Runcorn & District Bowling League 2020

Competition Secretary Chairman Secretary & Treasurer

Mr Ray Worthington

Tel No: 576 306

 Mr Bob Watson

Tel No: 589 180

Mr Pat Crowe

Tel No: 574 689 


Constitution & Rules 


1.         The Association of clubs shall be known as the Runcorn & District Bowling Association, herein after referred to as “the Association”.


2.         The objects of the Association shall be to organise and promote competitive Amateur Crown-Green Bowling for affiliated clubs within the Association, and to arrange Leagues, matches, tournaments and all other events connected therewith - in accordance with the laws and by-laws of the British Crown Green Bowling Association ( hereafter referred to as the BCGBA ) amongst organised teams in Runcorn and its surrounding areas.


3.         Officers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and these shall be :-President, Chairman, DeputyChairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary.


4.         These officers, together with one representative from each club shall comprise the Executive Council to administer the day to day affairs of the Association.  For any meeting of this Executive Council 50 % are required to form a quorum.


5.         The Executive Council shall have power to fill casual vacancies, co-opt members, form sub-committees, and shall be responsible for the interpretation of all rules of the Association.


6.         The Executive Council shall be empowered to decide on all matters not specifically provided for in the rules and can impose fines, and suspend or disqualify any player for a breach of the rules.


7.         The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the last Tuesday in January, and those attending and voting must be club officials or registered players from the previous season.  Voting at an AGM or EGM shall be restricted to one vote per team on a simple majority basis.  The Chairman shall not have the casting vote, and in the event of a tied vote the motion under consideration shall be declared lost.


8.         An Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called upon receipt of a requisition signed by the secretaries of at least 5 ( five ) clubs, all of whom must be represented at the meeting, or on the instruction of the Executive Council.  The League Secretary shall give at least 7 days notice in writing to all clubs, and only the business stated in the notice shall be transacted.


9.         Clubs not represented at an AGM, EGM or a meeting of the Executive Council will be fined £ 5.00 for each absence whether or not apologies have been sent.


10.        The League Secretary ( or other League Official ) shall record all of the

proceedings of all meetings of the Association, and these shall be retained for this purpose.


11.        Clubs wishing to propose new rules or amend existing rules shall submit full details, in writing, to the League Secretary on or before 31st October in any year.  Clubs will be notified of any such proposals by 14th November and may submit amendments to proposals by 30th November, in writing to the League Secretary who will then distribute to all clubs the propositions and amendments for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.


12.        Rule amendments proposed by the Executive Council shall be dealt with in a similar manner.


13.        Should an Extra-ordinary General Meeting be called for the purpose of a rule change, then amendments to the proposition submitted shall be accepted at such a meeting.


14.        At meetings where cup draws are being made, any team that wishes to send a representative to witness these draws shall be permitted to do so.


15.        The League Treasurer will, not later than 30th June each year, send accounts to each club.  These must be paid by 31st July, and failure to do so will incur a fine of £ 20.00 plus £ 5.00 per week thereafter.


16.        The accounts must be audited on an annual basis, and a balance sheet must be sent to club secretaries at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.


17.        The funds of the Association shall be deposited in a local bank account, withdrawals from which should require at least two signatories from the Officers of the Assocation.


18.        The expenses of the League Secretary and League Treasurer should be itemised and receipted where possible.


19.        Clubs wishing to become members of the Association must apply in writing to the League Secretary before 30th November.


20.        All clubs in membership of the Association are expected to allow their green(s) to be used for League and Competition matches when chosen.  All clubs hosting individual and team competitions must have jacks, mats and long tapes available, and collect greenage – failure to do so will result in greenage being withheld.


21.        All registered players must be in possession of a Cheshire County Bowling Association ( CCBA ) and BCGBA Registration Card.


22.        No player shall be allowed to take part in any Association promotions if he has failed to pay subscriptions for the previous season to any Club, League, Association or body of which he was a member.  The name of any such player should be forwarded to the League Secretary 7 ( seven ) clear days before the match he is involved takes place.  The Executive Council shall adjudicate on the matter, but the player should not be permitted to play until a decision has been taken.


23.        All teams will send to the League Secretary a full list of registered players on or before the 1st April, or will incur a fine of £ 5.00 – further team registrations will be permitted until 31st May each year.  Registrations will only be accepted if accompanied by the player’s CCBA Registration Number.


24.        The Association will consist of three Sections.  Each season the two bottom teams in Section One will be relegated to Section Two.  The top two teams in Section Two will be promoted to Section One.  Likewise between Sections Two & Three.  In the event of team resignations, or the addition of new teams, the Executive Council shall deal with the matter of make up of Sections.


25.        Any player wishing to transfer following registration must apply to the League Secretary.  It will be at the discretion of the Executive Council whether such transfer shall be permitted.


26.        All registered players must hold a League Handbook for the forthcoming season, for which their respective club will be charged the appropriate amount to cover printing costs.


27.        All clubs will be charged a sum of £ 1.00 for each registered player, which will go towards prize money for that particular season.


28.        Each team will pay a levy of 30p per player for each match played, excluding cup matches.


29.        In all competitions, greenage of £ 1.00 will be payable for all players

( payable to the host club ), excepting in Finals ( when costs will be met by the Association ).


30.        No team shall play an unregistered player, the penalty being the forfeiture of that game by 21 – 0.


31.        The home team Captain shall decide whether the green is playable.


32.        Standard jacks to be used in all games, which must be stamped and up-to-date.


33.        All games to be 21 up, with the draw for individual games being made by the respective team Captains.  The home team Captain to arrange order of play.


34.        Four scorecards to be made out at the start of each match.  The remaining four cards may be made out 45 minutes later, but a reserve may play should the last named player fail to turn up.


35.        Four jacks shall be the maximum number on the green at any time, unless agreed otherwise by the respective team Captains.


36.        For each absent player, 21 points shall be credited to the opposing team.  ABSENT should be entered on the result sheet for any missing player(s), not their name.


37.        Total aggregate points to count.  The team finishing the season with the highest total score from all games played being declared Champions of the Section.  In the event of a tie in total scores, the winner will be the team who have won most matches.  If there is still a tie it shall go to the winner of a play-off match played on a neutral green.  Relegation ties shall be decided in the same way.


38.        Practice will not be allowed for visiting teams on the day of a match, however a bona fide League or Cup match not to be considered as practice.


39.        If two players are unable to decide as to which bowl is the winner the respective Captains or their appointed  deputies shall measure, and their decision will be final.


40.        The home team shall be responsible for forwarding the result sheet, signed by a representative of each team, to the League Secretary within two days of the match being played – failure to do so will result in a fine of £ 5.00


41.        Match night shall be Tuesday and then , alternatively Thursday, unless that team’s designated home games are scheduled for Monday due to having more than two teams and only one green.


42.        League matches and team Competitions should be played on or before the due date  and no later ( whenever possible ).  This should include any match postponed due to green availability problems ( eg. fixture clash with other leagues )


43.         In the event of a suspension, owing to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the points scored by each player shall stand and the position  of the jack shall be marked. Ends should be completed if possible, games being restarted from an agreed point as near as possible to where the jack lay at the last end played.  Players maybe substituted should they not be available on the re-arranged date.


44.        Where a club has more than one green they must declare which green they are going to use for their league fixtures at the time of registration – if the green is shared by another team in a different league it may be possible for the League Secretary to liaise in arranging fixtures.


45.        The Competition Secretary must not be expected to take any other league into account when team or individual cup draws are made.


46.        Teams to consist of 8 ( eight ) players.


47.        For all merit competitions, Abel Cup and Tudor Trophy pairs the entry form together with the appropriate fee should be in the hands of the Competition Secretary on or before the closing date.


48.        Section averages will be decided by the person losing the least amount of games.  In the event of a draw this will revert to total number of chalks scored minus the total number of chalks conceded, divided by the number of games played.  To qualify for the Section averages, players must have played at least 80% of league matches in that season.


49.        Each team must take a minimum of 5 ( five ) tickets for the end of season Prize Presentation evening.  Any team not present on the Prize presentation evening will forfeit their prize money.  Individual prize winners will be allowed to arrange for their monies to be picked up on their behalf by a team colleague, failure to do so will result in them forfeiting their money.


50.        Any club raising an objection under these rules shall do so within three days of the dispute.  Such objections, together with a deposit of £ 5.00 shall be forwarded to the League Secretary.  The deposit will be refunded if the objection is upheld.


51.        This constitution was adopted by the members present at the EGM held on:


            Monday 14th January 2008 at Halton Royal British Legion


Competition Rules




1.       Entrance Fee: £ 2.50 for all players( plus £ 1.00 greenage ).
2.       Games 21-up.  Played under BCGBA Rules.
3.       Choice of greens decided by the Executive Committee.
4.       Referees to be appointed by the Executive.
5.       Scratching time will be as advertised by the Competition Secretary.
6.       Games commenced but not completed will be re-played from the score as it stood when abandoned.
7.       Final to be played on a neutral green.
8.       Anything not provided for by these rules will be dealt with by the Executive.



1.       Handicap to be decided by the Handicap Committee.
2.       Rules 1 to 8 of Merit Competitions ( above ) to apply.



1.       Open to all clubs affiliated to the Association
2.       Entrance fee to be £ 15 and OPTIONAL.  Any team not wishing to enter MUST notify the League Secretary prior to the draw for first matches.
3.       Played under League Rules on neutral greens.
4.       No practice is allowed after the green has been decided.
5.       Teams playing in the SEMI-FINALS and FINAL MUST only play bowlers who have played THREE previous gamesduring that season.
6.       In the event of a drawn game the last game on the green to come off will play ONE more end to decide the winners.
7.      If a player has already played for another club in either competition during the same season, then he/she is ineligible to represent a new club ( i.e. transferred player )




1.       Played under floodlights in September.
2.       Interchange of leading players allowed.
3.       No substitutes after first round.
4.       Played under BCGBA Rules.
5.       Entrance Fee: £ 5.00 per pair.6.       No pairs to change date of play, interchange of ONE partner allowed on first game only.