Warwickshire & Coventry District SMBA 2018/19

Chaiman Match Secretary Secretary
 Paul Brown CARL LEWIS  Jill Simms 

Enter Results Instructions for Short Mat Bowling

  • Login with your club password.
  • On the next page click on Enter Results.
  • Select the team and match date and the scorecard will be displayed.
  • All registered players are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Tap or Select Player Box(Lead, Second, Skip) and select the player from the list

  • Repeat for all players.

  • Select score for each group from score box.

  • If a player is not listed, select Unlisted Player. A box will be displayed whereby the players name on the card may be entered.
    That player will then be listed below the card to enable the results Secretary to assertain the eligibility of that player.

  • If entering via an Android Pone or Tablet there is an option to tap on the next button. This will enable you to enter the score and tap next to enter the away player without leaving the selection lists.

  • Click on SAVE RESULTS and results will now be saved.

  • If entering results at the venue the scores may be saved as the matches have been played. This is useful as the players may be entered once the card is made out.

  • The results will not be displayed in the tables and results pages unless all scores have been entered.

  • The results may be corrected by the Home or Away team for up to 5 days after the match has been played.