South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association 2018


President Chairman Secretary Fixture Secretary Treasurer
Cliff Robinson Calvin Jackson John McNeilly Peter Harper Neil Desmond
9 Knoll Close, Littleover 3 Athlone Close, Chaddesden 38 Fairway Crescent, Allestree 2 Saundersfoot Way, Oakwood, 58 Rosedale Avenue, Alvaston 

Tel: 01332 519521

Mob: 07757 923902

Tel: 01332 380563

Mob: 07794 660937

Tel: 01332 559105

Mob: 07771 630629

Tel: 01332 678218  

Tel: 01332 755674

Mob: 07970 844106



Lots of rumours going about, but these are completed transfers received to date for the coming season. Reminder that player transfers must be completed by 13th April to be eligible for the Dickie Cup.


Name BCGBA No. From To
Paul Chambers DY 01547 Rolls Royce Belvedere
John Dewey DY 05005 Belvedere Stretton Anglesey
Matt Fearn DY 10582 Swad Caths Netherseal
Andrew Fearn DY 01902 Swad Caths Netherseal
Brian Jordan DY 01747 Swad Caths Netherseal
Bradley Bayliss DY 11035 Stretton Anglesey Brackens
Barry Fox DY 05068 Belper Meadows Belper Pottery
Anthony Holt DY 03363 Sitwell Arms South Wingfield
Adam Wildsmith DY 07843 Stapenhill Stretton Anglesey
Jason Nettel DY 02963 Swad Caths   Belvedere
Nigel Johnson DY 11877 Swad Caths  Lamb Inn
Colin Goodwin DY 06834 Littleover Derby Coop
Colin Whitworth DY 09380 Belper Meadows Derby Coop
Ged Haynes DY 02411 Littleover Derby Coop
Chris Cripwell DY 05303 Littleover Kings Newton
Martin Hicks DY 09423 Netherseal Newhall Social
Bob Bambridge DY 07177 Netherseal Eureka Park
Ron Kendrick DY 13588 Netherseal Eureka Park
Fred Lowe DY 03981 Stretton Littleover
Stephen H Hall DY 07820 Kings Newton  Eureka Park 
Ewan Walker-Mousley DY 13223 Barton  Belvedere 
Tom Bowring DY 08185 Barton Belvedere 
Denis Charman  DY 03175  Belvedere  Rolleston 
Phillip Meacham DY 09254  Hazelwood Allestree 
Ryan Worthington DY 13155 Lamb Inn  Washlands 
Andy Sefton DY 13240  Ashbourne South Wingfield 
Gary Staley DY 03249 Swad Caths  Eureka Park 
Darren Gowdy DY 10730 Stapenhill  Tutbury 
Neil Ratcliffe DY 13417  Belper Meadows Horsley 
John Gardner DY 03444 Lamb Inn  Spondon 
Dylan Halliwell DY 12367 Alvaston & Boulton  Spondon 
Mark Fearn DY 03307 Alvaston & Boulton  Marehay 
Ken Sharples NL 06999 Littleover  Winshill 
Stephen K Hall DY 12290 Netherseal  Eureka Park 
Jon Petcher DY 02695 Netherseal  Eureka Park 
Matthew Wildsmith DY 09049 Stapenhill  Eureka Park 
Peter Slater DY 08140 Netherseal  Eureka Park 
Simon Clarke DY 00403 Littleover  Spondon 
John Goode DY 13736 Rykneld  Brackens 
Sam Jerromes DY 13265 Stapenhill  Stretton Anglesey 
Chris Stonehouse DY 11568 Stapenhill Stretton Anglesey
Andrew Thompson DY 02388 Swad Caths Stretton Anglesey
David May DY 00936 Stretton Anglesey Alvaston & Boulton
Mark Anslow DY 06273 Newhall Social  Swad Caths 
Dave Smith  DY 00954 Rolls Royce   Alvaston & Boulton
Matthew Harrison DY 13651 Swad Caths  Tutbury 
Matthew Farmer DY 10279 Netherseal Newhall Social
John Bailey DY 06652 Swad Caths  Lamb Inn 
Mark Johnson DY 06511 Rolls Royce  Brackens 
George Holmes DY 12183 Swad Caths   Lamb Inn
Simon Gregg DY 13341 Sitwell Arms  Derby Coop 
Adrian Cheadle DY 12434 Newhall Social Belvedere
Dale Spedding DY 12501  Belvedere Stapenhill 
John Finch MS 11695 Swad Caths  Belvedere 
Bradley Bayliss DY 11035  Brackens Rowditch 
Luke Skitrall DY 10078 Washlands Henhurst