Southport L.V. League 2019


                         CHAIRMAN                                TREASURER                    SECRETARY







13th December 2016 EGM

The following rules or sections of rules have been changed by the members present at the EGM.

The word ( mens) was dropped from the title ( by a unanimous vote) As was explained at the AGM and the EGM it is only the means to be able to discuss whether ladies can play in the league. As it stands no proposals were made to allow ladies to play. And until the clubs and their members actually vote in favour of ladies playing through the proper process they will not be able to play.

Rule 3.

As it stands it is impossible to get the delegate/ secretary from each club to attend ( committe) meetings. Therefore not able to conduct a committee meeting at all.

Rule 4 

As there has never been 5 delegates/secretaries ( to make a quorum) at (committee) meetings for several years. It is a pointless excercise to accept that we should attempt to make it happen. We shall continue as the previous committee did and carry out the meetings with the officers involved.

Rule 5 (e)

This rule involves the way we are communicating. Prior to the electronic age it was accepted that we go through a process of receiving proposals. Then posting a copy of that to each club delegate. Not knowing if the delegates were even available. ( they could be abroad). To this date we still haven,t  been given ALL of the clubs datails. Even then. How many delegates bother to inform thier own club members of any proposed changes. I suspect that there is a very small percentage of the 250 members we have that get to find out about any proposals at all.

So the changes involved in this rule are obviously a benefit to all the members. They will be able to access, through the web site all the information throughout the year. They will not need to rely on information passed from person to person. The proposals for any AGM will be available for all to see and make informed decisions about.

Rule 6

(b) The committee will discuss and form the divisions ( and that depends on the amount of teams) 

(c)  The committee will set the commencement date

(d)  The committee will make the cup draws. ( At present there are no cups played for. These were dropped prior to the present committee taking over).

(e) The committee will set the dates for competitions.

Rule 18   As we have been entering scores electronically for several years now this rule needs to be changed to suit. I will state that either team can enter the results with their club password. It may be any team member. However all results should be checked by both teams that they are correct. If they are incorrect they can be altered for up to 5 days. After that the results secretary will need to be informed.






The word "mens" has been dropped from the title. It is now.

( The Southport Licensed Victuallers Bowling League).


The " COMMITTEE" will consist of the ( Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Results  Secretary).


The committe to meet on days to be convened by the secretary. It shall consist of a minimum 3 of the officers

RULE 5 (e)

To discuss any proposals which are to be in the secretaries hands 28 days prior to to the AGM. A copy to be posted onto the LV web site home page 21 days prior to the AGM

RULE 6  

  A league meeting will take place each year prior to the season starting. The date to be set by the secretary.

          (a) To receive team applications

          (b) Any other business

          (c) Any club not represented will be fined £5


The home and away captains are BOTH responsible for the results to be either entered or checked with the on line scoring system. After 5 days the facility to enter will be removed and both teams will be fined £5