter League Veterans Captain

Mr G Edge



17.         Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening.  Alison Hinereported that the following arrangements had been made: 


  • Date              Friday 28 October 2015
  • Venue           Whitchurch Civic Centre
  • Caterers       Andrea Davenport, Sandbach
  • Tickets          TBC.


18.         Dates of Future Meetings

  • Date of AGM 2017: Tuesday 31 January 2017
  • Dates of Executive Meetings 2016:
    • Tuesday 15 March
    • Tuesday 4 October
    • Tuesday 6 December


Peter Williams thanked all for attending.


The Meeting closed at 9.20 pm






Whitchurch League Rule Changes 2016.  (Proposed changes in red)

NB Voting figures are shown only where there had to be a count.

Management Proposals

  • Organization of the League.
    • 1.9. Re-phrase:  An annual Presentation Evening will be held.  All Prize winners are expected to attend to collect their prizes; if unable to do so their prizes may be collected only by a representative from the same Club.  Any prize monies not collected at the event will become forfeit and donated to charity. Carried.
    • 1.10  Replace the existing No Smoking rule with that used by BCGBA: Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed whilst participating in the game of Crown Green Bowls.  The offending player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent(s) shall receive the maximum score. Carried
    • League Membership;
      • 2.4b If a Club wishes to withdraw a team from the League this must be their lowest team.  Applications to withdraw a team (or team(s)) from the League before the season starts must be sent in writing to the League Secretary not later than 14th February.  Clubs withdrawing a team (or teams) from the League once the season has started will pay all dues owing to the League for that season.  Carried.  29 votes for, 23 against, 4 abstentions.
      • Fixtures
        • 4.4c Failure by a whole team to attend a League Fixture will result in the match being forfeited and incur a penalty of £100, to be shared equally between the opposing club and the League.    The Team that was available and ready to play will be awarded a complete walkover score of 252.  Carried.
        • League Competitions
          • 5.2.3. Dress code must be adhered to for all League Merit Competitions and Finals days/nights.  This includes Cup Semi Finals (Jubilee, Shropshire Star and Presidents) but does not apply to the Under 12 Merit.
            • Note: All other Leagues in Shropshire apply dress code and we as the largest League should also follow suit.
      • 5.2.4a. If a team entered in the Jubilee Doubles, the Shropshire Star and/or the Presidents Cup later withdraws a fine of £20 shall be imposed.
      • 5.2.4b. Teams withdrawing within 24 hours of a Jubilee Doubles, Shropshire Star Cup and/or Presidents Cup fixture being played must notify the Competitions Secretary, the Opposing Team Captain and the Match venue. The withdrawn team will be liable to a fine of £25, which will go to the host Club to compensate for groundsmen/bar stewards etc.Carried.
      • Jubilee Doubles Rules
        • Delete Rules 5.3.1a and 5.3.1b Carried
        • Shropshire Star and Presidents Rules.
          • Insert in 5.4.1.: For quarter finals onwards all players must have played at least 6 Whitchurch League games during the current season for the club they are representing. Carried
          • Delete Rule 5.4.5 Carried


Tilstock Proposal

  • The number of players in teams be reduced from 12 to 10 in the lowest two divisions.
    • Management Comment: If agreed at the AGM this would require new rule 3.5:  All teams are to consist of 12 players except for those in the lowest two divisions which will have 10 players only.

Defeated.  37 votes against, 19 votes for, no abstentions.


Whixall Proposal

  • The number of players in teams in the lowest division be reduced from 12 to 10.
    • Management Comment: If agreed at the AGM this would require new rule 3.5:  All teams are to consist of 12 players except for those in the lowest division which will have 10 players only.

Defeated. 32 votes against, 15 votes for, 9 abstentions..

Prees Proposals

  • Rule 2.2a - delete first sentence and replace with the following:
    2.2a  Any club wishing to apply to join the Whitchurch League must apply in writing to the League Secretary, and submit the names of the team members in order that the Management Committee can assess which Division the team should be placed. The application should be submitted by 30 November of the preceding year. 

Not seconded.

  • Rule 2.2b - replace with:
    2.2b Any existing Whitchurch League club wishing to enter a new team(s) must submit the application and the names of the players to the League Secretary in writing by 31 January in order that the Management Committee can assess which Division the team(s) should be placed for the forth coming season. 
  • Defeated: 46 against, 5 for.