Stafford Ladies Bowls League 2019

Chairwoman Competition Secretary Treasurer Secretary
Daphne Simkiss Edna Thornley Helen Skidmore Helen Sammons




1.       The Stafford Ladies Bowls League competitions are open to any registered players of the league who have played a minimum of 2 games for their registered team in a League or Clive Weatherer match in the same season.


2.       No practice is allowed prior to the start of any competition by any team or player.


3.       Where a competition is scheduled to take more than one session players must be available for all sessions before entering.  No substitutes will be allowed once the draw has been made.


4.       Where a competition has to be rescheduled once it has commenced, for example due to weather conditions, every effort will be made to reschedule the remaining games so that all players can take part.   In the event that a player is unavailable for a genuine reason then, at the discretion of the competition organisers, a substitute will be allowed for the re-arranged games.  The substitute can’t have already taken part in the competition.


5.       Unless stated otherwise, at the beginning of the season, entrants can be submitted on the day of the competition providing this is prior to the draw being made.  The normal exception to this is the Iris Walker where pairings must be submitted to the competition secretary by the specified date.


6.       Should any player or pair have a bye in a round then they will be allowed 5 ends roll up if the next round is to be held on the same green.


7.       All games will be 21 up with the exception of in the Rita Knight Drawn Doubles competition.  Where the semi-finals and the finals will be 21 up and all other games will be 15 up.



Dated – February 2019