Mid Cheshire Bowling League 2019

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
 Mr Ray Brandreth Esq Mr Clive Nelson Esq  Mr Doug Stocking Esq 
brandreth205@hotmail.com   clivethebeatle@aol.com    



Main Points

The 115th A.G.M was

Held at Owley Wood SC on Friday 5th January at 7pm.

Attendance :- 33 of the 34 member clubs were in attendance

Correspondance :- A letter was read from Stewart Bailey resigning from the role of President of the association, also a letter was read by the chairman from George Horwill thanking the Council for the offer of becoming a life member.

Election of Officers :- All the special council were elected on block, Mr Peter Kelly was asked and accepted the position of President.

Notice of Motions :- 

1. Proposed by Meadowbank and seconded by Castle SSC.

Remove rule 2.10a)

and instead add

Each team shall register a minimum of twelve players who should all be regular playing members, of which six shall be starred. Any starred player will not be allowed to play in the next team down. Any reserve team player who plays in more than five higher team matches will change their status to the higher team. The provisions of this rule will equally apply to second and third teams, where a club has three or more teams. Any starred player who has a minus average can be changed to unstarred status but a new starred player must be inserted, (i.e. 6 players starred in each team subject to council approval).

Any request for a de-starring of a player must be done via the league results secretary.

The provision of this rule will equally apply to all subsequent teams where a club has more than two league teams. No player may play for a team that the status of which is more than two places below that for which he or she is registered or quallified ( an A team player may not play for a C team and a B team player may not play for a D team).

Any player who is found to be in contravention will be classed as ineligible.

d). review of starred players will take place after four playing weeks and then weekly by the results secratary.



2. Proposed by Rudheath BC and seconded by Wharton Rec.

Match Rules 

2.1) Remove 12 and insert 10

2.10a) Remove - 12 players of which 6 shall be starred, and insert 10 players of which 4 shall be starred.

Cup competitions

3.3) Remove 12 and inseret 10

NOT CARRIED 24 in Favour, 28 against


3. Proposed by Post Office BC and seconded by Middlewich CC

Starting times

2.4) remove 6:30pm and add 6:45pm

NOT CARRIED 12 in Favour, 27 against


Notices : Clubs are to be given a two week grace after the AGM (Till 19th January) as to the need to resign team from the Association.

Announcements :- A draw was made and a TV was won by Middlewich CC