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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


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President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Present :-

Nev Ward(Chairman, Rowley Park), Ned Elcock(Treasurer, Alstom B), Brian Belfield(Secretary, Alstom D), Adrian Rowley(Alstom C), Andy Waters(Amasal P),

Terry Cooper(County Officers), Geoff Johnson(Littleworth), David Wynn(Penkridge A), Mike Bosson(Phoenix A), Rod Ewan(Phoenix B), Ken Lancaster(Phoenix C), Anne Mace(Phoenix Riverway), Maureen Kyte(Phoenix Uni), David Kelsall(Stafford B)


1. Apologies for absence

Eileen Holding(Alstom B)


2. Minutes of previous meeting

The 2017 pre-AGM minutes were approved.


3. Matters arising



4. Correspondence

Correspondence from the County(Mark Bircumshaw) has been filtered by the secretary and forwarded to the captains as appropriate.

Emails were received from Mike Bosson and Andy Waters concerning the Drawn Doubles and are discussed later.


5. League administration

There were no issues with the bowlingresults.co.uk website.

Congratulations to Rowley Park for winning the league and Amasal Uni as runner up.

Congratulations to Alstom B and Phoenix B for promotion to Division One.


County Officers are likely to introduce a second team. This will add another team to division two and, if all existing teams remain in the league, the league will be extended by 4 weeks. This would mean that Division One would have 4 weeks off and some league competitions would have to be played on Monday/Tuesday.


6. Competitions review


Non-winners – there were only 22 entries this season, making 11 doubles. This meant that most went straight to the quarter finals. The numbers for the league are : total 313, previous winners 70 and thus 243 bowlers are eligible for the non-winners.

It was suggested that some bowlers preferred to practise at the start of the season –

but what better practise! And so, captains need to encourage their eligible bowlers to enter!


Drawn doubles – the email from Mike Bosson indicated that some unhappiness had been shown at the pairing of Jan Ivens & Maurice Lowndes, the eventual winners, as both were bowling on their home green i.e. an own partner rather than drawn partner.

But after Andy Waters, the organiser, had explained that with drop outs, illness and no shows, there had to be about 10 changes from the original draw. It was unanimously agreed that Andy had done a great job under the circumstances.


But the overriding rule to be applied in a drawn doubles competition is that no one can choose their own partner – only the organiser!



7. Gentlemanly Behaviour

A situation that occurred in the season was reported :- a singles game at 20 across, the leader had bowled both bowls and gone to look at the end. Before his second bowl, the opponent asked the leader ‘who is on’, and the leader replied ‘you are on’. The opponent, not wishing to risk his second bowl, picked it and the mat up and walked to the end. Only for the leader to then claim the end and thus the game!

We expect that, in our game of bowls, gentlemanly(and ladylike) behaviour should be the norm and not gamesmanship!


There have been reports of regular bad language in matches. There is no need for regular bad language on the greens and such will not be tolerated!


8. End indication

The BCGBA rules state that it is the winner of the end who signals to the markers and that the markers should sit together, checking every 3 ends. Note that, while it is common practice for the losers to signal, it is possible for teams to object to this.

Also, when the scores do not agree, it is only necessary to go back as far as they do agree. This can be later than the previous 3 end check!


10. Any other business

It has been noticed that the Champion of Champions shield makes no reference to being the Alderman shield or donated by Clive. Ned will see that a reference to Clive will be added.


BCGBA rule 4.4.a allows for circumstances where the Leader retains the jack for another attempt at setting a mark. It has been reported that this rule is to be made clearer as to those circumstances.


New measuring equipment is to be introduced which involves right angles, rather than pointers.


11. Date of next meeting :- PRE-AGM captain’s meeting on Friday 12th January 10.30am  at Alstom.


12. Date of AGM :- Wednesday 7th February 2pm at Stafford Rangers.

(NB not Thursday 8th as agreed at the meeting because of bowlers bowling indoors on Thursdays!)

(The Vets is on the 14th Feb)