Market Drayton Seniors Bowling League 2020


Chairman President Secretary/Treasurer
Brian Allen Joyce Swire Wendy Icke
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Eric Dobson Team K O Doubles

Prelim Wednesday 25th April                                     

Geoff BrookesTeam K O Consolation                       

Second Round Eric Dobson Team KO                       

First Round Geoff Brookes Team KO                        

Semi Finals Both Competitions                               

Gents and Ladies Singles                                         

Next Round if Required                                               

Doubles   (Pairs)                                                        

Next Round if Required                                                 

Finals Day                                                            Wednesday 7th October

                                                                                                          At  (Venue to be Arranged)







Dress code for the MDSCBL only for FINAL’s Day

This is the MDSCB League’s abbreviated version of the BCGBA handbook dress code rule


 Gent’s and Ladies:


 Mid to dark Grey or Black trousers (no jogging bottoms, jeans or shorts allowed)


 Gent’s: The collared shirt or collared polo shirt in any colour.


 Ladies: A collared polo shirt in any colour.


 Sweaters and water-proofs may be worn when applicable.






1.     Games must be played on the date fixed by the League.

2      Captains to toss for the first jack and matches to be played on odd and even basis.

3      In the case of a tie, the following order of elimination shall apply:-Tie on aggregate- the team with the most wins. If still a tie- the team with the best winners. If    still   a tie- the 2nd, 3rd, 4th best winners. If match can still not be resolved, a draw to be made of playing pairs, one from each team, these two pairs will then play in a play-off.

4      All players MUST have played at least 2 games for the club in the Market Drayton Senior Citizens Bowling League in the current season before the first round, and may only play for     ONE CLUB TEAM in that season.

5      Postponing a match due to inclemant weather or a funeral on the date of the fixture, RULE 14 applies.

6      Teams failing to fulfil a fixture without notifying the League Secretary, Opposing team captain and the Match venue, at least 24 hours before the event will be liable to a fine of £20.00, half the fine to go to the club involved to compensate re: groundsman, etc., and the other half to the League.

7       A fine of £10.00 will also be given if a club refuses their green to be used For League Competitions.

8.      Handicap for division 2 teams +10 chalks, division 3 teams +20 chalks


1.      If you have been the loser in the prelim round of the Eric Dobson KO, you will be entered to play in the Geoff Brookes KO.

2.      If you have been the loser in the first round of the Eric Dobson KO and have not already played in the prelim round, you will be entered to play in the Geoff Brookes KO.

3,      If you withdraw in any round of the Eric Dobson KO, You will NOT play in the Geoff Brookes KO.


GENTS, LADIES, AND DOUBLES (pairs)    ENTRY £3.00 per entry

Entry fees will be added to the club invoice and will not be refunded for withdrawals, All players must have played at least 2 games in the current season. Players to play on the green that they are drawn on. NO ENTRIES will be taken on the day of the competition. If two persons wish to play on the same green because of travelling together, please state on entry form. Will all persons entering any of the competitions please check they could play in all rounds.