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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


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President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Members Present                   Nev Ward                                   Chairman

                                             Ned Elcock                                Treasurer

                                             Brian Belfield                              Secretary

                                             Sylvia Ward                                Vice Chairman

                                             82 Members


The Chairman opened the meeting at 2.05pm and a minute silence was held in memory of absent friends.


1 – Apologies

The following apologies were received: David Wynn, Clive Alderman, Paul Kelly, John Milward, David Bayliss, Keith Bradley, Alan Green, Brian Gibbons, Brian Aldridge, Ron Gamston, (Del Milgate for late arrival)


2 – Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

The minutes were approved : Proposed: John Andrews, Seconded : Sylvia Ward


3 – Matters Arising



4 – Correspondence

A formal request to join the league from two new teams (Burton Manor B and County Officers B) has been received. see later.
There is regular stuff from the County and occasionally forwarded to Captains but as club secretaries/representatives are on distribution list – forwarding to Captains is not always relevant.
Note that it is the County AGM tonight(7th), and there will be a £25 fine for any club or league not represented.

5 – Chairman’s Report

Good afternoon and welcome to the 27th AGM and prize presentation of the stafford 55 bowling league.

The 2017 season, on the whole, was played in reasonably good weather and was  successful

thanks to our league secretary Brian Belfield who again did an excellent job for the league. Well done Brian.

On your behalf my thanks to Ned Elcock for keeping the league on a good financial footing.

We again did not have a competition secretary so many thanks to Anne Mace, Andy Waters,

Terry Cooper, Mike Bosson, Brian Belfield, Betty and Ned Elcock who ran our competitions.

On the league front Rowley Park were division one winners winning the league by the slender

margin of two points over Amasal Uni. Alstom "B" were convincing winners of division two by eight points.

Congratulation to Ken Lane who became the next winner of our champions competition kindly donated and sponsored by Clive Alderman. Also, well done to Clive who won all of the sixteen games he played.

In closing my I wish everybody a happy and successful season in 2018.

                                                                                                            N.J.Ward, Chairman


6 – Treasurer’s Report

This is the report for the year ended 31st December 2017.

Financially we have had a successful year with our expenses being covered, and a small surplus of £29.33 being achieved.

General expenses are minimal and overall the League is run and administered for under £500.

There are sufficient funds in reserve for us to maintain the subscription level at £30 per team.

                                                                                                            Ned Elcock, Treasurer


7 – Vote in New Teams

County Officers B, bowling at Silkmore Lane, Captain Del Milgate

                        Proposed : Ray Horrobin, Seconded : Anne Mace           Carried

Burton Manor B, bowling on Riverway 2, Captain Sue Rawlings

                        Proposed : Frank Insull, Seconded : John Cussons         Carried

                        Burton Manor B have chosen to move from the Wednesday Vets League to avoid having to bowl at Stonefields Park, Stone.


8 – Secretary’s Report


Congratulations to the Division one winners Rowley Park, and runners up Amasal Uni.

Commiserations to the wooden spooners, Phoenix A and Burton Manor with the threat of relegation to Division Two.

Congratulations to the Division Two winners Alstom B and runners up Phoenix B who are promoted to Division One.

We have two new teams to Division Two :- County Officers B at Silkmore Lane and Burton Manor B at Riverway 2. In order to balance the numbers to 11 teams in both divisions, only Burton Manor A are relegated to Division Two and Phoenix A have scraped through to remain in Division One.

The extra teams means that the league is extended by 4 weeks and each team will have a bye in both halves of the league.

As we already used all available Thursdays in the season, four of the end of season competitions will start on another day (see below).


Thank you again Captains for embracing the results website.

Generally, all the results are in by the Saturday morning (many on the Thursday night)

which means I have most of the weekend to prepare the submission to the local press.

Reminder however, if your match is cancelled, please let me know immediately so that I am not waiting around unnecessarily for a result which will not be coming.

Also, please let me know of the rearranged date so that I can change the match date on the web.

The 2018 web will go live in the next week or so and thus can view fixtures and current team lists.

Captains, I will email current registrations and team lists in next day or two – advise of changes by email or phone.

You can add members during the season, say by the Monday of the playing week, but check that they are on the web before playing them!

Local Press

As far as I now, the local press have published the league results and competition draws and results almost every week.


Again, the lack of a Competitions Secretary did not prevent us from successfully running all the competitions. Thank you especially to those who volunteered to run each competition –

Anne  & Kit, myself & Terry, Nev & Sylvia, Ned & Betty, Andy Waters & Pauline Harris.


The non-winners competition will again be on the first Thursday (5th April) of the season. This is a drawn doubles, with 1st/2nd pairing where possible. The number of entries last year was poor! Remember, this competition is open to all those who have not previously won a 55 league competition. There are about 70 ineligible, meaning about 260 are eligible. It has to be accepted that most of the others comps are won by the aforementioned 70, but NOT THIS ONE! So, captains, please push your members to enter but note the closing date!
The ineligible bowlers in each team are listed at the bottom of the entry form!


The first four end of season comps will not start on Thursdays! Two will be on Monday/Tuesday and two on Tuesday/Friday of roughly the same former week. Also, those which previously used council greens will move to private greens to avoid paying green fees!

The changes have been agreed for this year and so all details will be on the fixture cards and the entry forms. The entry forms will be distributed along with the fixture cards.


The drawn doubles comp last year had some issues after a large number of drop outs and ‘no shows’. One rule that transpires from this is that all pairings must be set by the organiser. i.e. no one can choose their own partner!


ADLINGTONs with their retirement complex on the Brooklands site have agreed to sponsor us for another year. I believe there will be an official opening soon.

However, this will almost certainly be the last year and so we need to look for sponsorship for next year. Any suggestions and assistance will be gratefully received on this.


Gentlemanly and ladylike behaviour is expected on the greens at all times. An incident was reported where a leader, having bowled both his bowls, then standing at the end, indicated to the opponent that he, the opponent was ‘on’. The opponent thus chose to walk with his second bowl, only to discover subsequently that the leader was in fact ‘on’.
(I personally tend to be reluctant to rely on the opposition in these cases and even my own team!)


Also, there have been reports of regular bad language on the green. This cannot be tolerated!


Note that according to BCGBA rules, only the winner of the end signals the result to both scorers.


You will be pleased to know, NOT, that I still may have just enough Andy Cowan results cards!

BUT there will definitely be shiny new A5 ones next year!



9 – Election of Officers

The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer  and Secretary indicated that they were willing to serve for another year.


There were no takers for the job of Competitions Secretary.

It was proposed that the committee be voted in en block.


The committee is :-

                        Chairman                         Nev Ward

                        Vice Chairman                  Sylvia Ward

                        Treasurer                          Ned Elcock

                        Secretary                         Brian Belfield

                        Competition Secretary      vacant

                        Plus a single representative of each Club



10 – Appointment of Auditors

The auditors Alan Green and Brian Aldridge have agreed to stand for this next year.


11 – Dates

The fixtures cards, match cards, scorecards and the entry forms for all the competitions will be available for collection at Alstom Bowls Club on Friday 9th March from 10.30am till 12pm.

Closing date for Non-winners competition 28th March

Non-winners competition 5/6th April at Alstom

First match of season 12th April

Last match of season 6th September


12 – AOB

Ken Hunt raised the question of feasibility of allowing a limited number of early retirees under the age of 55 to join the league. A formal proposal needs to be seconded, discussed at the captain’s meetings, and put forward to next years AGM. The initial reaction was negative.

After the meeting, County Officers wished to advise that Silkmore Lane is under attack from badgers. The club is doing its best to minimize the impact.

Amasal have previously warned that there are now double yellow lines in the road. They advise that, for league matches at least, the carpark is filled and then unblocking is sorted at the end of the match.


The meeting was closed at 3.15pm.


Sponsored by  Adlingtons    
Receipts and Payments Account    
For the year ended 31st December 2017  
         £            £
Sponsorship 250.00   County Fees 25.00
Membership 600.00      
Fees     Secretarial 21.72
Competition 248.00   Honoraria 165.00
      Engraving 162.00
      Printing 102.00
      Prizes 548.00
      Computer Fees
Donations 15.00   & Insurance 59.95
      Surplus 29.33
      for the year  
  1113.00     1113.00
  As at 31st December 2017  
Accumulated   Represented 
Surplus 1106.59   by  
This year's 29.33   Bank A/C 1135.92
Surplus     cash  
  1135.92     1135.92
Checked and found   Hon Treasurer Ned Elcock
Auditors Alan Green      
  Brian Aldridge