South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association 2021



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Hall Of Fame (1980 onwards)

Champion Of Champions Charity Cup Individual Merit Dickie Cup YEAR Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Not Played  Not Played  Not Played  Not Played  2021 Alvaston & Boulton   Winshill Rolleston  South Wingfield  Little Eaton   
 Not played Not Played  Not Played  Not Played  2020  Not Played Not played  Not played  Not played   Not Played  
South Wingfield  Adam Hartley - Alvaston & Boulton Gareth Nash - Marehay  Netherseal 2019 Belvedere Winshill Rolleston South Wingfield Ashbourne  
Newhall Social Keith Widdowson - Littleover
Richard Gill - Alvaston & Boulton
Newhall Social 2018 Belvedere  Newhall Social  Belvedere A Belper Pottery Chaddesden Park  
Stretton Anglesey Colin Belcher - Belvedere
Ben Ryder - Rowditch
Rolls Royce 1 2017 Stretton Anglesey Stretton Belvedere A Washlands A  Etwall A  
Stretton Anglesey Nigel Illif - Rolls Royce
David May - Str.Anglesey
Stretton Anglesey 2016 Stretton Anglesey Washlands Brackens Belvedere A Alv. & Boulton B  
Newhall Social Darren Smith - Rolls Royce
David May - Str.Anglesey
Rolls Royce 1 2015 Stretton Anglesey Winshill Newhall Social Washlands A Stretton A  
Rolls Royce 1 Norman Lymer - Foreman's Club
Daniel Petcher - Netherseal
Stretton Anglesey 2014 Rolls Royce 1 Barton South Wingfield Hazelwood Rykneld A  
Washlands A Keith Widdowson - Littleover
Daniel Petcher - Netherseal
Rolls Royce 1 2013 Stretton Anglesey Horsley Rolleston Netherseal A Foreman's Club Washlands A
Stretton Anglesey Richard Gill - Alvaston & Boulton
Darren Smith - Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 1 2012 Stretton Anglesey Brackens Rolls Royce 2 Swad. Caths. A Netherseal A Allestree A
Netherseal Ian Woodward - Netherseal Daniel Petcher - Netherseal Littleover 2011 Stretton Anglesey Netherseal Mayfield Lamb Inn Swad. Catholics A Netherseal A 
Swad. Catholics Norman Lymer - Foreman's Club David May - Str.Anglesey Stretton Anglesey 2010 Swad. Catholics Brackens Netherseal Rolleston Henhurst A Swad. Catholics A
Stretton Anglesey Daniel Petcher - Eureka Park Neil Gibson - Littleover Stretton Anglesey 2009 Stretton Anglesey Belmont Services Holbrook Stapenhill Lamb Inn Henhurst A
Stretton Anglesey Mark Fearn - Horsley Matthew Ford - Littleover Stretton Anglesey 2008 Stretton Anglesey Henhurst Belmont Services Holbrook Brackens A Sitwell  Arms 2
Stretton Anglesey Darren Smith - Str.Anglesey Mick Bacon  - Rowditch Marehay 2007 Stretton Anglesey Belvedere Park A Washlands Netherseal Holbrook King's Newton A
Stretton Anglesey Ed Furniss - Rowditch Darren Smith - Str.Anglesey Belvedere Park 2006 Stretton Anglesey Rowditch Str. Anglesey A Marehay A Netherseal Hazelwood

Champion Of Champions Charity Cup Individual Merit Dickie Cup YEAR Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
Stretton Anglesey David Stevenson - Rowditch Darren Carter - Str.Anglesey Washlands 2005 Stretton Anglesey Horsley Brackens Rolleston Heage Netherseal Wyvern
Str. Anglesey A Peter Lloyd - Spondon Keith Widdowson - Littleover Str. Anglesey A 2004 Belvedere Park Sitwell Arms Mayfield Str. Anglesey A Alv. & Boulton B Chester Green A Abbey A
Belvedere Park Craig Pearson - Rowditch Ian Woolley - Spondon Belvedere Park 2003 Belvedere Park Alv. & Boulton A Etwall King's Newton Str. Anglesey A Lamb Inn Rowditch A
Belvedere Park Len Robinson - King's Newton   Darren Smith - Rolls Royce Belvedere Park 2002 Belvedere Park Ashbourne Barley Mow Newhall Social Ashbourne A Str. Anglesey A Spondon B
Stretton Anglesey Robert Treece - Rolls Royce Darren Smith - Rolls Royce Newhall Social 2001 Stretton Anglesey Horsley Allestree Littleover B Newhall Social Derby Co-op B Str. Anglesey A
Newhall Social Mark Fearn - Alv.& Boulton Mark Dennis - Rowditch Littleover 2000 Stretton Anglesey Rowditch Derby Co-op A Belper Pottery A Mayfield Newhall Social Overdale
Alv. & Boulton Norman Lymer - N.P.T.R.B.L. David May - Derby Co-op Stretton Anglesey 1999 Alv. & Boulton Swad. Catholics Ashbourne Chaddesden Pk A N.P.T.R.B.L. Brackens A Sitwell Arms

Champion Of Champions Charity Cup Individual Merit Dickie Cup YEAR Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7
Chaddesden Pk A Mark Fearn - Alv.&Boulton Craig Pearson - Rowditch King's Newton 1998 Stretton Anglesey Rowditch Spondon Belper Meadows Chaddesden Pk A Little Eaton S.Wingfield A Mayfield 
Ind Coope Craig Pearson - Rowditch Barrie Fox - Marehay Belper Pottery 1997 Ind Coope Belper Pottery Stretton A Derby Co-op A Pastures Abbey A Wyvern S.Wingfield A
Ind Coope Robert Treece - Chester Green Richard Gill - Alv. & Boulton Littleover 1996 Ind Coope Derby Co-op  Littleover B  Denby Etwall Pastures Barley Mow A Henhurst C
Pastures David Hill - Chaddesden Pk Andy Ryder - Rowditch Alv. & Boulton 1995 Littleover Swad. Catholics Silvertown A Littleover B C.M. Co-op Spondon A Pastures Barley Mow A
Alv. & Boulton B David Smith - Alv. & Boulton Keith Widdowson - Littleover South Wingfield 1994 Silvertown Ind Coope  South Wingfield Brackens Alv. & Boulton B C.M. Co-op Holbrook Pastures 

Champion Of Champions Charity Cup Individual Merit Dickie Cup YEAR Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
Littleover Geoff Record - Derby Co-op Calvin Jackson - Littleover Littleover 1993 Littleover Stretton C.M. Co-op Spondon Ashbourne Ex-Ser St. Pauls Stretton Social
Woodville WMC Keith Widdowson - Littleover Calvin Jackson - Littleover Alv. & Boulton 1992 Alv. & Boulton Eureka Park Swad. Catholics Woodville WMC Horsley A Ashbourne Ex-Ser. Henhurst B
Littleover Ray Trail - B.R.E.Staff Clive Gascoigne - Henhurst Littleover 1991 Littleover Alv. & Boulton A Bass Barley Mow Marstons Chellaston A Ashbourne Ex-Ser.
Stretton Anglesey Mick Bacon - Rowditch Dave Merry - Littleover Alv. & Boulton 1990 Littleover Marehay Stretton Anglesey Qualcast A South Wingfield Barton Swad. Catholics
Qualcast Neil Partridge - Chester Green Keith Widdowson - Littleover Alv. & Crewton 1989 Silvertown Qualcast Chadedsden Park Bass Denby Barley Mow Barton
Littleover Calvin Jackson - Littleover Dave Sanders - Alv. & Boulton Littleover 1988 Littleover Winshill Horsley Ind Coope A Bass Pirelli A Barley Mow
Littleover Andy Hadfield - Alv. & Boulton Harold Fellows - Alv. & Boulton Rolls Royce R.S.  1987 Littleover R.R.R.S. C Stretton A R.R.R.S. Stretton B Bass Pirelli A
Littleover Darren Smith - Spondon Dean Taylor - Littleover Littleover 1986 Littleover Eureka Park Markeaton Tutbury Belper Pottery A Alleton RBL Bass
Markeaton Steve Brookes - Markeaton Philip Clarke - Littleover Markeaton 1985 Littleover Belper Pottery Qualcast Markeaton Tutbury Belper Pottery A Spondon

Charity Cup Individual Merit Dickie Cup YEAR Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
David Davies - R.R.R.S. Dean Taylor - Littleover Belper Pottery 1984 Littleover Winshill Belper Pottery R.R.R.S. Markeaton Ind Coope A Belper Pottery A
 Harold Fellows - Alv. & Boulton  Robert Towle - Alv. & Crewton Alv. & Boulton 1983 Littleover Pirelli Stretton A Belper Pottery Winshill A Markeaton Tutbury
Cliff Haddock - Rykneld Peter Atkin - Markeaton Littleover 1982 Littleover Amb. & Heage Qualcast Marehay Belper Pottery Winshill A Markeaton
Roy Smith - Spondon Alan Gill - Alv.& Boulton Ind Coope 1981 Littleover Ind Coope Pirelli Stretton A Holbrook MW Belper Pottery Silvertown A
John Cope - Qualcast Peter Atkin - Rowditch Belper Pottery 1980 Littleover Amb. & Heage Shobnall Hatton Littleover B Holbrook MW Belper Pottery