Southport Parks Bowling League 2019

President Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Mr George Hitchmough

07977 500131

Mr M Coward
 07399 570004
Mr M Carr
01704 507750


Southport and Distict Parks Mens Bowling League

1. The League shall be called 'The Southport and Distict Parks Mens Bowling League

2. The League shall be open to all affiliated clubs playing on greens within a ten mile radius of Southport Town Hall.

3. The Officials shall consist of President,Chairman,Secretary and Treasurer and shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officials: President,Chairman,Vice-Chairman and Secretary.

5. (a) The Executive Committee shall meet as occasion requires and shall be given at least 48 hours notice from the Secretary

    (b) The Executive Committee shall fix the date for the Presentation Evening

    (c) Trophies belonging to the League must be returned to the Secretary before 30th September.

6. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall take place at the end of the season,on a date fixed by the Executive Commitee.All clubs will be given one months notice of the date and venue.The A.G.M is open to all registered players of the League. In the event of a ballot the Chairman has the casting vote.


     (a) To close all proceedings from the past season

     (b) To elect officials for the coming season

     (c) To fix Annual subscription

     (d) To discuss notices of motions and alterations to By-laws

     (e) Each club will have only two votes

7. Ameeting of the Delegates Committee shall take place in January of each year.The Delegates Committee shall consist ot two representatives from each club.


    (a) To receive applications from Clubs wishing to join the league

    (b) To form divisions of the League

    (c) To fix a date for the commencement of the League matches and to handicap clubs.

    (d) To fix dates and venues for the League fixtures

    (e) Any other business

8. All clubs must furnish the name ,address and telephone number of their Club Secretary and Team Captains to the Secretary,on or before the January Delegates meeting.

8a. All clubs must be presented at a March meeting ,so that they pay their annual subscriptions,collect their fixture books,score cards and present their registration sheets.

9.(a) All subscriptions due to the League must be paid on or before June 1st.

   (b) There will be a surcharge of £5 per week if subscriptions are not paid by June 1st.

10. All clubs must be represented at all official League Meetings. Any club not representedshall be fined £5.

11. Teams taking part in the competition shall consist of ten players.The team scoring the greatest number of points shall be the winning team.A home team win to score two League points,and an away win to score three League points.If a game is drawn on aggregate,the home team scores one point and the away team scores two points.One league point for each winning card.

12. The Championship of each division will go to the team having the highest number of points,at the conclusion of the seasons competition.In the event of a tie,the teams equal on points shall have a play-off on a neutral green.Date and venus to be arranged by the Executive Commitee.

     (a) The top two teams in each division shall be promoted and the bottom two relegated.In the event of teams resigning,or new teams being admitted,promotion and relegation will be at the discretion of the Delegates Committee.Match night for the Premier Division and the First Division shall be Thursday.Match night for the Second and Third Divisions shall be Mondays.

    (b) There will be a Merit Award for each division of the League.The Merit awarded to the player who wins the most League matches in any one division during the season.In the event of two or more players having the same number of wins,the merit award will be decided by the number of points for and against.

    (c) If a team which is promoted or relegated between the First and Second Divisions and is unable to play its home games on the normal match night of the division to which it has been promoted or relegated due to the unavailability of the green,the Club concerned shall with permission from the Delegates Committee be allowed to play its home games on the other match night ( Monday or Thursday as appropriate )

13. Registration pf players. Clubs must register their players surnames and forenames and B.C.G.B.A membership number on the registration sheets supplied by the League Secretary. The registration sheet to be in the hands of the Secretary no later than 31st March.Only players in possession of a B.C.G.B.A. membership card and number will be eligible for League or competitive bowling plyed in accordance with the rules of the B.C.G.B.A. Failure to comply will automatically debar an individualfrom playing until such proof has been furnished.

   (a) Any player registered after 31st March the name of the player and his registration number should be sent in writing to the Secretarybefore being allowed to take part in any League bowling.

   (b) The Executive Committee are not bound to accept the registration of any player and may give a reason if required.

   (c) Any player requiring a transfer should put his request in writing and send it to the Secretary.

   (d) No unregistered player shall be eligible to participate in any League games or competitions. Any team in any club that plays an unregistered player shall be deducted that players score and the opposition team shall be awarded the individual score(s) of 21-0 and also the individual point(s) for the game(s) concerned. 

   (e) Any bowler upon playing one game for any team in any club shall be registered for that team only.Bowlers playing for the higher placed team in any club will not be allowed under any circumstancesto play for a lower placed team,bowlers in lower placed teams will be allowed to play for a higher placed team in that club.A registered player may play 5 times for a higher team in his club.Should he play more he is then considered a member of that team.The same applies to the next higher team.Any bowlers found to be breaking this rule will be deducted their score from the game(s) concerned and the opposition will be awarded the individual score of 21-0 and also the individual point(s) for the game.

   (f) Premier league bowlers will automatically be registered for the premier league team in which they played the previous year unless otherwise stated.The closing date for the registration of players shall be April 1st this year and June 1st for the years after that,except for novices who may be registered at any time during the season.

14.The Executive Committee shall receive registrations of players and handicap Clubs and players entering Annual and charity Events.

15. All League and Cup games shall be played on Monday or Thursday or on the dates printed in the fixture book.Any postponed or re-arranged games then both team captains must inform the League Secretary within 48 hours.

15a. Then both team captains have 28 days to come up with a date for the game to be played on.This date must be agreed upon by both team captains,the game can be played either within or after this 28 day period.

15b. If a date cannot be agreed upon by both team captains in the 28 day period,then the Executive Committee shall decide on a date when the game must be played.If any one team does not play game on date agreed by the Executive Committee then the non-offending team shall be awarded the full points from the game and the offending team will face a fine of £10 for the offence.

16. Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the League rules and shall be bound thereby.The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with infringements of the rules or complaints in connection with League matches by either Clubs or Players and as circumstances warrant either fine (including penalising by 12 or 13 points in respect of the offending team) caution or expel from the League for any specified period. If any Club or Team is expelled all matches played by them will be deemed to be void.

17. Any protest regarding a match or a player taking part therein shall be forwarded to the Secretary within 7 days of the playing date of such a match,together with the sum of £5 which will be forfeited if the protest fails.No protest will be considered without the fee.The representative of the Club or Clubs concerned shall not vote on the matter under protest.The decision of the Executive Committee on a matter in dispute will be final and no other correspondence will be entered into.

18. Any Club failing to send a full team to play a match shall allow their opponents 21 points for each absentee.

19. The time for play to commence in League matches shall be 7pm. Clubs without floodlights shall commence at 630pm during April,August and September.

20. Visiting players shall only be permitted to practice on the green cleared of home players during the 15 minutes prior to the commencement of League matches.The visiting Captain to be allowed to practice 10 minutes prior to his team,in conjunction with the home team.Any team breaking this rule shall be fined £1.

21. The Home club must have the result of each match on the results website witthin 3 working days of completion of the match.In the event of any team breaking this rule,the Secretary of the Club concerned  shall be notified by the League Secretary within 10 days of the match date and that club shall be fined £5 for a first offence and £10 for each subsequent offence.

22. Any Club playing an unregistered or ineligible player shall be fined £5 and shall forfeit 21 points.

23. The Home Captain shall place the names of the first five players on the match sheet and then cover his side of the sheet up.Then the visiting Captain shall place the names of his first five players on the match sheet to allow the Home Captain to be able to write out the score cards.These entries of the remaining five players to be completed in a similar manner as required in order to keep the match flowing at a reasonable rate. All players must be available at the green one hour after commencement of the game,any players not at green side will forfeit their game 21-0 up to scratch time (see above).

24. In the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances,the Home Captain will decide whether to proceed or not.No team to leave venue until one hour after starting time if a decision cannot be made.Completed games must stand,unfinished games must be resumed at the score standing when the game was abandoned.

25. A player to use his own bowls,standard jacks will be used in League Cup and Competition games. All matches to be played under the British Crown Green Bowling Association rules.All games 21 up and the visiting team starts with the jack in all league games.

26. The Captains shall decide any dispute arising during the progress of a match.Failure to agree,the matter must be referred to the Executive Committee.

27. The League Secretary has the right to visit any Club green and may,at the clubs invitation attend their A.G.M.

28. Any member being guilty of disorderly conduct,using objectionable language or violating the rules of the League may be expelled from the League and forfeit all his rights therein.

29. It is expected that all clubs and members thereof will assist the Officials in carrying out their duties in connection with League and will play the game in a manner creditable to both Clubs and League.

30. No proposal for the alteration of any rules or the inclusion of new rules will be considered unless 21 days 'notice of motion' in writing is given for such proposals,alterations or additions.

31. If the Secretary considers that a result sheet contains a false score or scores,he shall raise the matter at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.If the Executive Committee is of a similar opinion,no points shall be awarded to either team concerned and a fine of £25 will be levied on each of the teams.

32. Matches may be brought forward with the agreement of both captains and with written notification to the League Secretary.

33. The League rules will apply to the League Knockout Competition with the following provisos:

      (a) The Captain of the team drawn out first in each match is declared the Home Captain.

      (b) The Club on whose green a match is played shall provide the score cards,match sheet and standard jacks.

      (c) The Captains shall toss a coin for the choice of blocks,ie first five,second five or odds and evens.

      (d) The total aggregate score shall determine the winning team.In the event of the two teams aggregate score being equal,each Captain shall select two players who have played to play off to determine a winning resultwith any handicap team receiving five (5) chalks added to the total,each team having one jack.

      (e) Players must have played a minimum of three (3) League games to be eligible to play in cup competition games.When a player has played in a cup game he shall remain with that teamand not be allowed to play for any other team in cup competitions during the rest of the season.

     (f) All matches to be played prior to the date of the next round.

     (g) All matches to be played on neutral greens.

     (h) Two (2) score cards shall be used for each individual game played in all Knock-Out Cup Final games.

     (i) No practice allowed prior to the commencement of the match,any infringement bars a player from taking part in the match and,if for any reason,such a player does play, the game to be awarded to the opponent 21-0.

     (j) All teams shall pay £1 greenage per man in all Knock-Out cup games.

     (k) When playing on a neutral green,especially a private one,a club representative should decide whether to play or not in bad weather conditions.

     (l) If any club loses or damages any trophy belonging to the League they must replace or repair that trophy.

34. Mobile phones and pagers in active mode are not allowed on the green.Should a player fail to comply,that player shall forfeit the game.The offender(s) to receive no further score and the opponent(s) to receive the maximum score.

35. Smoking is not allowed on the Green whilst participating in a game of Bowls.The offending player or player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent(s) shall receive the maximum score.