Lichfield 50+ Bowling League 2019




Secretary & Treasurer President
Tass Owen  Albert Burton  Peter Freeman 
6 Sycamore Road  38 High Grange  30 High Chase Rise   
Chasetown, Burntwood WS7 4RN Lichfield WS13 7DZ Stafford ST18 0TY
01543 684689 01543 264725 01889 882550
  07968 375394






1.  The League shall be known as the LICHFIELD OVER 50s BOWLS LEAGUE.

2.  Officers of the League (elected annually) shall be a PRESIDENT, CHAIRMAN, VICE-CHAIRMAN SECRETARY, TREASURER/RECORDS KEEPER, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. (Consisting of ONE representative from each division). The Management committee shall have the power to co-op onto or fill-in any vacancy that may occur throughout the year. A quorum shall comprise of four members of the committee, at least one of whom shall be an Officer of the League.

3.  All clubs playing in the League shall hold Public Liability Insurance as per BCGBA rules and be bound to send a DELEGATE to all league meetings as and when arranged by the League Secretary

4.  Applications to JOIN and/or RESIGN from the League shall be sent ( in writing ) to the League Secretary not later than 14 days prior to the AGM, when all such business shall be dealt with.

5.  The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the league shall take place in January of each year, when amongst the business shall be:-

     a)Presentation of the financial report by the Treasurer for twelve months ending 31st, December and audited by a person who may or may not be a member of the

        League and shall be elected annually at the AGM.

    b)  Review of fees en-bloc.

    c)  Applications and Resignations

    d)  Rule changes

   e) An Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee if they so decide or by notice received by the Management Committee signed by at least

        five clubs sent not less than 14 days before the meeting. Such notice must state the business for which the meeting is to be called. No other matters may be discussed

6.  Amendments and/or alterations to League Rules shall be given by any Club/Person/League Management as long as a minimum of 28 days notice (prior to an AGM) is given to all clubs and to be formerly seconded at the meeting. A two-thirds majority of all persons entitled to vote is necessary to pass any Notice of Motion. At all meetings the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

7. Each Club (on entry into the League) shall pay the annual League Fees as and when requested by the Treasurer.

8. A club or team who resigns from the League after the AGM of the current season shall forfeit all fees for that relevant season.

9. New clubs shall be permitted to apply for entry into the League, their application shall be at the discretion of the AGM. The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may arise following the AGM.

10. All trophies presented to clubs or players, shall be returned in a presentable condition upon the request of the League Secretary.

11. All clubs or individuals in receipt of Trophies and/or Prize Monies shall arrange for a minimum of one representative to be present at the Awards Presentation Evening to receive his/her award. The League shall retain any Prize or Prize Monies (not collected) and shall not re-present them.

12.  All CHEQUES presented at the awards ceremony shall be valid for SIX MONTHS after which time they shall become VOID and shall not be re-written.

13.  All questions arising not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision on all matters will be binding.

14.  Should the Management Committee by a majority decide, on grounds of expediency to dissolve the League, it shall call a meeting of all member clubs, giving 21 days notice. At this meeting, if a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote decide to dissolve the League, the Management Committee shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the League after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of such assets shall be the member clubs or such charities as decided by a majority of the member clubs. Should the Management Committee by a majority decide, on grounds of expediency to dissolve the League, it shall call a meeting of all member.

15.  Honorariums. These shall be paid to the League Secretary, Treasurer and Records Keeper. The Secretary, Treasurer, Records Keeper shall receive £100.00 plus contractual expenses. These expenses are to be re-viewed annually at the AGM.

16.   All new clubs on entry into the League shall be furnished with a complete set of Bye-Laws and all rules relative to the League and its competitions.


  1. The BCGBA. Laws of the game shall govern all games played in the League.

  2. Standard Jacks and Mats, (as approved by the BCGBA) plus a 19 meter tape and set of short measurers shall be provided by the Host Team for all games.

  3. All teams (unless amended at the AGM) shall consist of Eight (8) players, in cases of absentees, no A.N. Other is to be recorded. See rule 5 (d) and 5 (e).

  4. All teams shall play each other on a Home and Away basis on dates fixed by the League Secretary. The winner of a match shall be the team, who gains the highest number of points. Each individual winner from either team will receive one points (1) and the team with the highest aggregate score will receive an additional two points (2) In the event that the aggregate scores are equal then one point (1) will be awarded to each team. The team gaining the most points shall win the championship of each Division. In the event of one or more teams gaining the same number of points, the team with the best aggregate of Total Shots For, less Total Shots Against, will be declared the winner. A movement of teams shall exist in respect of promotion and relegation: Two (2) up and Two (2) down throughout all divisions.

  5. All games are to commence at 1.30 pm or earlier (but only if prior arrangements have been made), with greens being fully occupied throughout.

  a)  Practice time shall be permitted up to 1.20pm for the Home Team who shall then vacate the green.

  b)  The Away Team shall not be permitted to practice the green.

  c) Both captains to decide the eight match pairings. Pairings to be numbered one to eight.

  d)  The Home captain shall have the office to call the pairings to the green in the numbered sequence one to eight after which time players who have been called upon to shall   have ten (10) minutes to present themselves, failing this a substitution shall be arranged

  e)  In the event of no substitute being available, for each absentee the offending team shall forfeit a score of one point (1) and 21 shots.

6.   In the event of a team failing to turn up for a match fixture, the League Secretary shall be informed, not less than 24 hours after the offence. The penalty against the offending team shall be the loss of ten (10) points and 168 shots. The non offending team shall be awarded two (2) points.

7.   All matches shall be played on or before the original fixture date, only inclement weather or SCBA Fixtures may cause a postponement of a match, in which case the match shall be played at a mutually agreed date before the end of the season. In cases where no date can be agreed by both sides, the League Secretary shall decide on a date for the replay, after which any team failing to agree or turn up, shall concede the points as per rule 6.

8.  All players shall be fully paid up members of the club they are playing for. All clubs shall register their players with the League prior to the start of the season, after which seven (7) days “notice to play” shall be given to the league, where a team plays an unregistered player one (1) point plus twenty one (21) shots shall be awarded to offended team. Where a club has two teams in the League, the registration shall indicate which team the player is registered for i.e. the ’A’ team or the ‘B’ team. No player will be allowed to play in the lower division than that in which he/she is registered, however players registered for a team in the lower division will be allowed to play two games for the team in the higher division at any time during the season. Any player having played three (3) or more games in a higher division during the season will be ineligible to return to his/her original team. In the event of a club having two teams in one division this rule shall not apply and players shall be separately registered with each team.

9.  Where a transfer of a player or players is requested, the League Secretary should be informed :-

a)  Of the club from which the player wishes to be transferred

b)  Of the club to which the player wishes to transfer to

Transfers shall be permitted providing that no other club objects. An objection can be lodged by any team or player playing in the same division as those teams affected by the transfer. Rule 8 will apply to those transferred players with regards to average competitions. No transfers will be permitted after half way stage of the season, (match No 9), unless it can be shown that any such transfer is a special case.

10.  At the close of play both captains will sign the official match card and the Home captain will forward it to the Records keeper. The card must reach the Records Keeper not later than five (5) days after the fixture date. Failure to observe this rule can render the offending team liable to a £5.00 fine.

11.  All questions arising, but not covered by these rules shall be Dealt with by the League Executive Committee who’s decision shall be final. Fines imposed for a breach of these rules shall not exceed £20.00 and where such fines are imposed, prior notice shall be given to the offending party.


  1. The competition is open to all players registered with the League and will be drawn divisionally.

  2. There will be no qualifying rounds in either Singles or Doubles. There will be a Singles and Doubles merits finals at the end of the playing season. Entrants for Singles will be taken from each team’s season “League averages winner”. Doubles entrants for each team will be based on the results of qualifying held rounds played at each individual club and the winners names will be submitted to the League Secretary. Prize monies, each club to pay eight pounds (£8.00), at the paying in meeting, this will give the winners, twenty pounds (£20) and the runners-up fifteen pounds (£15) each. If a player is unintentionally drawn to play on a green where they are members, it is that player’s responsibility to inform the League Secretary of the fact.

  3. Substitutes are allowed prior to the start of the competition, after which no substitutes will be permitted to compete. Where a substitution is to take place three (3) clear day’s notice, prior to the event must be given to the League Secretary. The League Secretary will make all decisions with regard to permitting the substitution.

  4. All finals shall start at 12 mid-day at venues and dates set by the League Secretary. All Clubs will be obliged to make their green and facilities available for all finals of that year’s competition. Copies of these notices will be circulated to all clubs.

  5. The League Secretary shall appoint a person to take charge (i/c) of the competition at each venue. That person will affect the draw and will have the office to make decisions within the rules of the competition, which will be binding on all competitors. In the event that the appointment I/C being absent, any person in attendance can assume the role of I/C. At the conclusion of each round, the player or players who qualify for the next round must inform the League Secretary within three (3) days of their qualification. Failure to do so could result in qualifiers not being informed of future rounds. The person I/C shall not be held responsible for late arrivals of competitors, start times will be strictly adhered to. People arriving after the draw is made will be deemed to be absent and will forfeit any entry fees.

  6. No practice will be allowed, the player to have the first cast of the jack to be decided by the toss of a coin. Games in all rounds will be Twenty One (21) up, including any handicap that may be given.

  7. All aspects of these rules shall be binding on all competitors and the League shall have the privilege to make further decisions not covered by these rules.


The same rules for the Individual Merits Competition will apply, except the prizes for the winners will be fifteen pounds (£15) each player and the runners-up ten pounds (£10) each player. In the event that a player of the partnership is absent when the draw is made, then both players will be considered absent and will take no further part in the competition, entry fees will be forfeited.