Mid Cheshire Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary & Comps Secretary Treasurer
Mr Ray Brandreth Mr Gary Spencer Mrs Helen Brewin
brandreth205@hotmail.com  spencergary7@gmail.com helen@pgstraining.com   
  Mobile: 07958 495413   
 Deputy Chairman League Fixtures Secretary  
 Mr Mark Winnington Mr David Jones  
  Mobile: 07882 730823  



Main Points


The 116th A.G.M was

Held at Owley Wood SC on Friday 4th January at 7pm


Attendance :- 30 of our 31 member clubs were in attendance

apologies from Delamere BC

Great Budworth BC were invited and were in attendance.

(Voting cards were issued to all members who were to vote)


Correspondence : From Hartford resigning their 'A' team, from Norley BC asking for a 'B' team, also from Castle SSC asking for a 'D' team. Also Great Budworth asking to join the association. All were Accepted.


Election of Officers:- All were elected on block


Notice of Motions:-

1. Notice of Motion 1 (Not Carried) FOR 23, AGAINST 29 

2. Notice of motion 2 (Carried) FOR26 AGAINST 23


Notices:- Clubs are to be given a two week grace after the A.G.M (Till January 18th) as to the need to resign or apply for extra teams.


Announcements:- A draw was made and the telivision was won by Rudheath BC

(Thanks to Dransfield for the Sponsorship)


Meeting ended :- 8pm.

Thank you to all for attendance, have a great new season.