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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


Sponsored by  JEFFERIES - building and maintenance specialists

President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Present :-

Nev Ward(Chairman, Rowley Park), Brian Belfield(Secretary, Alstom D), Ned Elcock(Treasurer), Graham Webb(Alstom A), Eileen Holding(Alstom B), Ade Rowley(Alstom C), Andy Waters(Amasal P), Frank Insull(Amasal Uni), Pauline Dunn(Burton Manor), Terry Cooper(County Officers), Don Wood(Penkridge A), Barry Dunn(Phoenix A), Rod Ewan(Phoenix B), Pete Randall(Phoenix C), Anne Mace(Phoenix Riverway), Maureen Kyte(Phoenix Uni)


1. Apologies for absence

David Wynn(Penkridge A), Mike Bosson(Phoenix A), Ken Lancaster(Phoenix C), Ken Hunt(Phoenix D), Edna Thornley(Stafford A), David Kelsall(Stafford B)


2. Minutes of previous meeting



3. Matters arising

            Members at the AGM will be encouraged to enter the Non-winners comp.

            At the AGM, it will be made clear that in drawn doubles competition, no one can choose their own partner.

            At the AGM, the matter of gentlemanly behaviour and bad language will be discussed.

            The AGM will be reminded that the guidance rule is that only the winner of the end should signal to the scorers.


4. Correspondence

            A formal request has been received from Staffs County Officers to enter a second team into the league. This request will be sanctioned at the AGM.

            A request has been received from Mike Bosson(Phoenix A) that, if adjustment of the relegation of teams from Division 1 is required in order to balance numbers, then Phoenix A should stay in Division 1 rather than promoting a third team from Division 2.


5. League Calendar

            Scenario 1 – if the extra team from County Officers is agreed and there is no team drop out from Division 1, then there will be an extra odd team in Division 2. This means that the league for Division 2 will be extended by 4 weeks.

Since all available Thursdays in the season are already used, then 4 of the competitions will have to start on another day (see below).

Also, Division 1 will have 4 weeks off. It has been recommended and agreed that Division 1 will start 2 weeks later and finish 2 weeks earlier than Division 2.


            Scenario 2 - if the extra team from County Officers is agreed but there is a team drop out, then there will be no changes required to the league calendar. If the drop out is from Division 1, then the majority propose that Phoenix A avoid relegation. (Even though the alternative would give Division 1 chance to bowl at Silkmore Lane. Sec)


6. Competition administration

            The same people who organised the competitions previously have kindly agreed to do so again!!

            If it turns out that Division 2 has an extended league by 4 weeks, then the first four competitions at the end of the season have adjusted dates to avoid starting on a Thursday. Also, because council greens are only paid for on Thursdays, these have been avoided! So, the dates below marked with # are provisional and avoid Thursdays.




Closing Date




Non Winners

5/6 April

28 March


Nev Ward

Brian Belfield


Individual Merit

#1 13/14 August

27th July

Stafford BC

Anne Mace


American Singles

#2 21/24 August

27th July

Stafford BC

Anne Mace


American Doubles

#3 28/31 August

27th July


Nev Ward
Sylvia Ward


Doubles Merit

#4 10/11 September

27th July


Andy Waters


Triples Merit

13/14 September

27th July


Betty Elcock

Ned Elcock


Drawn Doubles

20/21 September

27th July

Silkmore Lane

Terry Cooper (Brian Belfield)


Alderman Champion

Thursday 27 September



Nev Ward

Brian Belfield


NOTE :-          #1 – Monday and Tuesday

                        #2 – Tuesday and Friday

                        #3 – Tuesday and Friday

                        #4 – Monday and Tuesday


7. Any other business


            Because of issues at Stafford Rangers, the secretary needs to confirm the AGM booking.

            The Marketing Manager of Adlington (our sponsor for this season), Claire Reede, has been invited to the AGM. If she accepts, then flowers will be presented.

            We are missing a shield, Division 1 Doubles Runner Up, and Nev will check with the last likely recipient, Pat Bailey.


The League starts on 12th April. (For Division 2 for definite)


8. Date of next meeting :-


The AGM is on Wednesday 7th February 2pm at Stafford Rangers.

(The Vets is on the 14th Feb)



Post season captain’s meeting : Friday 19th October 10.30 am Alstom