Stafford Ladies Bowls League 2018

Chairwoman Competition Secretary Treasurer Secretary
Daphne Simkiss Edna Thornley Helen Skidmore Helen Sammons


Annual General Meeting – Amasal Sports & Social Club

Friday 10th. February 2017 at 7.30pm.


The Chairwoman Mrs. Daphne Simkiss welcomed members to the Annual General Meeting and asked that a minute silence be observed to remember our friends whom have passed on.  Members were asked if they accepted Helen Sammons to be the new Secretary.  This proposal was passed.



138.     Apologies:

            These were received and accepted from:

            H Moore, J Rennison, P Ibbeston, P Bailey, A Burge, H Thompson, L Lyon

and L Arrowsmith.


139.     Minutes:

The minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on the 12th February 2016 were received by members present. Acceptance was proposed by M Lumsden and seconded by R Cartwright and agreed by the meeting.


140.     Matters Arising:

             At this meeting, there were no matters arising from the 2016 Minutes


141.     Treasurers Report:

The Treasurer, Helen Skidmore tabled and explained a detailed audited account of Receipts and Payments for the year ended 31st. December 2016. Acceptance was proposed by P Dunn and seconded by H Pearce and agreed by the meeting.


The Chairwoman thanked Helen on behalf of members for her presentation.


142.     Election of Officers:

President         Mrs E Thornley

Chairwoman    Mrs D Simkiss

Treasurer         Miss H Skidmore

Competition Secretary Mrs E Thornley

            Secretary         Mrs H Sammons

All the above agreed to stand and were voted on mass by the members.


143.     League Formation:

This season remains as last year.  There is now a new green in Brewood – There is nothing actually written in our rules relating to where a team can come from in order to join the league.  The Brewood club secretary has asked if our league would consider a team from Brewood for future inclusion (not necessarily 2018).  A vote was taken and agreed if a team from Brewood did want to join the league it will be accepted.


144.     Website –

From the feedback received it is felt that using this website was a great          success and as such this will continue – with the same process – just as reminder this is:

  1. a.        Home team to complete a hard copy match card, signed by a representative from each team.
  2. b.         Home team representative to put the match results onto the website within 2 days of the game.
  3. c.          Away team representative to verify these within 4 days of the game.
  4. d.      Match results will be locked within 5 days of the game – after this any issues will need to be forwarded to the league secretary.
  5. e.       Teams to submit all hard copy match sheets to the League Secretary within one week of the end of the season.
  6. f.        If for any reason there is a delay in playing a match the home captain to notify the league secretary as soon as possible, and if necessary again when a rescheduled date has been agreed.

        Draft for display on website-please note these minutes will not be formally discussed and voted on until the AGM 2018.

145.     Sponsorship of the League:

            As last year, we will continue to self-fund and keep printing costs low with the  

            help of H Skidmore’s Brewood Parish Council connections.


146.     Staffordshire Country Bowling Association matters update.

All new players will now receive ST numbers instead of LAD numbers.


147.     Scheduling of Competitions

Everyone is happy with the schedule that H Skidmore provided.


Awaiting to hear from clubs that would like to hold a competition.

           It was agreed to continue the Rita Knight in the middle of the season and                                                            

Burton Manor will ask Alan Hancock about availability of Riverway for the prelims on the 19th June and the cost.


148.     League Fees

This year’s fee will remain at £35 per team.


149.     Club Team Championship

 Historically the team that has won the Stafford Ladies League has been the SCBA entry for the BCGLBA Ladies Club Team Championship held in April each year.  In 2017 Burton Manor, will be representing SCBA.  In the past and for this year the County will pay part of the fees for this competition but in a review of the way fees are paid this won't continue into 2018.  To bring this in line with the way the Men's Team Championship is funded.

In 2017 the costs are as follows:

Entry fee of £25 and Referees fee of £30 paid for by the CountyReferees mileage expenses - covered by the Team. This competition will alternate between Shrewsbury and Todmordon - and so mileage expenses will vary greatly.


After discussion and a vote per team it was felt that cost should be split 50/50 between the League winners and the League 


Draft for display on website-please note these minutes will not be formally discussed and voted on until the AGM 2018


150.     Trophies

We will continue to remove the oldest silver shields on the trophies these will be stored in plastic wallets rather than buying new shields.


151.     Commencement of 2017 season and Date for collection of Fixture Lists:


The league for the 2017 season will comprise of nine teams and will commence on the 3rd April, all April matches to start at 6pm, playing May Day Bank Holiday but none of the others. Fixtures will be available mid-March and will get to team captains via one of the committee members or John Thornley.


152.     Any other Business.

The Amasal team no longer have Tea and Coffee making facilities.


153.     Date of Next Annual General Meeting and Presentation Evening.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 9th February 2018.






_______________________________________         ____________



 signed and agreed on 9th febuary 2018