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Updated 26th October 2018

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Names, Objectives & Constitution

Names, Objectives & Constitution

1. The Association is to be known as the Northfield and District Bowling Association, and comply with the British Crown Green Bowling Association Laws of the game.

2. The objectives & powers of the Association are to encourage, control & manage the game of crown green bowls on Sunday mornings in the Northfield suburb of Birmingham and other districts as designated by the League Management Committee.

3. The business of the Association shall be transacted by a League Management Committee, consisting of a President, Chairman, Association Secretary, Fixture Secretary & Web Master, Treasurer, Cup & Merit Secretary plus five others. All of whom shall be elected at the January Annual General Meeting. A Quorum shall be formed when three or more members are present.

4. Any bona fide bowling organisation which may be deemed by the League Management Committee to be of club status is eligible for membership, but must be accepted by the League Management Committee. Only such approved member clubs shall be allowed to take part in the Association League Competition. Clubs wishing to participate in League and all other competitions shall intimate to the League Secretary at the half year General Meeting in October their intentions for the following season. Closing date for entry to the Association being 31st October.

5. Meetings
Two General Meetings shall be held annually. One in January for the presentation of the Balance Sheet and consideration of financial matters, together with the election of Officers and transaction of business for the ensuing season. The other in October for consideration of Association Rules and Bye-Laws, League Match Rules, Cup Rules all of which shall require 3 clear weeks’ notice of motion. Standing Orders will be applied.

6. All clubs shall be entitled to send one delegate to each meeting together with a representative, exclusive of members of the League Management Committee. But only the delegate together with the members of the League Management Committee shall be eligible to vote.



7. The Association Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting at any time upon receiving a requisition to that effect signed by the Secretaries of not less than 3 clubs who are members of the Association. Such Special General Meetings shall have no power to amend or alter these rules.

8. The League Management Committee shall have power to convene a Special General Meeting.

9. The League Management Committee shall meet on the first Monday in the month during the playing season and at other times as deemed necessary.

10. The League Management Committee shall at times have the authority to select any green of member clubs for the purpose of promoting Association Competitions. Should your club enter any League or Merit Competition, your green must automatically become available for use. This applies to Singles, Doubles, U21’s or Mixed Doubles.

11. The League Management Committee shall have power to deal with any other matters not covered by these rules.

1. Entrance fees will be paid for each team entered in the Sunday League, Kendrick Trophy and Sid Stephens Rose Bowl Cup Competitions.

2. Entrance fees will be paid for each entry in the Singles and Doubles Merit competitions, also Mixed Doubles or Under 21 Merits.

3. Entrance fees for League, Cup Merit competitions will be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meetings as an item on the Agenda.

4. The Association will pay an Honorarium annually to the Association, Fixture & Web Master, Cup & Merit Secretaries, & Treasurer.

5. The Association will promote a Social Event annually, for the purpose of the presentation of prizes. Plus any form of entertainment decided upon. Tickets for this event will be offered on a first come, first served basis. All monies for tickets should accompany the order sent to the Treasurer. A receipt will then be forwarded by return.



6. £5 Fines, doubled if not paid within 30 days will be levied as follows:-
A) Non attendance at General Meetings
B) Late Match result Cards – i.e. WEDNESDAY or later
C) Failure to return Cups, Rose Bowls or Shields at October G.M . Non collection of pre season literature from distribution meeting and failure to pay Entry Fees at or before the collection meeting. (surcharge)
D) Failure to report a cancelled match at least 5 days (or 7 days) in the case of County before scheduled date in fixture list. TEN POUND FINE
E) Incorrect completion of a match result card. A copy of the relevant card to be sent with fine of £5 to the offending club.
F) When a match is cancelled under the 29 day rearrangement rule. exceeding the 29 days can incur a fine of up to £10 at the discretion of the committee.
G) Club registration forms received after the season starts will incur a £5 fine to the offending club.
H) Any unregistered bowler playing in a league or cup match will result in a £5 fine to the offending club.

7. The Treasurer will present the Balance sheet to the Annual General Meeting, setting out all financial transactions concerning the Association during the previous year.

8. One or Two Auditors will be elected annually at the A.G.M.

9. All fees due to the Association must be paid before any team or player may take part in any League, Cup or Merit competitions sponsored by the Northfield & District Bowling Association.

10. Unsold Presentation tickets not returned to the Association secretary at least one week before the Prize Presentation will result in the offending club having to pay for them. There shall be a Fixture/Rule book levy to be decided annually by the League Committee which shall cover the cost of fixture books.

11. All debts to the League must be cleared by the financial year end - i.e. 31st December. All League Entry Fees should be paid at or before the collection meeting in March. The Treasurer to be in attendance for the purpose of accepting monies. Failure to clear debt by 31st December as per rule Committee to decide that clubs right to future entry to the League.

12. Any Cash Prize monies not collected from the annual Prize Presentation shall be returned to the Association Bank Accounts. Any claims for the above to be made in writing to the Treasurer by 31st December of that season or monies will be forfeited.



1. Each League Team will consist of eight players. The League shall consist of A and B teams playing in divisions according to strength. Home Win 2 points, Home Draw 1 point, Away Win 3 points, Away Draw 2 points, plus 1 point for each Individual game won. MOST POINTS OBTAINABLE FROM A MATCH WON 11. No division within the League shall consist of more than ten teams, but in exceptional circumstances the League Committee shall have the power to extend any division to a maximum of 12 teams.

2. All games shall be played 21 up and the green must be occupied at all times. In the event of a player not being present when called to play a substitute who has not already played must be used (subject to rule 7 (d). If no substitute is in attendance the game is awarded 21.0 to the opponent.

3. League matches will commence at 11.00 a.m. (Three ended greens 10.45 a.m.) Visitors practice fifteen minutes prior to the start of the match.

4. All matches to be played on or before the date scheduled with the following exceptions:-

(a) Each team may postpone a maximum of one game per season. This excludes games that have to be rearranged due to bad weather conditions or games postponed due to rule 4(b) or 19. The opposition and Fixture secretary to be notified in writing/email/text at least 5 days prior to the scheduled date. As well as the rearranged date as soon as it has been agreed. Clubs should ensure that an acknowledgement is received to ensure that the opposition have received the message.

(b) Any team who has 2 or more players representing the County may if they wish cancel the fixture scheduled for the date of that County match but they must give 7 days notice instead of 5.

(c) Rearranged fixtures can be brought forward at any time or if after the original fixture date must be played within 29 days (subject to 4(e) for end of season restriction). If adverse weather conditions cause the rearranged match to be cancelled a further 14 days to apply.

(d) If no agreement can be reached to play within the 29 days (subject to 4(e) for end of season restriction) the match must take place on the 29th day at 7pm with a league committee member present. Should neither team arrive at the appointed green, the match shall be declared void. Should one team turn up they will be awarded 16 or 32 shots and 10 or 11 points
depending upon who is the specified home team.                                

(e) All matches should be completed within 7 days of the last scheduled match of the season so the 29 day rule will not apply where it will take you past this date.

(f) An extension to the 29 day time limits may be relaxed at the discretion of the League Fixture Secretary who must be kept informed at all times of any problems in rearranging fixtures within the specified time scale. 

5. Should bad weather cause the green to become unfit to play the Fixture Secretary must be notified immediately of the cancellation, and the match replayed within 29 days. (subject to 4D for end of season restriction). The final decision regarding the fitness of the green for play to be left with the home club.

6. Match Result Cards for league fixtures will be completed by the two captains, and the home captain is then responsible for entering the results directly onto the website within 24 hours of the match. The home team must retain the match cards in case of a query by either the visiting team or Fixture secretary.

7 (a) All clubs will supply the Fixture Secretary with a list of registered players before the start of the season. Only registered players can take part in League Matches. By supplying the Player's FULL NAME and CLUB to the Fixture Secretary by phone, text or email up to 11 a.m. on the match-day additional registrations may be notified to the Fixture Secretary as they arise. First names and Surnames must be entered on all Match Result Cards. No waiting period after the player has been registered. If a non registered player is played in League or Cup matches a fine will be levied as per Finance rule 6(H) but their score will stand unless they have played for another club during the current season and not gone through the correct transfer procedure as per rule 15.


(b) No player may take part in both A and B fixtures scheduled for the same day, or a rearranged match. Playing an ineligible player will result in his game being awarded to the opponents 21.0

(c) Where a team (other than the A side of a team that has 2 teams in the League) has only 7 players available for a fixture they may nominate 4 players who are willing and able to play 2 games before the draw is made. The opposition will then chose one of the 4 nominated players who will then be eligible to play twice subject to the following restriction. Use of this rule by any one team is restricted to a maximum 5 times per season and any infringement of this rule will result in the players second game being awarded to the opponent 21-0. For average purposes only the players first score will count. If after the draw is made an additional player turns up they should play in place of the nominated players second game.

(d) If the match has already commenced when it becomes apparent that an eligible team is one short, subject to the conditions in 7 (c) the captain can request that their opponents nominate one of the first 4 to play twice.

8. Any team not reporting for a League match at HOME will forfeit 11 points to their opponents. If the match is AWAY they shall forfeit 10 points and shall be deemed to have lost the match by these 16 or 32 shots. If at home the 8 selected players shall be awarded a 21.11 score and if away 21.15. These scores to be used for Average purpose only. The Result Card with the 8 selected players names, must be posted/sent electronically as if the match had been played. Any team failing to fulfil a league fixture will at the end of the season be deducted points & have a fine imposed as decided by the committee.

9. In the event of teams being equal on points at the top or bottom of a division at the end of a season Aggregate will count. If this is equal shots scored will count. If everything shall still be equal then the clubs concerned will play a deciding match on a neutral Green.

10. The two highest teams in each division will be promoted, and the two lowest relegated each season. If a club or clubs withdraws during or at the end of a season Amendments may be required to the above.

11. Any club winning Annual Cups, Rose Bowls or Shields shall ensure their safekeeping and return in a clean & undamaged condition at or before the October G.M.

12. If neither side turns up for a league fixture on the scheduled date the match shall be declared void and both teams shall have 5 points deducted from their seasons total.

13. Any Club failing to collect Honour Certificates, League Trophies or replica trophies from the Annual Prize Presentation will result in the League Committee having the power to dispose of them as they see fit.

14. Any club having more than one green must stipulate before the season which one they intend to use for all League and Cup Matches.

15. TRANSFERS. Pending the player being a fully paid up member of the club he/she is leaving. Having deposited their membership fee with the club to whom they are transferring, obtained the support of both clubs in writing, evidence of which shall be provided to the Association Secretary. A fee of £5 is payable by the club to whom the player is transferring, and must be deposited with the Association Secretary to complete the transfer. The player does not participate during the current league programme for their new club in an away fixture on a green they have already played on in a League match, either A or B. Any player appearing in League or Cup matches for two clubs in the same season shall be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the League Management Committee. This does not apply to an authorised transfer. A player appearing for a second club without being transferred will forfeit the game 21.0 to his opponent. No transfers allowed after 31st July.

16. The League management committee shall have the power to deal with any matters not covered by these rules.

17. For Average Purposes Only. If there is no opponent on the match result card the aggrieved player shall be awarded a 21.11 score if at home, 21.15 if away. To qualify for winning averages you must have played in 60% of the total fixtures for the division. At the end of the season any player who is close to the top of the league averages but has been awarded shots due to not having an opponent will have this reviewed by the Fixture Secretary so that he is awarded shots based on his average home/away plus for the season depending on whether the match was at home or away.

18. A player who is a member of more than one club shall be eligible to bowl on either green as a member of a visiting team in League Fixtures as long as they make the home team aware before the fixture and the home team have no objection to that player playing. For the purpose of this rule a member is someone who plays on that Green as a Home venue.

19. If your green is selected for a county match and you need to cancel a league fixture. It must be played within the following 29 days and the league secretary informed on all occasions.


20. Any team failing to fulfil a league fixture will be fined and deducted points by the league committee at their first meeting after the incident occurred.

1. The name of the competitions shall be the Kendrick Trophy & the Sid Stephens Rose Bowl. All teams entered will contest the Kendrick Trophy - and losing teams in the first round will then contest the Sid Stephens Rose Bowl which will be handicapped as shown below. These trophies to be played for annually.

Division one teams receive                      0  shots

Division two teams receive                    12  shots

Division three teams receive                  24  shots

Division four teams receive                    36  shots

Division five teams receive                     48  shots

 Any team conceding their cup match will not be eligible to play in any subsequent round of either cup during the same season.


2. Games will be played ON or BEFORE the closing date which will be set ANNUALLY by the CUP MERIT SECRETARY in conjunction with the LEAGUE COMMITTEE. These dates will be strictly adhered to and if no agreement can be reached the team turning up at 7 pm on the last stipulated date for the round will automatically be declared the winner.  BOTH TEAMS are required to liaise to arrange a date to play within the specified period of time.

3. Games must be played by the deadline or a valid reason and alternative date given by deadline or both teams will be scratched from the competition.

4. All games to be 21 up. All matches on a 4 home 4 away basis except the final which shall be played 8 a side on a neutral green.

5. The Captain of the WINNING team on the day of the contest shall be responsible for entering the result on the website or forwarding the result electronically or by FIRST CLASS POST to reach the FIXTURE SECRETARY by the SECOND DAY after the CLOSING DATE FOR THE ROUND. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL INCUR A £5 FINE doubled if not paid within 30 days.

6. In the event of a tie then the match will be awarded to the team with highest number of winners. If this is equal then the highest away points will decide. If this is equal then 2 home and 2 away will play before the closing date to decide the winner, and they must have participated in the original match as part of the 8 who played.

7. Players who are Members of more than one Member Club must play for the Club for which they play in the Association. Where clubs have both an A and B team entered in the Cup, players will be cup tied and cannot switch between the teams during the same season.

7b  In the Sid Stephens cup competition only players who have played for that team in at least 25% of the League games to date in the current season are eligible to play.  In exceptional circumstances the Committee can authorise a player who does not meet this criteria.  Clubs should contact the Cup Secretary if they wish to authorise a player prior to the match taking place.

8. The playing of an unregistered player is dealt with in League rule 7 (a) which covers both League and Cup Competitions.

9. Each club will be required to indicate at the A.G.M. whether they wish to enter, none, one or two teams in the Cup Competition.

10. Practice for the HOME team is allowed up to the agreed start time.

11. If a cup final ends in a tie after eight games are completed each side will nominate one player to play an extra game to decide the winners.

1. Merit Competitions shall be open to all registered players within the Northfield & District Bowling Association as long as they are registered with the B.C.G.B.A.

2. All competitions shall be played on a Sunday Morning. The Preliminary, Qualifying and Final stages all to commence at 10.00 am. The time may be altered by the Merit Secretary if entries deem it necessary.

3. Entrance Fees and Prize Monies will be decided each year by the Management Committee.

4. Dates & Venues for playing all Merits will be allocated by the Management Committee.

5. Any venue selected for use in a Merit shall provide four jacks, mats, measuring equipment and officials to make the draw and run the event.

6. NO PLAYER SHALL BE DRAWN TO PLAY ON A GREEN OF A CLUB OF WHICH THEY ARE A MEMBER EXCEPT FINALS where home players are handicapped 2 shots (23) and the jack up to semi-final stage where after they revert to existing K.O. conditions.

7. Bowlers from different clubs can play together in both the Doubles and Mixed Doubles competitions provided they are both registered to play in the NDBA.

8. The Cup/Merit secretary may use as many greens as necessary to reduce the field to 16 finalists in Merit Competitions that are not to be played off on one day to a conclusion.

9. The Final Stage will be played on a green which no finalist has previously played on in the competition.

10. All qualifiers should telephone and post/send electronically the result to the Cup & Merit Secretary on the same day. Preliminary Round to be posted/sent electronically by the final qualifier on the day.

11. No substitutes allowed in the Singles Merit. In the Doubles Merit one player can be substituted at the Preliminary stage only, but not if a previous loser.

12. No player shall be eligible to compete in the Qualifying or Final Stage of a competition on a green on which they have practised or played during the fourteen days preceding the above stages of the Merit Competition other than:-

(a) As a visitor in an A or B match.

(b) As a visitor in another Association Cup or League or Merit competition.

13. All clubs shall be informed of the total prize monies available for each of the merits