Lancaster & Morecambe District Ladies League 2021


 Secretary Chairman
 Mrs B Norfolk Mrs L Gaulter Mrs M Parrington 



Mrs J Lloyd 

Competition Secretary

Mrs L Shields 




3rd March 2021

We have today received an update from Sport England on the easing of restrictions on organised grassroot outdoor sports, scheduled to resume on March 29th.

They are still waiting for the overarching guidance from the Cabinet Office and the sport specific guidance that is likely to be released ahead of 29th March.   Unfortunately, they do not expect a more specific sport/activity related guidance to be released for a couple of weeks.

In the interim period, all social distancing rules should remain with the rule of 6 and/or the two family group guidelines to be followed, as was documented in the government’s guidelines.

Whilst we appreciate that this may not be ideal, please be assured that we will signpost any relevant government information and guidance as soon we receive it.

Some leagues have already chosen to publish their full fixture lists for the season, with matches starting in early April. 

At our last zoom meeting the general feeling was that mixing teams and the logistics of matches was some way off if indeed possible for this season. However the mood may have changed slightly as confidence in the vaccine programme increases. There will be very mixed feelings among your players as restrictions are lifted. There was some concern over several teams being able to field a full list of players and some teams may fold altogether. Please see our latest Minutes of our Ladies League meeting.