Rothay Bowling League 2019


President Chairman Secretary Treasurer

 John Beckett

(015395) 36388

Sue Todd

(015394) 41004

Erline Robinson

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Jeff Harris

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Minutes of  the


held at

Ambleside Bowling Club






THE CHAIRMAN        The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and 1 minutes silence was observed for members who had passed away during the season:-  Donald Watson and David Dugdale, Burneside, Jack Johnson, Allithwaite, Ralph Allonby, Ambleside and Bob Crawford, Staveley.


PRESENT                      All clubs were represented with the exception of Hawkshead.



ABSENCE                     Glenise Heywood and Hawkshead B.C.


MINUTES                      The Minutes of the previous AGM and Management Meeting were accepted as a correct record.



ARISING                       There were no matters arising



REPORT                       The Treasurer gave a brief summary of the Accounts for the year, a copy of which was given to all clubs. Income from the only three raffles held was excellent and overall the Treasurer was pleased with the state of the Accounts.  Therefore no increase in fees for next year will be necessary.  The balance for the year up to 31st October was £1153.91.  Bernard Tebay was thanked for auditing the Accounts once again.



& EXPENSES               It was agreed that the honorarium for the Secretary should remain the same.




Chairman            As Sue was willing to stand again, this was proposed by Julie, seconded and carried.

Secretary            As Erline was willing to continue, this was proposed by John Beckett and seconded by Keith Dunlop.

Treasurer            Jeff was also willing to stand again and this was proposed, seconded and carried.


to County           Once again there were no volunteers to represent the Men’s County. but it is understood that Margaret Stott would be willing to continue for the Ladies.



REPORT                       Mr Michael Tordoff, President of the County, attended the meeting and informed us that he would be stepping down from all the roles that he presently fills after having served for over 9 years in his capacity of Treasurer, 6 years as President and 7 years as County Delegate.. 


                                         He expressed his disappointment that both the Jack and Jean Isherwood and the Centenary Mixed Pairs competitions had had to be cancelled due to lack of support.  Once again the County Juniors were not able to field a team due to the lack of young bowlers who were under 18.  Clubs were asked to try to encourage any of their youngsters to put their names forward.


                                         Referees were also in short supply with hardly enough people available to meet the demand and again clubs were asked to encourage their bowlers to apply. There will not be a County Handbook next year.


Michael was thanked for all his hard work over a long period of time and the meeting showed their appreciation.



OF AWARDS                The President, Julie Johnson, presented the awards as follows:-


                                         Division  1 champions:    Levens A. Runners up Coniston A.               Division 2 champions  Windermere A  Runners up Ambleside A


League Merits

Division 1                                James Dennison, Levens A, Runner up Martin Wilson, Crosthwaite & Lyth

Division 2                                Steve Carruthers, Windermere A. Runner up  Chas Crellin, Leven Valley


Individual Merit Cup

Division 1                                Bill Keating, Lindale A. Runner up Mark Ashburn, Levens A

Division 2                                          Keith Birkbeck, Leven Valley. Runner up Bob Curry, Lowrr Holker B


Knockout Cup

Division 2                                          This was held at Langdale B.C. and was won by the home team. Runners up were Leven Valley.


The Chairman thanked Julie for her hard work as President over the last three years which was very much appreciated by all present.



WITHDRAWALS                 There were none





Proposal  from the Secretary

Knockout Cup Division 1. In spite of a new format for this division being agreed at the last AGM, only five teams were willing to play this season and the competition was cancelled once again. I therefore propose that a vote be taken from first division teams only as to the likelihood of them participating next season so that a decision about the viability of this competition can be made.

This proposal was seconded by Crosthwaite.  A vote from the Division 1 teams was taken and the result was 8 for and 4 against for the competition to be abandoned for next season.



Clubs had been asked to submit nominations for the above post. Only one nomination had been received which was from Allithwaite B.C. who proposed John Beckett.  This was seconded by Burneside. As John was willing to stand, the meeting voted unanimously in favour.   John congratulated Julie on her term as President.




                   Start of the League season                   3rd April 2017

                   Knockout Competition                   Division 2 -  Sunday 2 July 2017

                   Individual Merit Competition        Division 1 -  Sunday 10 September 2017                                                                           Division 2 -  Saturday 9 September 2017


Bowness suggested that the start time of the League season could be brought forward slightly and end later in September. As the meeting thought that the light situation was just as bad in September, Burneside proposed that the dates stay the same, and this was carried.       


Michael Tordoff stressed the importance of complying with Health and Safety guidelines with regard to green maintenance.  Anyone needing more clarification should contact Tom Dennison of Levens B.C. who is hoping to set up a new course next year and would be glad to help.  His details can be found on the County website.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and also Ambleside B.C. for the use of their facilities and the meeting closed at 7.50 p.m.