South West Birmingham over 60 2019

General Secretary League & Competition Secretary Treasurer
Richard Walker Ray Pickering  Olive Tear 
07914 511489  07786 068644  0121 608 2443   



The match will take place on Monday 1st July 2019. KGV & Police have kindly agreed to stage the home match, which we be followed by a buffet for all participants. The away venue has still to be confirmed.



The following players have been selected in the squad to represent the Association.  Can the clubs please confirm that your players are available for selection.


Les Haylor                                          AG College


Peter Spencer                                   AG College


Ken Allen                                            Black Horse                       Confirmed


Ray Barnett                                        Black Horse                      Unavailable


Peter Dunbavin                                 Black Horse                       Confirmed


Ken Adey                                            Bournville Sports


Paul Gamsby                                      Colebrook


Stephen Davies                                  Hall Green


Richard Carr                                       KGV & Police                  Unavailable


Mike Pritchard                                   KGV & Police


Peter Eaton                                        K.N.E.S.                          Unavailable


Dennis Goode                                    K.N.E.S.                          Confirmed


Jim Mason                                          Kings Norton/Triplex


Bob Bean                                             Kings Norton/Triplex


Roy Wootton                                     Kings Norton/Triplex


Barry Jennings                                   Moseley CC


Terry Moss                                         Moseley CC


Dave Lowe                                         Olton Tavern                                 Confirmed


Colin Taylor                                        Olton Tavern                                 Confirmed


John Beechey                                    R.A.S.P.


Peter Cruise                                      Small Heath Amateur Gardeners


Ken Lawrence                                   Small Heath Amateur Gardeners


Rob Dreher                                        Woodbourne


Richard Boots                                   Wootton Hall                                 Confirmed


Ray Gough                                         Wootton Hall                                 Confirmed


George Turner                                  Wootton Hall                                 Confirmed


Peter Sidwell                                     Yardley Wood


Christine Faulkner                           Ye Olde Knowle


Alan Lang                                           Ye Olde Knowle                              Confirmed


George Taylor                                   Ye Olde Knowle