Mid Cheshire Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary & Comps Secretary Treasurer
Mr Ray Brandreth Mr Gary Spencer Mrs Helen Brewin
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 Deputy Chairman League Fixtures Secretary  
 Mr Mark Winnington Mr David Jones  
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1.1 The official Title of the Association will be Mid Cheshire Bowling Association but this title may be amended if a sponsor’s name is added. Membership is open to all bona tide bowling organisations who are duly proposed and elected by a bare majority in a vote by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. Application for affiliation must be forwarded to the Association Secretary by November 1st.  The objectives of the Association shall be to promote organise and develop crown green bowling and any subsidiary activities. The Association will be non-profit making.

1.2 The annual subscriptions for all teams shall be £8.00.

1.3 Any club wishing to withdraw from the Association must give notice to this effect on or before the General Meeting each year. Any Club not giving notice on or before this date will be held liable for their subscription, match fees and handbook charges for the ensuing season.
1.4 First and second teams shall play in their league fixtures on a Friday (or Thursday at the discretion of the Special Council) except when the final of a cup competition has been scheduled for that night in which case the fixture will be played on Thursday. This is to apply equal to third and subsequent teams where a club has a sufficient number of greens. Where a club does not have a sufficient number of greens to meet this requirement they shall decide which of their third or subsequent teams will play their fixtures on a Thursday (Tuesday in the week of the final of cup competition). A club forced to play their home fixtures at another club shall be deemed to be 'subsequent team' for the purpose of this rule.

1.5 Two General Meetings to be held annually as follows:
One for the election of Officers and a representative to sit on County Committee, to consider changes to Rules and Bye-Laws and any other business for the ensuing season. The other in October, to be held at the Council's discretion for the presentation of Cups, Medals and other prizes. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Secretary. At General Meetings each Club shall be entitled to one vote per delegate attending up to a maximum of two votes; the Chairman when necessary, shall give a casting vote. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Secretary on receiving a requisition to that effect signed by the Secretaries of not less than four member clubs of the association. Any club failing to be represented at the January General Meeting shall be fined £5.00.

1.6 A Special Council shall be appointed annually at the January A.G.M. and shall consist of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, C.C.B.A. Representative an up to eight others all of whom must be registered members of a M.C.B.A. club. They shall be assisted by the Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and League Results Secretary who shall also be appointed annually. Nominations for these positions to be received by the Secretary/ Treasurer before 1stNovember prior to the A.G.M. A President nominated by the Special Council shall be appointed at the January A.G.M. The President may attend all meetings of the Association and of the Special Council. The Special Council shall conduct primary business of the Association. Five members shall constitute a quorum.

1.7 Member clubs of the Association may propose additions/amendments or alterations of the Rules & Bye Laws of the Association by submitting a Notice of Motion of the proposals together with the name of the member club willing to second motions, to the Association Secretary not later than the l st. November prior to the General Meeting. The special Council may also submit notice of amendments. Copies of all Notice of Motions will be circulated to all member clubs with the Agenda for the General Meeting.

1.8 The Accounts to be audited and a balance sheet made up to 31st October each year, sent to each Member club together with a Notice calling the January General Meeting.

a) all invoices are to be settled within 28 days from the date of the invoice. Defaulters will be liable to a fine of £15. any club not complying will be required to apply for re-election the following season.

b) Accounts must be settled by the 31st October each year

c) The accounts must be audited each year and a copy sent to each member club together with a notice calling the January general meeting.

1.9 All players to be registered for the season shall be uploaded by the individual clubs directly onto the Mid Cheshire website, including both BCGBA & CCBA numbers by the 1st April. No player shall be accepted for registration with a club if satisfactory proof is given the player owes dues to any club he/she previously played for.
1.10 Supplementary lists of registrations may be forwarded to the  League Match Secretary any time up to 1st July but no player on this list can take part in a match until he/she has been registered for three clear days. Clubs may de register players, providing such players have not played in an Association League or competition match, by notifying the Secretary before I st. July but these players cannot be re-registered within the same season.
1.11 A player can only be registered with one club during the season unless prior to the 1st July they obtain a transfer. The request for the transfer must be made in writing or email which is to be signed by the secretary of each club involved in the transfer and forwarded to the League Result Secretary. The Special Council reserve the right to refuse transfer application.

1.12 All players registered with this Association and taking part in matches shall pay the playing fee of 50p per game towards the Association's funds. All players registered with this Association shall also pay an annual registration fee of £1.00. These fees will be used to promote bowling in the Association by funding the Senior and Junior representative teams and also to cover any contingency expense which may arise.

1.13 The Challenge Trophies etc., are the property of the Association and cannot, under any circumstances, be won outright by any club. Clubs who have been successful in winning an Association trophy shall take all reasonable care to ensure its security and well being.

1.14 Cheques will be awarded to teams finishing in the first four places in each Section.Cash prizes will be awarded to players finishing 1st and 2nd in the averages in each Section. Where there are fewer than 12 teams in a Section the prize money will be pro rata. All prize monies are at the discretion of the Special Council. All league prizes will be awarded by means of cheques for the total amount to the clubs concerned. Clubs which have been successful in winning an award shall purchase a minimum of two tickets for the Prize Presentation Evening.

1.15 Each club must take a minimum of six handbooks for each team. No returns allowed and payment to be made within one month of receipt.

1.16 In the event of ungentlemanly conduct by any player or official in a League or Cup Match, the offending player or official will be required to appear before the Council to give account of themselves and will be suitably dealt with by the Council.

1.17 Should any dispute arise that is not provided for in these Rules and Bye Laws, the Special Council shall consider the same and their decision shall be final.
1.18 The Council reserves the right to take such actions as they consider appropriate against Clubs who have committed a proven breach of the Association Rules and Bye Laws, Match or Cup Competition Rules irrespective of whether an official protest has been made.
1.19 Any report of a contravention of Rules and Bye Laws by a club or individual player must be submitted in writing to the Association Secretary within seven days of the event accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 which will be refunded at the discretion of the Special Council. The matter will be dealt with by the Association Disciplinary Sub-committee in accordance with the procedure laid down by the British Crown Green Bowling Association Disciplinary Code of Practise. The Disciplinary Sub Committee will consist of Chairman, Secretary and three neutral member of the Special Council and their deliberations will he reported to the Special Council.

1.20 In all M.C.B.A. matches, players are expected to dress in a manner which neither harms the image of the sport or gives offence to other players or spectators. Players are not permitted to play bare chested or to wear singlet’s. If shorts are worn they should be of the tailored type and must wear flat shoes. In addition, for all M.C.B.A. competition finals, players shall comply with the BCGBA dress code. If players contravene this rule in team matches, the club shall be fined 21 points for each player offending. Any player not conforming to this rule in individual or pairs competitions will not be allowed to play in the competition.

1.21 All clubs applying for affiliation to the Association must have green lighting to the standard approved by the Special Council. At the request of the visiting captain a club shall ensure that the green lighting is switched on.

1.22 No smoking will be allowed on the green whilst a match is in progress. Penalty game awarded 21- 0 against offending player.

1.23 Should the Special Council, by a majority, decide on grounds of expediency to dissolve the Association, it shall call a meeting of all member clubs giving 21 day’s notice. At this meeting, if a two thirds majority of those present eligible to vote decide to dissolve the Association, the Special Council shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the Association after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of such assets shall he the member clubs or such bodies as decided by the member clubs.


2.1 That home and away matches of 12 a side in the Premier league and 10 a side in all other divisions and games of 21 up to be played. The two top teams and two bottom teams in each Section to be promoted and relegated each season (subject to amendment by the Special Council in the event of resignations and/or new applications). Registration lists to be strictly adhered to.

2.2 The result of league matches shall be decided as follows: The team obtaining the highest aggregate score in each match shall he declared the winner. The club in each Section finishing the season with the highest scores total from all matches to be declared Champion of the Section and hold the Cup for 12 months. In the event of a tie in total scores, the Championship shall be awarded to the team with the highest number of winning matches. Should these also be equal there shall be a play off on a neutral green. This also applies to promotion and relegation.

2.3 To qualify players  must have played at least 75% of the league matches of which 50% must be away fixtures, the average to be determined by subtracting a players total against from the chalks for, in th eleague matches  that player has taken part in. Unfinished games due to abandonment to be eligible only if completed at a later date. In the event of a player receiving a walk over in any match their points shall be taken pro-rata for the whole of the matches played during the season on a basis of home and away records.

2.4 All league matches will start at 6:45pm. with 4 games on the green and 4 games must be maintained throughout the match. A fine of £1.00 will be imposed for each 15 minutes late and will apply to Home and Visiting teams. Players must be present when called to play in numerical order. If a player is not present when called on to play a reserve must be substituted and the original player will take no further part in the match. In the event of no reserve being present the game shall be awarded 21 0 to the opponent present. Four jacks on the green unless otherwise agreed by the two Captains.

2.5. Matches must be played on the due fixtures dates with the following exceptions:-
a) Clubs mutually agreeing to play their match before the date shown in the fixture book.
b) In any League or Cup Competition a green may be declared unfit through inclement weather  by:

i) the home team captain and greensmanagreeing that no play will be possible that evening at 5pm and contacting the away team to avoid them travelling.

ii) the green being declared unfit at the scheduled start time.

c)If for any reason a match is postponed or cannot be completed in any league/cup competition arrangements must be made there and then by the two teams concerned for the match to be replayed/completed within 21 days (League Match), Team Cup match  to see  Cup Comp rule 12. Both clubs must notify the League Result Secretary as to the detailed reason for the postponement together with the new date for the completion of the fixture.

d) In the case of the last  three scheduled league fixtures the 21 day rule will not apply. All fixtures must be completed no later than  the Friday following the last fixture.
e) If for any reason a match is abandoned the points scored shall count. For unfinished game the position of the jack noted and it will be from this point that the game will be resumed when replayed. If one or both players in any game are unavailable on the re arranged date, substitutes will be allowed but scores and the points of play will apply.
If the league fixture is not played on the due date, the Special Council will decide from the information provided as to whether one or both clubs are in default and may impose a fine not exceeding £5 and/or deduction of points. If the league fixture is not replayed/completed on a date within the 21 day period the Special Council will impose a fine on both clubs and/or deduction of points up to a maximum of 252.

2.6 Any Club failing to play the full number of players shall be fined the sum of £3 for each player short. Any such game to be marked 21 AB S. The offending Club shall pay the players fees concerned. On failing to play the full number of players in a match the club shall forfeit one game for one player short and two games for two players short. If more than two players short the Club shall forfeit two games, but at the discretion of the Special Council shall be allowed to play the remaining un-played games on a date to be mutually agreed by both Clubs.

2.7 Following completion of the match each team captain to check the results are correct including the final score. All results to be entered on the offical web page by 5pm the following day of the match, failure to do so will involve a fine of £5 for each offence.

2.8 If the two players are unable to agree on the winning bowl/s the respective Captains or their deputies shall measure and give their decision without favour, which decision shall be final.

2.9 a) When two Clubs are playing a match on a fixed date, players of the visiting team shall not be allowed to practice on their opponent's green for FOUR clear days prior to the match. Penalty for contravention of this rule will incur a fine of £5 per player and a deduction of points scored by that player. (Team Cup matches Cup Comp Rule 10 applies).
b) During the week in which an Association Cup Final is scheduled no player appearing on the relevant programme may play on the green selected for FOUR clear days prior to the final. The penalty for contravention of this rule will be that the player concerned WILL NOT be allowed to play in the final with forfeiture of prize money.

2.10 A Club shall not be allowed to play in any reserve league team more than two first team players and for the purpose of this rule first team players will be:
a) Each team shall register a minimum of 12 players in the Premier league and 10 players in all other divisions who shall all be regular playing members, of which five shall be starred in all divisions. Any starred player will not be allowed to play in the next team down. Any reserve team player who plays in more than seven higher team matches will change their status to the higher team. The provision of this rule will equally apply to all subsequent teams where a club has more than two teams. No player may play for a team with a status which is two places below the team for which he or she is registered or has qualified for :- therefore an A team player may not play for a C team and a B team player may not play for a D team.

b) Any club playing an ineligible player shall forfeit all points gained by such player, and possible exclusion from the Association.
c) The starred status of any player transferring to another club will be decided by the Special Council.
d) Review of starred players will take place after 4 playing weeks and then weekly by the results secretary.
2.11 Any player who plays for a club which he/she is not registered will be liable to be suspended for the remainder of the season and the following season.

2.12 No league matches to be arranged by any club to take place at the same time as the cup final competition. Any contravention of this rule will result in a £25.00 fine.

2.13 All member Clubs entering any of the Association's Individual or team competitions shall make their green(s) available for the dates shown on the fixture schedule, if and when required. The Clubs whose green(s) are selected, to ensure that jacks and footers are available on the green for the commencement of the match, failing which a fine may be imposed at the discretion of the Council.

2.14 That the Laws of the Game as adopted by the BCGBA shall be the standard under which all matches and games shall be played.

2.15 MARKING SCORE CARDS: Markers shall check each other’s score card every third end. In the event of scores being in dispute by the members concerned, play must be stopped and any discrepancy checked by the Referee appointed or Team Captains as appropriate. Where the score cannot be agreed it shall revert to the end where both markers show the score to be agreed as correct.

3.1 The competition to be open to all member Clubs of the Mid Cheshire Bowling Association and all teams shall pay the entry fee whether or not they take part.
3.2 The entry fee shall be £8.00 and each Club restricted to one entry for each League team.
3.3 These are 10 a side competitions. Notification of the number of entries to be sent not later than 1st April each year (unless the Comp Secretary needs them earlier due to the 1st round played being before the league season commences). Team status for each player shall be in line with players registration for the current year. Any club playing a player not registered by the time of the first draw shall forfeit all points obtained by the player and fined up to £5 at the Special Council's discretion.
3.4 Matches will be played on neutral greens with games 21 up.
3.5 The Special Council shall make the Preliminary and first draw and this will follow through until the final two teams are left. All awards to be at the Council's discretion.
3.6 Match fees to be 50p. All Clubs receiving walkovers etc. or withdrawing from the competition shall pay all fees due.
3.7 Competing teams shall adhere to the individual handicapping as shown on their registration page on the Mid Cheshire website.
3.8 A competent Official to be appointed by the host club for each match and the referee's decision in all cases shall be final.
3.9 Alternative players of each team shall take the first lead of the jack.
3.10 Any member of a team engaged in a match shall not bowl on the green selected for FOUR clear days prior to the match except for matches prearranged under the auspices of the C.C.B.A.
3.11 Any club entering more than one team may promote players from one team to another although such players may have already played in the current competition for a lower team. Under no circumstances can a player be relegated from a team with which they have already played. The penalty for default under this rule will be to have the player's score deleted and their opponent's score to read 21-0. The Club may also be fined up to £5 at the Special Council's discretion.
3.12 In ther event of a drawn game, four players from each competing team shall be redrawn by the captains from those players having taken part in the match and being present at the time of the re-draw. The four games on being completed (with the players handicap) shall stand as a definate result of the match. In the event of the four games resulting in a tie the foregoing shall apply again with the captains selecting an entirely different four players to compete on the same day, until such time as the winners have been determined.

3.13 All matches must commence promptly at 6:45pm (Weekend games at 2:00pm). Finals to be advised and league match rule 4 to be strictly adheared to.

3.14 After the first and second rounds to qualify in the competition, a player must have played the equivelent number of league matches to the competition round (unless the committee decide otherwise due to a lack of league games played by the time the round is played)

C.C.B.A. Merit (3 Rounds)
4.1 All qualifying rounds to commence at 6.45pm. 6.45pm strike out time for all rounds to be strictly adhered to by all clubs. All rounds to be completed on one evening. No practice allowed.
4.2 All qualifying rounds to commence at 6.45pm. 6.45pm strike out time for all rounds to be strictly adhered to by all clubs. All rounds to be completed on one evening.
4.3 That any player(s) receiving a bye or walk over, whether by draw or non -appearance of their opponent(s), are allowed five (5) minutes practice immediately at the end of opponent's previous game.
4.4 Entry fees must be submitted with entry forms before the time of the draw otherwise competitors will be excluded. All competitions open to registered members only.
4.5 In all Handicapped competitions. Players will be handicapped at the discretion of the Special Council. In addition past winners will for five years following their win concede two additional points and if a player shall win the competition whilst conceding two penalty points he/she shall concede a further point for the next five years. 

4.6 In the Pairs competition. Substitutes allowed only up to and including round 1 but restricted to players who have not previously entered. One player is not permitted to play without his partner. During practice partners must play together. All rounds including the final to be 15 up.
4.7 The host club members to be responsible for the sale of programmes, raffle tickets, markers and if required P/A system. Refreshments after the match will be arranged by negotiation between the Association secretary and the club concerned.
4.8 The Special Council will appoint qualified referee(s).

4.9 In all MCBA Competitions (Guardian, Roberts, Cowley Cups, Challenge Shield, Joe Robinson Vets, Pogson Pairs) any player finding out that he/she has been drawn on a green at which he/she is a bowling member in any league, or even simply for practice purposes, must advise the Competition Secretary immediately so that an alternative green can be arranged. Failure to comply will result in the player being prevented from playing or removed from the competition retrospectively if he/she goes on to qualify from that green.



5.1 If a Mid Cheshire fixture clashes with a Norley league Coronation cup game the league fixture must be brought forward. Failure to do so see rules and bye laws 1.18

5.2 It is essential that the afternoon league is treated as secondary importance to any matches played in the evening. Consequently, no player may gain advantage by playing on a green in an afternoon league when they have a cup or league fixture on the same evening. This rule not only applies to the Norley league but to the Mid Cheshire league also. penalty for infringment of this rule, the defaulter to forfeit game in the afternoon league to the opponent 21-0 and this penalty will be the same in the evening Mid Cheshire fixture.