Mid Cheshire Bowling League 2020

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
 Mr Ray Brandreth Esq Mr Gary Spencer Esq Mrs Helen Brewin
brandreth205@hotmail.com   spencergary7@gmail.com helen@pgstraining.com   



Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update on 2020 Season


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To: All Secretaries

Revised Message

All 2020 Handbooks will be carried over to 2021 and an addendum issued for dates and any rule amendments at the Jan 2021 AGM
Thanks very much.

Gary Spencer

Hon Secretary



Important Message about Club Contacts

Please let me know if you have changed your contact/secretary at your club and update your club contacts when you are logged in so that other teams can also see name telephone and email contact details. It makes things much easier for everyone to know they can find them all in the same place. It's also important for sending out emails to the right people.

Many Thanks

Gary Spencer