Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association 2021

Constitutional Laws and Competition Rules 


1     TITLE          

The Association shall be titled 'Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association' and be open to any bona-fide club in the Merseyside area.

2     COMPETITIONS         

All competitions shall be conducted under the British Crown Green Bowling Association rules and each member club shall put its green, when required, unreservedly at the disposal of the Association.

3     OBJECT

To promote the game of Crown Green Bowls. Demonstrate the spirit of true sportsmanship by ensuring that the rules of Crown Green Bowls and those of the Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association are adhered to in a sporting manner.


A club applying for membership of the Association shall furnish any information if and when required. Clubs wishing to withdraw from the Association must do by the date of the Annual General Meeting or render themselves liable to the fees for the ensuing season. All affiliated Clubs must be registered with the Wirral & District Crown Green Bowling Association.

5     SUBSCRIPTIONS          

The Annual Subscription shall be £90 for each team entered. Each club will be invoiced on two occasions of equal amounts, with payment to be received by 31st January and 30th September. Any accounts outstanding on these dates will be fined £5 plus £1 per week (or part) until settlement.


The financial year shall end on 30th September and any accounts outstanding at this date will be fined £5 plus £1.00 per week (or part) until settlement


An Executive Committee consisting of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and seven members elected at the Annual General Meeting, will administer the Association. The bank account of the Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association shall be kept in the names of the President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. All cheques shall bear the signature of two Officers of the Association.  All correspondence undertaken will be via the Secretary of a member club (or in the case of his/her absence their designated deputy).


Shall meet each month to: elect Clubs, to exercise financial control over all affairs of the Association, to nominate sub committee's to report to the Executive on any questions referred, to appoint officers and fill any vacancies that may occur after notice to each member, to make bye laws to meet cases not laid out in these rules, to be responsible to print the Associations handbook, to fine or suspend any club or individual who breaches these rules, to decide the true meaning of any rules or anything relating to the affairs of the Association, to recommend annual honorariums to the Annual General Meeting. Quorum = Five members present. The Executive Committee are the sole interpreters of the Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association rules.


The President will open the meeting that will then be conducted by the chair. He will have the authority on point of order and will have the casting vote.

(a) To be held on a date set by the Secretary.

(b) Notices of motion must be received in writing by no later than 30th September. These will then be circulated to all clubs. Amendments to these notices of motion may be submitted by no later than 31st October. No proposal or amendment shall be discussed unless it is seconded.

(c) Every club will have two votes (non-attendance fine £5), Officers and Life Members will have one vote. The vote will be on a majority count.

(d) The meeting will elect its Officers, Executive, Life Members and Vice Presidents.

(e) The Secretary will submit a full report on the season's workings and the Treasurer will submit a financial report (to be audited by one or two elected auditors).

(f)  Winning teams and runners-up shall receive prize money as determined by the Execurive Committee, which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


Shall be called by 25% of affiliated clubs or by the Secretary on the instruction of the Executive. The request must be in written form, the meeting is to be called within 28 days and only business written down will be discussed.


The Association will adopt the Disciplinary Guidelines of the British Crown Green Bowling Association and the Wirral and District Crown Green Bowling Association.


Intimidation of any Officials or Players either on or around the green will be treated very severely by the Executive Committee and could lead to the suspension of a club or player.


Any person or club refusing to appear before the Executive, or to furnish such information requested by the same, may be liable to suspension, at the discretion of the Executive.


GENERAL (applicable to both league and/or cup)         

1     Each competing club must register through the Secretary of the Association a list alphabetically arranged of its members, from which all teams are to be selected. Also each competing club must register the green it is to use the forthcoming season; this may only be changed with full permission of the Executive Committee. Names of registered players must reach the Secretary by the 31st January.  Clubs with more than one team in League and Cup competitions must provide their Starred Player list to the Secretary by March 16th. (Any references in these rules to him covers both Male & Female players)                

2     All players must be bona fide members of their respective clubs and be registered with the Wirral & District Crown Green Bowling Association. No player will be permitted to compete on behalf of more than one club during a season except as per team competition rule 3a.  

3     A player having played for a club during a season shall not be able to play in a League or Cup match for another Club in the following season, with the exception of a player of a club withdrawing from the Association, without having tendered his resignation as a player to his Club and notified the Association Secretary not later than December 31st in each year. The Secretary of each Club shall be responsible for notifying the Association regarding resignations, new members and registered players. No player can be registered after July 1st unless with the consent of the Executive Committee.

3a   If a player has played not more than 2 League matches (Including any Cup or Pairs League matches) for his or her club by May 31st and wishes to be transferred to another Club, he or she may do so with the consent of the Executive Committee provided all his or her financial obligations are in order with the club he or she wishes to leave.

4     Clubs with "B" Teams shall star 12 players for League matches who will not be eligible to play in any lower rated team fixture (League or Cup). Clubs with "C", "D" teams etc. shall star a further 10 players for each additional team who will not be able to play in any of the lower rated team fixtures (League or Cup). The selection by Clubs of which players will be Starred for each season shall be based upon each Club's Averages for their teams for the previous season as shown on the Wallasey CGBA Results Service Website. Any player who is not Starred and is in the Top Ten averages of that Club's or Team's averages will need to be justified to the Executive Committee who will confirm the Starring selections. Due consideration should also be given to the Starring of any new players or upcoming players as appropriate.

5     Any club playing an ineligible player shall forfeit the full number of points, which may have been gained through him, and 21 points awarded to his opponent. They shall be fined £5.00 for the first offence, and for subsequent offences be fined or excluded from the Association, as the Committee may decide. In the event of an ineligible player, in either league or cup competition being discovered the Association Secretary shall inform the offending club immediately.

6     Matches are to commence not later than 6.30pm (April and August 6.15pm). Any club not having sufficient players to keep the green fully employed after 15 minutes from the stated time, i.e. four jacks to be a minimum shall on the claim of the opposing Captain, forfeit 21 points for each player absent.        

7     Progressive scores in all games are to be recorded in duplicate by markers chosen by respective captains. The winner must signal the number of points scored at each end, both players being near the jack. Scorecards to be checked every three ends.

8     In any game where one or both teams are unable to play the full number of jacks, the absentees must be shown as absent on the score sheet. Any club found guilty of falsification of a match sheet will be fined £5.00.

9     In the absence of a Referee the two captains are to have exclusive control over play and all matters in dispute are to be decided by them without favour and in the spirit of sportsmanship. Should they be unable to agree on a matter, they may appoint a competent neutral party to arbitrate. In the event of deadlock an appeal may be made to the Committee. An appeal under this rule must be in writing with a full description of the circumstances through the Secretary of the Association within 48 hours, accompanied by a deposit of £5.00, which may be forfeited if the Executive considers the protest to be trivial or groundless.

10    The winning team shall forward the result within three days (excluding weekends & Bank Holidays), duly signed by both captains to the person indicated on the match sheet for that game. A fine of £1.00 will be imposed for each failure to carry out this rule. Results may also be entered via the website witin the same time frame. All results sheets should be kept in case of a dispute with the result entered on the website.

(e)  Team sheets incorrectly filled in or not on an appropriate match sheet will be fined £2.00.

11    Any club failing to play as appointed, will be scratched and required to concede the full number of points to its opponents and render themselves to a fine, such fine being determined by the Executive Committee. Only if the greens are unplayable (or from any proper just cause) in which case the clubs concerned are mutually to agree upon another date and advise the Association Secretary within three days. The re-arranged games should be played on the next available Tuesday or Thursday. Should they fail to make such arrangement they are to submit to the Committees ruling in the matter. In the event of an adjournment the completed games stand and the partly finished games shall be concluded from the scores at the adjournment. It should be noted that the decision on whether a green is fit for play will be made by the appropriate green keeper but in their absence the decision will be left to the Captain of the home team. Every effort should be made to ensure a match is played however if a postponement is likely then this should be communicated to the opponents as soon as possible so as to reduce unnecessary travelling. No match is to be the called off before 5pm on the day of play.

12    For matches where a referee has been appointed all matters in dispute, including suitability of green will be decided by the appointed referee, whose decision shall be final and binding. No protests may be lodged.

13    It shall be incumbent on all members of affiliated clubs to report to the Executive through the Secretary, any wilful infringement of these rules and the Executive will take such action as they consider warranted by circumstances.

14. The League and Cup trophies are to remain the property of the Association, with the League Winners receiving their trophy at the Annual General Meeting. The Association will be responsible for all the engraving of trophies, with the winning clubs being debited for the amount in their 2nd Account of the year. All trophies to be returned to the Association Secretary by no later than 2 weeks before the Cup Final of the following year or in the case of League Championship Trophies, 2 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.  If, whilst in the possession of a Club holding a Trophy, said Trophy should be lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, then it is the responsibility of the Club to replace the Trophy with a new Trophy of a suitable standard acceptable by the Association.

15. Any club who excludes a player from their premises, for any reason, must advise the League Secretary as soon as possible following the implementation of any exclusion and include full details. It should be noted that a full investigation (including any appeal) of the alleged offence is expected to have been carried out before said ban is implemented unless the alleged cause of the ban is of such severity that an immediate ban should be implemented. Any potential malicious abuse of this rule will be investigated and dealt with under the recognised disciplinary procedures. The Association is not under any obligation to involve themselves in any dispute.

16. The Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association endeavours to ensure the rules of the Association are comprehensive. However no rules governing a sport can cope with every situation and the rules governing the Wallasey CGBA are no exception. Unusual situations not covered within the rules can arise or different interpretations of the current rules can occur. The rules of the Wallasey CGBA have been drawn up in the spirit of true sportsmanship. So, if a situation arises that is not covered by these rules or can be interpreted in different ways, players, club officials, markers and Referees etc. are expected to use their common sense and a spirit of fair play to decide on an appropriate course of action that is fair to all.


Team Competition Rules

All League and Cup matches shall be played with standard jacks of 2 full bias as approved by the British Crown Green Bowlin Association. All jacks used must be tested amd marked as permitted by the BCGBA.         


1     Matches to be played home and away. The fixtures as arranged to be strictly adhered to. In the event of teams resigning or joining the League, the executive Committee shall have the power to re-organise the divisions at its discretion. The top two in division two and three to be promoted and the two teams gaining the least points in division one and two shall be liable for relegation.

2     Teams shall consist of twelve players a side and the games played in singles only, 21 points to a game. The names of the opposing players must be drawn. All matches will be played with standard jacks, which are to be supplied by the home team. Visiting teams shall lead the jack.

3     The result of the competition to be decided on points. 1 point for each Individual Home winner, 1½ points for each Individual Away winner and 2 points for the Team winning the match on total score e.g. (235-192). In the event of a tie on points, the Championship will be decided by the team with the most number of match winning points. Where match winning points are equal, then a play off will decide, on a neutral green, the date and green to be arranged by the Executive Committee.

4    Where possible all matches must be completed by the 1st September.

5     All competitive clubs in the Association shall provide standard jacks, mats, a tape no less than 19 metres and appropriate measures.

6     No practice by visiting teams will be allowed prior to commencement of a match.

7     In the event of a club withdrawing from the league competition at any time during the playing season, irrespective of the number of games played, the record of that club shall be expunged from the league.

8     Clubs with two (or more) teams in the same division should play each other (Home and Away) as the first games of each season.


1     The Cup competitions shall be open to all members of the Association. All Cup Competitions will be run on a Handicap basis. Any team who does not wish to be included in the Cup competitions other than the Divisional Cups (Harold Jones, Sheppick and Association Cups) must notify the League Secretary by March 16th at the latest each year. Failure to comply with this rule leaves the club liable to competition fees.

2     Any club entering a team must place its green unreservedly at the disposal of the Association.

2a   All Cup Matches to be played at neutral venues: No practice is allowed and the number of jacks for each team shall be shared and decided by a toss of a coin.

3 The Divisional Cup Finals shall be played in the following order- 1) Harold Jones Cup  2) Sheppick Cup  3) Association Cup

Any player who has played in the Harold Jones Cup Final shall not be eligible to play in either the Sheppick Cup Final or the Association Cup Final. Any player who has played in the Sheppick Cup Final shall not be eligible to play in the Association Cup Final.

3a     When their green is selected for a tie, clubs shall supply jacks, mats, measuring tapes and all facilities for the playing of the game. Clubs failing to comply will be fined £5.00.

4     The Competition Secretary will select greens for all matches and play is prohibited on these greens when the venue has been selected, except bona fide competitions.

5    All Team Competition Cup Finals shall take place on a date determined prior to the start of each season by the Executive Committee and shall not be changed.

6    Clubs unable to field a team for any Final must notify the Association Secretary at Least 48 hours prior to the scheduled Final. Failure to notify the Association Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the Final will render the Club involved liable for all costs incurred by the Association, such as printing costs, Referee’s fees etc. and an additional fine of £25. Such Clubs will forfeit the trophy and any prize monies due.

7     If whilst a Team Competition Final is being played, more than 2 players are missing, the team concerned shall be deemed to be unable to raise a team as per rule 6. Teams attending Finals with missing players shall then be fined at a rate of £10 per player (Maximum £20) in addition to any fines imposed as per above rule 6.

8     The game shall be played in singles only, 21 points to a game. The names of opposing players must be drawn. Competing teams to have equal leads with the jack, Captains to decide at the commencement of the match.

9     In the event of a tie between two competing teams the match will be replayed in its entirety, by arrangement, on the same green if available.

10     Teams will be handicapped in Cup Matches on the strength of players registered with the club.

11    A player cannot play in more than one Divisional Cup (Harold Jones, Sheppick or Association Cup) match on the same day. In the event of a match being re-arranged/postponed/abandoned, any player who played for another team within their club on the original date cannot play for another team within their club on the re-arranged date. No player to play for more than one team within their club in the same round of the Presidents or Wallasey News Cups.

12   A player must be registered prior to the semi-final round of a cup competition to be able to compete in the final round of any cup competition. All final participants are expected to be regular players in the team that has qualified for the final stages of that competition. Specifically, all players involved in the final of any cup must have played the majority of their games for the team that has qualified for the final. Nothing in this rule prevents a player playing for a Higher-level team than that in which they have played the majority of their games. All the playing records of each player can be confirmed on the Results Website.

13   In all Cup Finals, the B.C.G.B.A. Dress Code shall apply.

Male bowlers should follow the rules below.

Trousers: These shall be full length, Black single coloured trousers. Studs, rivets and zipped pockets are not allowed. Shell suits, Track suits or denims are not allowed nor are cargo pants.

Shirts: These shall be collared shirts only.

Female Bowlers should follow the rules below.

Trousers, tailored shorts, tailored cropped trousers or skirts, these shall be at least knee length and Black single coloured.

Shirts: These shall be single coloured with sleeves and collar.

It is the responsibility of the Association Secretary to inform competing Clubs that Dress Code will be required in Finals and if any player does not observe the rule, he or she will not be permitted to play in the said Final and a suitably attired substitute will replace the offending bowler.

Nothing in the above rule shall prevent exceptions being made for Individuals with a relevant disability.

No inappropriate use of weather protection clothing is permitted.

14 Both of the Competition Finalists shall submit their teams, in order of play, to the Association Secretary when requested. The game shall start not later than 6.30pm. In special circumstances, executive Committee approval may be given to amend starting times.

Individual and Doubles Competitions

1      Entry to all competitions shall be open to all bowlers registered with the Association, male or female and to all Life Members and Vice Presidents. Entry to all competitions shall be free apart from our Federation of Crown Green Bowls Individual Merit Competition. The entry fee for the Federation of Crown Green Bowls Individual Merit Competition must be paid in advance and sent with the competition entry form to the Competition Secretary.

2      Any player having entered the Federation of Crown Green Bowls Individual Merit Competition on an entry form submitted to the Competition Secretary, will be deemed as having entered the Competition and if he fails to turn up for the Competition and has not paid his entry fee, his Club will be billed for the entry fee in their 2nd Account of the year.

3     Division Two & Division Three Merits:

Wallasey Chronicle Silver Shield (Division Two Individual Merit)

Entry to this competition is restricted to those players who normally play in Wallasey Division Two. The individual concerned must have played the majority of their games for a team in that Division rather than any other.

The Hampson Shield (Division Three Individual Merit)

Entry to this competition is restricted to those players who normally play in Wallasey Division Three. The individual concerned must have played the majority of their games for a team in that Division rather than any other.

November 28th, 2019