Southport L.V. League 2019


                         CHAIRMAN                                TREASURER                    SECRETARY






1. The League shall be called The Southport Licensed Victuallers  Bowling League

 2. The League shall be open to all registered Clubs and Hotels within an eight mile radius of Southport Town Hall.

 3. The Officers of the League shall consist of  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Results Secretary.  The League will be controlled by a (COMMITTEE) consisting the elected officers. The Officers to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

 4. The Committee shall meet on days to be convened by the Secretary at a central venue It shall consist of a minimum of 3 of the officers.

 5. The Annual general Meeting shall take place in November of each year and is open to all members. Each Club shall have Two votes on any points put to a vote. The Agenda will be as follows:

 (a) To discuss the Minutes of the previous AGM

 (b) To discuss the financial report.

 (c) To elect Officers for the next year.

(d) To fix Annual Subscriptions.

(e) To discuss any proposals which are to be in the secretaries hand 28 days prior to the AGM. A copy to be posted onto the LV website home page 21 days prior to the AGM.

(f))Any club not represented will be fined £10.00 and points deducted from their position in the league ( to be decided by the committee).


6. A League Meeting shall take place  each year,on same night as agm, when all Clubs must be represented.

(a) To receive Team Applications.

(b) Any Other Business.

(c) Any Club not represented at this or any delegates meeting will be fined £10.00. and points deductedfrom their position in the league ( to be decided by the committee).

7. Players to be registered with the League by teams. A player may be allowed to play for his club in a higher division FOUR times, if that player plays in a higher Division five times, he shall be a member of the team that he has played the most games for in the higher division .Late registrations after 31st March will only be authorised by League Officers up to 30th June. The exception is for novices who can be registered after this date with the PRIOR approval of League Officers.

 8. All players must have a BCGBA membership card and it is their club's responsibility to verify it.

9. Each Club shall furnish the Secretary with name, address and telephone number of its Secretary, Delegate and Team Captain(s).

10. Each Club requiring a copy of the rules shall access them on the official website and print them off themselves. The League Committee shall have the power to deal with any infringements of the rules or any complaint in connection with League matters by any Club or players and as the circumstances warrant either caution, fine, or prohibit them from participating in League competitions for a specified period

11. In the case of a Club where the offence is found to affect the result of a match, points shall be deducted if the Committee so decide .All protests to be made in writing to the League Secretary within seven days after the match has been played, together with the sum of £10.00 which will be forfeited if such a protest is considered frivolous.

12. No protest will be considered without the fee. The League Secretary must notify immediately the offending club's secretary of any protest. The representatives of the Clubs involved shall not have votes on the matter under protest and must leave the committee room after giving evidence, until the committee arrive at their decision which will be final.

13. All league matches to be played on Tuesday evenings, with the exception of clubs with three teams whose second and third teams will play their home games on Wednesday evenings, where appropriate.

 14. Matches commence at 7.00pm and teams with no floodlights at 6.30pm during April, August and September. Visiting Teams take Jacks.

15. Any Team failing to play a full team of ten shall allow their opponents 21 points for each absentee .

16. Practice: Visiting Team players only allowed practicing on the green during the 15 minutes prior to the start of any League Match. The Home Club Captain shall place five names on the cards, place the cards face downwards; the visiting Captain will put his players' names on the back of the cards, the two names on the each card to play each other. All the names to be on the card one hour after specified time of the start of the match, and the player to be ready to play when his game is called to start. Any Club playing an ineligible player shall have the game scored at 21to 0 to his opponent and be fined £5.00.

17. Teams to consist of ten players and all games are 21up.The team wins the match with the most total chalks scored. Home win, one point an individual winner and one point a team. Away win, two points an individual winner and two points a team. Drawn match on chalks, nil points to home team and one point to away team Highest aggregate of chalks over the two matches, winner has additional four points. Drawn aggregate of chalks over two matches, two points each team.

 18. The Home Club Captain and away team captain are responsible for posting the result on mb bowling results website within 24hrs of the match being played. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5.00.

19. In the case of weather interfering with play the Captains shall decide whether to play or not. In the event of abandonment all completed games shall stand. All unfinished games to be resumed where they left off. In the case of postponement the Captains shall arrange a date to play the match within fourteen days

20. Failure to play postponed or abandoned matches within fourteen days, the Secretary will have the authority to fix a date and any team not fulfilling the fixture shall forfeit the points for the match. Failure to be able to field a team will not be accepted as a reason for postponement.

21. The Captains of each team at a League match shall settle any dispute at the match. If unable to do so the dispute shall be presented to the League Committee.

22. The League Secretary has the right at all times to visit any of the club greens or to be present at any General Meeting held by the Clubs for the purpose of keeping the reputation and high standards of the League

23. All Clubs must pay a minimum of £5.00 for any competitions run by the League, including the LV Merit, LV Individuals and LV Pairs. In the LV Pairs the pair of players can be from different clubs provided they are registered players in the LV League.

 24. A player must be registered before May 31st to qualify to play in all LV Cup, Merit, Individual and Pairs competitions .

25. A player who has played a cup game for his registered team is then cup tied. A player whose team is in the Alf Thomas Cup and is not cup tied may play for another of his club teams that are in the Eddie Peet Cup but then becomes cup tied to that team.

26. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed whilst participating in the game of Crown Green Bowls. The offending player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent(s) shall receive the maximum score.

 27. Mobile Telephones and Pagers. They are not allowed in active mode on the green. Should a player fail to comply, that player shall forfeit the game. The offender(s) to receive no further score and the opponent(s) to receive the maximum score.

28. The Championship will go to the Team with the highest number of points. In the event of a tie a play off will be arranged on a neutral green on date decided by the Committee. The top two teams in each division will be promoted and the bottom two relegated.

29. A sum shall be paid annually to the Secretary, Treasurer, and Results Secretary in acknowlgement of their duties. The sum payable shall be amended as required at the AGM.

30. Subject to these rules the Committee have the power to make decisions for all matters not provided for in these rules, and to do all things they deem necessary for the object of the League.

 31. All games played in this League will be played under the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association... Currently tested standard jacks to be used in all League Matches and Competitions

32. PRIZE MONEY All prize money to be handed to the individuals or their club represetative. If there is no one to collect the prize money allocated the money goes back into the league funds