North Wirral Bowling League 2019


Secretary / Treasurer Chairman Vice Chairman
Chris Morrison Andy  Wainwright John Sherlock

1: Title

North Wirral Bowling League

2: Affiliation

The League shall be open to Bowling Clubs directly affiliated to the Wirral & District Crown Green Bowling Association.

Players not permitted membership shall be, BCGBA Male Senior County players and BCGBA Male Veteran players, British Parks CGBA players, Federation of Crown Green players, Starred players (including Cup Tied) from the Wirral & District CGBA, the Bebington & District BL 'A' Division, the Birkenhead & Wirral Crown Green BL 1st Division.  Declared starred players (including Cup Tied) cannot become de-starred.

BCGBA Junior County players under the age of 16 are allowed membership.

BCGBA Junior County Players aged 16 and over and BCGLBA Female Senior and Female Vets County players are permitted membership, under the proviso that, only one player per game. (Either One Junior County player aged 16 and over or One Female Senior or Female Vets County player).

Any club wishing to resign should notify the secretary by the 31st January, otherwise fees for the ensuing season will become payable.

3: Management Committee.

The Officers of the League shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, to be annually elected at the annual general meeting.  The committees decision is final.

4: General Meeting

The annual general meeting shall be held in November. The annual general reports and accounts shall be presented and the election of all officers shall take place.

An agenda of the business of the meeting shall be prepared by the general secretary.

Notices of motion in writing by clubs for consideration at the AGM must be received no later than the 30th September, which will be circulated to all clubs . Amendments to notices of motion may be submitted to clubs no later than the 31st October.

Any club failing to be represented at the meeting will forfeit their prize money.

5: Special General Meeting

Any club or the management committee may send a requisition to the general secretary to call a special general meeting . Such requisition shall state the nature of the of the business to be raised. No other business will be transacted.

6: General

The league shall consist of 2 Divisions of no more than 14 teams. Two teams will be promoted,  two teams will be relegated.

The annual subscription shall be £35 payable by March 31st.

On finals day the semi final will be 15 up and the final 21up.

Prize money will be awarded,  to Divisional Winners (£50) and Runner Up (£10), also each team with in the League to receive £1 per point awarded.

7: Matches

Competing teams shall consist of 5 pairs a side.

League matches shall consist of home and away games, 21 up. Two points for a win , one point for a tie.

Teams finishing on the same amount of points will be placed in the order of the highest aggregate score first.

In the event of a drawn Divisional Finals Day game and any Knock Out Cup game, the team with the most winning Jacks will be declared the winner.

The winning team  has the duty to send in the match within three days of the match finishing. Signed by both captains. The visiting player has 1st throw of the jack.

A player must have played two matches to be eligible to play in a Divisional Finals Day and the Knock Out Cup competition day.

8: Player Registration

Any players wanting to play North Wirral must be registered with the North Wirral League and have a BCGBA number.  Players have until July 1st to become registered.

Any Club playing an unregistered player shall be fined £3 for each offence and a reduction of all shots for such player/pairing, the opponents to be awarded, 21 shots.

A player can only play for one team.

9: Dress Code

Male bowlers: trousers black, full length. no studs rivets, jeans , cargo pants, shell suits, tracksuits, shirts must be collared, sleeved long or short.

Female bowlers: trousers, tailored shorts, tailored cropped trousers, or skirts shall be knee length and single coloured and sleeved. long or short.

Male and Female bowlers: no block or hard heeled footwear must be worn. No inappropriate use of wet clothing. Nothing in the above rule shall prevent exeptions being made for people with a relevant disability.

11: Voting

Each directly affiliated club shall at an annual general meeting or special general meeting be entitled to one vote. No individual shall act for more than one club.

12: Trophies

Trophies shall be the property of the North Wirral Bowling League.

13: Alterations to rules

No alteration to the rules shall be made exept at an annual general meeting each year. Any such alterations must be submitted to the general secretary no later than the 30th September. These shall be circulated to the affiliated clubs and shall be voted on at the AGM .

Amendments to the suggested alterations will be accepted until October 31st.