South West Birmingham over 60 2019

General Secretary League & Competition Secretary Treasurer
Richard Walker Ray Pickering  Olive Tear 
07914 511489  07786 068644  0121 608 2443   



1.  League Membership is restricted to Boundary Limits as defined in League

      Title, or as agreed at the Annual General Meeting

2.  Association to be affiliated to ‘Warwick & Worcester Bowling Association’.


3.  Management of the Association shall be vested in:-



            General Secretary


            League Secretary

            Competition Secretary

        Together with a General Committee of elected members.


4.  The management committee will be empowered to take any disciplinary

     action necessary in the event of misconduct by clubs and/or individual



5.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of February at such

     place and time determined by the General Committee. Each Club will eceive

     at least 28 days prior notice. £10 fine to club for non attendance at all

    meetings i.e. AGM, End of season meeting and Handbook issue meeting.


6  The business of the A.G.M. will be:

  1. To elect all Officers

  2. To receive a ‘Statement of Accounts ‘ and ‘Current Balance

    Sheet‘ from the Treasurer.

  3. To determine the Annual Subscription which shall be paid at

    the termination of the A.G.M.

  4. To transact any other business or alteration of Rules, of

    which prior notice has been submitted to the General

    Secretary in writing and not less than 28 days prior to the

    date of the A.G.M.

  5. Each Club delegate is entitled to 1 vote on any issue raised.

  6. Any majority decision will be binding on all Clubs

  7. A Special General Meeting may be called if deemed necessary by the General Committee, the purpose and notice of business to be circulated to Member Clubs not less than 21 days prior to the date arranged.

  8. No business shall be transacted other than that specified on

    the notice



1.  All matches to be played under British Crown Green Rules & Regulations

2.  Teams to be entered into divisions (Maximum 12 Teams per Div.)

3.  Promotion or Relegation of 3 Teams per Division to operate annually

4.  New entrants to be placed in the lowest Division.

5.  All players must have attained the age of 60 years to be eligible. See also

     rule 16.

6.  Team strength to be 6.

7.  Registration of all players must be on the documentation provided and

      must be forwarded to the League Secretary not later than 1st April each


8.  Match cards must be signed by both captains and the home side must keep the 

     card until the end of the season. Match results must be entered onto the  

     website by both sideswithin four days. Match cards may be posted to the

     League Secretary by first class post on the day of the match. A £5 fine will be incurred for non compliance


9. TEAM KNOCK-OUT COMPETITION. If scores are level at conclusion of

     original draw, a further Two Players from each team shall play. In the event

     of a further level score, One further Match shall be played to determine the

     result. The Secretary of the winning Team must submit the result to the

     Competition Secretary within 4 days of the Match.

10. General Committee to organise additional Knock-Out Competitions.

            i.e. a) Singles Merit          d) Tommy Palmer Memorial Trophy

                   b) Doubles Merit       e) Ladies Day

                   c) Champion of Champions (Cyril McCoy Trophy)

11. All Trophies shall remain the property of the General Committee and shall

      be competed for annually.  All Trophies must be returned to the General

      Secretary before or at the End of Season Meeting.

12. Players Dress in all Association Finals Days or Tournaments. Players are to

      wear conventional clothing and are not permitted to play in shell suits or

      track suit bottoms, denims or shorts or singlets. Tournament Organisers

      should notify finals day qualifiers that this rule should be adhered to.


                        COMMENCEMENT OF MATCHES

      LEAGUE  …   11.00 a.m.                      VISITORS   …   15 Minutes Practice

      CUP             …     11.00 a.m.                            NO PRACTICE ALLOWED




N.B. All complaints in respect of rule contravention must be forwarded to the

General Secretary in writing.

League matches postponed to be Re-arranged and played within 21 days,

onus will remain on Club postponing to Re-arrange. Penalty deduct 2 points +

30 shots. ‘A’ Team to take priority.  NO ‘A’ team Postponements. Cup games

postponed to be re-arranged within 21 days or before next cup round.


13.  The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these Rules & Bye Laws, in general will be covered by Warks and Worcs Rules.

14    The aggregate scores of both teams for each match shall be the way the result is determined. Points will be awarded for a home win 4 points, an away win 6 points, a home draw 2 points, an away draw 3 points, plus 1 point for each individual game won.

15.  All merit competitions to be 21 up starting with 6 on the card, except finals which will be 21 up.

16.  SPECIAL DISPENSATION: Clubs may register players of 58 years, whose

        birthday is between April and September in the current season. Clubs may

       register unlimited number of qualifying players, but may only play ONE in 

       any match of their lowest team, i.e. ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’. NOT allowed in an ‘A’

       team. A player can play no more than three consecutive games and no more than six matches in a season.

17. Smoking in any form is not allowed whilst participating on the green in the

       game of Crown Green Bowls. The offending player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent shall receive the maximum score. Offending officials will be fined £10.


CYRIL McCOY TROPHY (Champion of Champions)

1.  Current champion to be permitted to defend his title

2.  All competitors to be nominated as club champion i.e. ONE PER CLUB

3.  Competition to be completed on same day except for circumstances

      beyond control.  Competition to commence at 11.00 a.m.

      Players to report by 10.50 a.m.

4.  Home player handicapped 2 shots up to and including semi-final stage.



1.  Competitors restricted to Club Secretaries, Delegates, Team Captains, Current Trophy Holder and League Management Committee as recorded by the Association in the current season.

2,  Home player handicapped 2 shots up to and including semi-final stage

      Games to commence at 11.00 a.m. Players to report at 10.50 a.m.



Play to commence at 11.00 a.m. Players to report at 10.50 a.m.



Players who attain the age of 60 after the 1st April each year can be enrolled on

current registration form provided birthday is shown and shall be eligible from

start of the season for any team. Any other registration must be put in writing and approved by the League Secretary.A player may only play for one league club during the season unless atransfer has been agreed between both clubs and the Management Committee.