Stafford Ladies Bowls League 2019

Chairwoman Competition Secretary Treasurer Secretary
Daphne Simkiss Edna Thornley Helen Skidmore Helen Sammons


Annual General Meeting – Amasal Sports & Social Club

Friday 9th February 2018 at 7.30pm.



              Welcome from Daphne and 1-minute silence for friends lost.


154      Apologies:

            These were received and accepted from:

Shelia Fenna, Pat Ibbeston, Gill Rawlings and Gill Haynes.


155      Minutes:

The minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on the 10th February 2017 were received by members present. Acceptance was proposed by Maggie Lumsden and seconded by Mary Logan and agreed by the meeting.


156      Matters Arising:

             At this meeting, there were no matters arising from the 2017 Minutes


157.     Treasurers Report:

The Treasurer, Helen Skidmore tabled and explained a detailed audited account of Receipts and Payments for the year ended 31st.December 2017. Acceptance was proposed by Jo Jenks and seconded by Theresa Talbot and agreed by the members present.


Basically, fairly standard – the slight differences between years occur because prize money goes out of the accounts the year after – given the number of teams and the requirements for the league to cover the printing costs we are currently making a loss each year – which would have been more apart from the success of last year’s AGM raffle.  The bank balance at the AGM is less than £500 which is the first time since Helen became Treasurer.


The Chairwoman thanked Helen on behalf of members for her presentation.


158.     Election of Officers:

President         Mrs E Thornley

Chairwoman    Mrs D Simkiss

Treasurer         Miss H Skidmore

Competition Secretary Mrs E Thornley

            Secretary         Mrs H Sammons

All the above agreed to stand and were voted on mass by the members.


159.     League Formation:

This season remains as last year.


160.     Website –

From the feedback received it is felt that using this website was a great success and as such this will continue – with the same process – just as reminder this is:

  1. Home team to complete a hard copy match card, signed by a representative from each team.

  2. Home team representative to put the match results onto the website within 2 days of the game.

  3. Away team representative to verify these within 4 days of the game.

  4. Match results will be locked within 5 days of the game – after this any issues will need to be forwarded to the league secretary.

  5. Teams to submit all hard copy match sheets to the League Secretary within one week of the end of the season.

  6. If for any reason there is a delay in playing a match the home captain to notify the league secretary as soon as possible, and if necessary again when a rescheduled date has been agreed.


    161.     Sponsorship of the League:

    As last year, we will continue to self-fund and keep printing costs low with the

    help of Helen Skidmore’s BrewoodParish Council connections.


    162.     Staffordshire Country Bowling Association matters update.


    Staffordshire County Bowling Association matters update


    County AGM held on Wednesday 7th.  

    Walsall Council greens have been at risk – but the County has now taken a 20 year lease on the actual green surfaces and arranged a “contractor” to mow and maintain them.  The clubs will then pay the contractor/rental fees.  Realise that this doesn’t really currently impact Stafford greens but is worth noting what can be achieved if any other Councils go this way.

    Each club should now have a Safeguarding officer for both vulnerable adults and children.  The County is running courses and provides all the information/processes that a club requires.  Next course is on 10th March (am session full but as of Wednesday there were 10 places left in the pm session.)

    The County is also hosting some Rules courses evening, believe 20th Feb is the next one which can be attended just for interest or because the individual wants to become a referee.  If the later the exam is the following week.

    Women entering BCGBA competitions now have to apply by the Men’s dress code – which means black trouser (no cut offs or skirts) and the usual collared shirt – usual single colour unless it is a club shirt which is multicoloured.  The County will adhere to this so best always to check.

    The structure of the Junior County has also changed there are now three divisions – with movement between for the winners/losers at the end of each season.  SCBA county has two new managers.  If you know any kids interested, then get them to get in touch sometimes they are just missed because nowhere on a lot of leagues does it say what the age of a player is.  Also, worth getting them to go in the mini, minor, major competition.

    Same with the Ladies – if anyone is interested then enter the Ladies Merit – even if you don’t want to play county it’s a good competition to go in for and the County normally gets 2 or 3 places in the National competition and then the winner also gets to go through to the National Champion of Champions competition.

    Main rule change is a re-wording of the old favourite regarding setting a mark.

    Old Rule – In book

    New Rule - ‘Objection to a mark set by the leader can only be made by the leader’s opponent after the first bowl has come to rest. If the opponent objects before the leader’s first bowl has come to rest, the leader may have the jack, and the bowl if played, returned to have another attempt at setting a mark. Only the opponent can object to the mark. An opponent objecting to a mark must make a clear indication that an objection has been made.’


    The rules of the game have also been restructured with the introduction of a number of appendices.  The rules can only be changed every three years but items like bowling aids can change more frequently so these are now simply added to the Appendices.  The change this year is the formal approval of a “junior” bowl which is less than 2lb.


    163.     Scheduling of Competitions

    Burton Manor are now playing at Rowley Park rather than Riverway which has 2 greens which worked well for Rita Knight Doubles. It was therefore agreed to see if GEC would be available to hold this competition.  The final will then be played at another green to be decided.  Other competitions will be played at the same venue’s as they have this year.


    164.     League Fees

    This year’s fee will go up by £5 to £40.  This was a unanimous vote.  This will mean we can operate without going into the reserves.


    165.     Registration forms


    All teams were asked to fill out forms with as much detail as possible, all 9                    

                Forms returned on the night.  Many thanks


    166.     Commencement of 2018 season and Date for collection of Fixture Lists:


    The league for the 2018 season will comprise of nine teams and will commence on the 9th April, all April and September matches to start at 6pm, playing May Day Bank Holiday but none of the others. Fixtures will be available mid-March and will get to team captains via one of the committee members or John Thornley.


    167.     Any other Business.

    None raised


    168.     Date of Next Annual General Meeting and Presentation Evening.

    The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 8h February 2019






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