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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


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STAFFORD 55 BOWLING LEAGUE revised 2017    



1.         The League shall be known as "Stafford 55 Bowling League" and be for persons 55 years of age and older who wish to have a friendly game of Crown Green Bowls. Each League member must be registered with the British Crown Green Bowling Association and their registration number lodged with the League secretary.


2.         The League shall have an AGM each February, the secretary sending out details of any new proposals or alterations to the rules 28 days before the AGM. All members have a right to vote on all matters raised at the Annual General Meeting.


3.         The Management Committee shall be set up consisting of the following officers: President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and any other officers with specified responsibilities selected at the AGM, together with a single representative of each club. A quorum requires the presence of 7 members of which at least 2 shall be elected officers of the Stafford 55 Bowling League. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and two Auditors will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


4.         The Management Committee will meet once a year prior to the Annual General Meeting to discuss new proposals and the agenda for the Annual General Meeting. The League secretary will arrange a venue and time for the collection of fixtures, scorecards, match result cards, competition entry sheets and a copy of the minutes of the latest Annual General Meeting. A captains meeting will be convened in October or November each year to review the seasons bowling and discuss changes required.


5.         The League shall consist of two Divisions, with as near as possible equal numbers in each division. New teams coming into the League shall be approved by the Management Committee and integrated according to the expertise of the players in the list provided to the secretary, but normally into the second division. The top two teams will be promoted from the second division to the first, and the bottom two teams of the first division will be relegated at the end of the season. In the event of teams being equal both in regard to points and to aggregate scores then a play-off shall be arranged by the Management Committee to be played on a neutral green. The remaining Thursdays after the end of the League matches shall be occupied by League Competitions,


6.         At the beginning of the season, the captains shall submit to the Match Secretary on the official registration form provided, a list of their players in their team, The matches shall be played on Thursdays, commencing at 2-00 pm. The matches will consist of 3 doubles and 4 singles games. 10 players will take part as a team. If a team is unable to field 10 players, then a player may play twice in both doubles and singles. 5 shots will be deducted from the teams "Total Aggregate Score" for each player playing twice, It is the intention of the League that 10 players should form a team and a player may only play twice if there is no other team member available.


7.         Each team will receive 2 points for a win and one point for a draw. Total points scored in a match to count towards the aggregate score of that team, a maximum of 8 points for each match. After each match a team will be placed in a League table, the position being determined first by points scored and then by consideration of the aggregate scores.



8.         Each team shall pay a fee at the beginning of the season to the League treasurer, the amount (at present (30-00) determined at the AGM, is to cover operating costs and fees due by the League to the Staffordshire County Bowling Association to which the League shall be affiliated and insured. The Stafford 55 League will automatically enter and pay the appropriate fee for the winner of the Stafford 55 League Individual Merit Competition to be its official representative in the Staffordshire County Bowling Association (SCBA) Champion of Champions Competition and that the Stafford 55 League will automatically enter and pay the appropriate fee for the Runner Up in the Stafford 55 League Individual Merit to be its official representative in the Staffordshire County Bowling Association (SCBA) M V Dams Trophy Competition.

Teams using Stafford Borough Council bowling greens shall pay their annual fees direct to the Borough Council.


9.         An account shall be operated at a Bank in Stafford. The accounts of the League shall be audited each year and submitted for approval at the AGM, two auditors being elected at the AGM.


10.        The Management Committee can decide on matters not covered by the Constitution. A special General Meeting may be called at 14 days notice, by the secretary, if a proposal signed by four team captains, is submitted.


11.            Financial or legal liability incurred in the rightful exercise of their office, shall not be the personal liability of the Officers or members of the Management Committee but shall be the responsibility of the clubs of the League.


12.        Players can be registered with one named team only, and must remain with that named team throughout the season. Under certain circumstances, the transfer of players between teams will be allowed but, must have the prior consent of the League Management Committee.


13.        The current Rules of the 55 League for- Thursday afternoon to be brought within the League Constitution. All games to be played in strict accordance with the current rules of the 55 Bowling League.


14.            Complaints and Disputes:

Individuals or Teams who have a complaint against another Individuals or Teams MUST write immediately to the League secretary. The letter MUST give full details of the complaint and the Individuals or Team/s involved and MUST be countersigned by the relevant club secretary. The League secretary will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and forward a copy to the Individual/s or

Team/s involved asking them for their comments. If NO reply is received within 21 days of the League secretary's letter then, it will be deemed that the complaint is justified and a meeting of the League Management Committee will be convened to determine the action to be taken after which, the League secretary will write to all concerned and the Staffordshire County Bowling Association (SCBA) advising them of the League Management Committees decision.

Should the complaint be contested, a meeting of the League Management Committee will be convened and all persons involved in the complaint will be called to appear before the League

Management Committee to make statements reference the complaint. The League Management Committee will then consider all aspects of the complaint and reach a final decision. Notification of the final decision will be sent in writing to all concerned by the League secretary who will also ensure that the SCBA are advised of all actions taken.




1.         A team will consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10. All games are to be played to 21 UP. Any player/s who is/are required to take part in both the doubles and singles elements of the match, will have 5 shots deducted from his/her teams "Total Aggregate Score"


2.         Each team will have a captain. The team captains will be responsible for making the match draw, appointing measurers and scorers.


3.         The match will consist of 3 x doubles games which will take place first followed by the 4 x singles games. Each game winner will score 1 point for his/her team and at the end of each match, the team captains will calculate the score, with the team with the highest aggregate score being awarded 1 extra point, giving a maximum of 8 points to be played for.After completing and signing the match result card, the completed card details are then entered on the Stafford 55 League website by the home team captain and saved as soon as possible after the match. Then the results are to be confirmed and re-saved by the away team captain. This is to be done within 5 days of the match date. If necessary, the scores may be entered by the away team captain first.

The completed/signed original match card is to be kept by the home team captain. In the case of any disputes, this is to be the definitive record.



4.         Teams will be placed in a League table with each winning team being awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The League secretary will be responsible for calculating the League Winner and Runner Up in each division as well as the Individual Average Winner and Runner Up in each division.


5.         The game shall be played in strict accordance with the rules of the British Crown Bowling Association. The two captains should consult these rules for any clarification necessary throughout the match.


6.         All matches must be played on or before the notified fixture date and can only postponed through inclement weather or the condition of the green. Team captains are to decide upon the fitness of the green at the start of the match unless, the ground authority has already made the decision to close the green. No match can be postponed through inclement weather until 1 hour after the agreed start time of the match.

Any other reason for the possible postponement of a match MUST be reported immediately to the League secretary for a ruling. Matches postponed for any reason must be played within 28 days of the original fixture. If after 28 days the match still has not been played, the League secretary will decide When and Where the match will be played. Replayed matches are to be played in their entirety and a fresh draw made.


7.         In the event matches are abandoned after they have started, because of any conditions then the following rules will apply:

a.      Games completed the result of the game will stand as far as the match result is concerned.

b.      Games not completed must be restarted in accordance with the laws of the game, paragraph 9.10. (i.e. the position of the jack should be marked and the game restarted as near as possible to that mark with the score to stand. Ends should be completed where possible.

  1. Uncompleted games must be between the original players otherwise the game will be awarded against the missing player.
    1. All games that have not started, before the abandonment should be redrawn.
    2. Abandoned matches must be rearranged within 28 days of the original fixture.