Stafford Ladies Bowls League 2019

Chairwoman Competition Secretary Treasurer Secretary
Daphne Simkiss Edna Thornley Helen Skidmore Helen Sammons


1. The League shall be called The Stafford Ladies Bowls League.

2. The elected officers of the league shall consist of a President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. All positions will be open for election at the Annual General Meeting.

3. The Management Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the league together with one representative from each team.  Each representative will have one vote at all meetings including the Annual General Meeting. Four members must be present to form a quorum.

4. The clubs forming the league will pay an annual subscription for each team entered, amount to be determined at AGM.

5. A condition of entry to The Stafford Ladies Bowls League shall be that their bowling green(s) be available for use when league matches are to be played at all times.  All clubs having more than one bowling green shall nominate which green each team will be using for home matches before the start of the season.

6. Alterations to The Stafford Ladies Bowls League rules may only take place at The Annual General Meeting. Twenty Eight (28) days notice must be given to the League Secretary of any proposed alterations. A special General Meeting may only be called upon the league secretary receiving a written request signed by the secretaries of not less than four member clubs.

7. Any individual or team involved in a complaint or a dispute may write to the League Secretary, who will acknowledge receipt. The letter should give full details of the complainants  involvement in the matter and should be counter signed by the team captain.  The other team or individual involved should be sent a copy of the correspondence asking for comments.  Should there be no reply within 21 days from when the Secretary sent the advice, it will be assumed that the complaint is justified. The Management Committee will then consider what action to take. Should the matter be contested, then a meeting of the Management Committee will be called, who may ask for verbal statements from whosoever it considers to be appropriate. The Management Committee’s decision will be final, and will be advised in writing to all concerned.

8. All trophies shall remain the property of the league. League trophies will be presented at the Presentation Evening. These trophies shall be returned to a member of the committee at least one month prior to the next  seasons presentation evening to allow for engraving. Trophy holders will be responsible for the safe keeping of  league property.

9. The Stafford Ladies Bowls League will be affiliated to the Staffordshire County Bowling Association and matches will be played under County rules.

10. The accounts of the league shall be audited each year. The auditor will be independent of the committee.

11. Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the rules and be bound thereby. Any infringement will be dealt with by The Management Committee. Any matters not provided for by the foregoing rules will be determined by The Management Committee.

February 2010