Heath Town & District Social Bowling League 2020


Deputy President  Mac Pearson



Mark Bircumshaw

Management Committee

Alan Richards 

123,Broad Gauge Way

Low Level Station


01902 453030 or 07887713009

Ray Lewis

Jamie Richards

John Elgerton

Allan Edkins

Ron Gorman


 125 Cannock Road



WV10 8QR

01902 737873 or 07950145699







The League to be known as “Heath Town & District Social Bowling League” and be open to all bona fide Amateur Clubs affiliated with the Staffordshire County Bowling Association (SCBA)



(a) Any club desirous of becoming a member must apply in writing to the League secretary before the 1st January of any year.

This also applies to any clubs who are already members and wish to enter another team.

New clubs will pay an entrance fee of £5 if elected.

b) Any club wishing to resign from the League, or resign a team(s) from

The League must give notice in writing to the League Secretary before the 1st January of any year. Failure to do so will make clubs responsible for their fees for the forthcoming season.



a) The League structure will be a President, Deputy President, Secretary /Treasurer, plus one nominated member from each club. The League will be governed by a Management Committee comprising of, The President, Deputy President, Secretary/Treasurer plus four (4) members.

b) The President, Deputy President, Secretary/Treasurer and Management Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting held prior to the commencement of each playing season.

c)The Management Committee shall have the right to co-opt on to itself any member of a bona fide club for specific purposes, and to cover any period during their elected time in office.

d) In all circumstance (General Meetings, Committee Meetings) the President or their deputy will have the casting vote when voting is equal. Each team represented will be allowed one (1) vote.



a) A minimum of two (2) General Meetings to be held each year, one after the season closes (approximately November) and the other prior to the season commencing (approximately) February. The November meeting shall be the league AGM, the February meeting shall be the Pre-season meeting and will include any proposals for rule alteration.

b) The Secretary through the Management Committee can call a Special General Meeting in addition to the above at any time. Clubs must be given at least fourteen (14) days notice of any General Meeting.

c) The Annual General meeting will elect the Officers and discuss business for the forthcoming year.

d) The Pre Season Meeting will discuss and consider any Notices of Proposed Bye Law or Rule Alterations and any other business.

e) Notice of any proposed alterations must be sent to the Secretary in writing at least twenty eight (28) days before the Pre Season Meeting; Clubs will receive a copy of the proposed alterations 14 days before the meeting.

f) It is incumbent on all clubs to attend the General Meetings. Failure to attend will result in a fine of not less than £5 and not more than £10 to be levied at the discretion of the Management Committee.

g) The Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Management Committee at any time for specific League business, or at the request of at least three (3) member clubs who must state in writing the subject matter to be discussed. The Management Committee will then decide whether the business can be dealt with by themselves or a General Meeting of all the Members.



a) Each club will be furnished with a copy of the Rules and Byelaws of the League and be bound thereby.

b) Any cases of infringements by clubs or individuals will be dealt with by the League Secretary. The Secretary must write to any club or individual informing them of the infringement and the penalty.

c) Any club or individuals may appeal against a decision made by the Secretary.

d) Any appeal must be put in writing to the League Secretary within fourteen (14) days of receiving the initial penalty.

e) A panel of at least three (3) members of the Management Committee (excluding the Secretary) will hear the appeal and make a decision.

f) Any Club and Individual not agreeing with the decision of the Management Committee will still have a further right of appeal to the SCBA and BCGBA.

g) Any question arising and not provided for in these Rules & Byelaws shall be brought to the attention of the Management Committee who shall then decide the point in question.

h) Where any club have their own rules with regard to, Entrance to club, dress, smoking etc then visiting clubs must abide by them.



a) The annual subscription shall be £25 for each team participating in the League; it will include the cost of  match cards these fees to be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer before the 1st May each year.

b) Each club participating in the League will £2.50 per match for each team they have in the League. The fee’s to be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer when requested.

c) The League accounts shall be audited and a Balance Sheet submitted to the Annual General Meeting. Auditors will be elected, as with other officers at the AGM.

e) Any increase/decrease in the fees will be decided by the Members at the Pre-season meeting




a) Any player(s) or any greens belonging to Member clubs shall be at the disposal of the SCBA or BCGBA when required.

b) Any player(s) or any greens belonging to Member clubs shall be at the disposal of the League when required.



a) All games to be governed by the BCGBA Laws of the game of Crown Green Bowls.

b) Home and away matches throughout the League Competition. Each team to be represented by 10 players

c) Games to be 21 up in singles. The scoring basis will be 1(one) point awarded for each game won. 2(two) points will be awarded for the aggregate win. In the event of an aggregate tie, 1(one) point will be awarded to each team.

d) League places to be decided by team with highest number of points at the end of all completed games, in the case of a tie best aggregate to decide League placings.

e) All games to be played on the scheduled fixture date, the only exceptions to this are:

1) If a club share a green or have three (3) teams, their home game will be played on the Tuesday following the scheduled date.

2) Bank Holiday games, (Boxed in Fixture book). Games scheduled to be played on a Bank Holiday may be rearranged, preferably before the scheduled fixture date, but no later than 2 weeks (14 days) after the scheduled date. The secretary must be notified.

3) Adverse weather, should adverse weather prevent any game from starting or being completed according to the fixture schedule, this must be played or completed within 2 weeks (14 days) of the scheduled date.

4) In the event of matches that have already started having to be postponed due to any circumstances then note should be taken of, the score in each individual game still on the green and the position of the last completed end (for resumption). Arrangements should be made there and then regarding the date for the game to be resumed, this should be within the confines of rule 8e(3). Game to restart from the point of postponement i.e. position of the last completed end and the score as it stood. No match practice to take place prior to the start of any rearranged match that has already started.

f) All games are to commence no later than, 6:30pm for clubs with 3 ended greens, 7pm for others

g) Games should be played on the scheduled fixture date or within 2 weeks(14days) as per rule e2 and e3. However teams may re-arrange fixtures (with opponent’s approval). It would be preferred that any re-arranged fixture be played before the scheduled fixture date. Should this not be possible then the game must be played within 14 days of the scheduled fixture date. Failure to play within 14 days will result in the offending team(s) being fined £10 and having 4 points deducted. Failure to agree to a rearranged date by the clubs concerned, the League Secretary must be notified by both clubs. The Management Committee shall then decide a date for the match to be played or completed, which will be binding on both clubs. Further default by either club will result in the offending club(s) being fined £10 and having a further 4 points deducted.

h) Scheduled fixtures cannot be postponed to accommodate rearranged matches for any other league or outside cup competition. Only bona fide clashes with scheduled SCBA or BCGBA can be accepted as reasons for postponement. Any club/team in breach of this rule shall be fined £10 and be deducted 4 points. The new date for a match so affected will be fixed by the management Committee and will be binding on the teams concerned. Genuine clashes of scheduled fixtures between Leagues affecting member clubs will be dealt with by the League Secretary at the beginning of the season.

i) Any team not starting at 7pm latest, the complaining team shall notify the League Secretary who shall investigate the complaint; he may call a Management Committee meeting, who will have the power to fine the defaulting team.

j) Three or four ends (according to green size) to be drawn from the players present at the start time, a complete draw from the rest of the players to be made whilst these games are in progress. All greens must be occupied by three or four ends (according to green size) until the latter stages of the game. Should any player not be present when called upon as drawn such a game may be deferred until later in the match. When a green becomes under-occupied (2 or 3 ends or less according to green size) and a player is called upon, ten (10) minutes grace only is allowed after which a reserve must be substituted. In the event of no reserve been available the game will be awarded to the opponent and the offending team fined as per rule

k) If after commencing a game any player shall refuse or is unable to continue the team captains shall decide the point at issue. Should a player further refuse to continue the game, the offender to receive no further score, the opponent to receive the Maximum score. (Ref BCGBA Laws of the game of Crown Green Bowls 9.3, 9.4)

l) Standard Jacks to be used in all matches. Visiting players to have first cast of the jack in each game. In neutral green K.O. matches and Individual merits, first cast of the jack will be decided by the toss of a coin.

m) For fixtures in April/May and August/September clubs which have no lights or sufficient lighting to illuminate all 4 sides of the green ,must contact the opposition at least one week before the date of the fixture to agree to either;

a) an early start time of 6.30pm so that the game can be completed in day light.

b) to playing 2 sets of 5 games, if the green is of sufficient size.



a) All players playing in the League must have a BCGBA registration number and be registered with SCBA.

b) Two list of all players of member clubs to be forwarded to the Secretary of the league before the last Monday in April. One will be signed and dated by the Secretary. Any player joining clubs after this date shall be eligible to play in the league seven (7) days after notification of registration to the League Secretary or a member of the Management Committee (not a member of his own club)

c) All players playing in the League or Cup games must be selected from the list of furnished players or additions as above. Any team playing a none registered player shall lose the game, 21- 0 and shall be liable to disqualification or otherwise as decided by the Management Committee.

d) All teams must play a full compliment of 10 players, failing this, the offending club shall for forfeit 21 points per absentee and be fined in any one match £1 for the first absentee, £2 for the second and £5 for the third.

e) Less than 7 games played does not constitute a match and unless previously agreed between the clubs concerned, the offending club will be fined £5 and the outstanding ends played on a date determined by the Management Committee. The Management Committee will review all such cases and shall be empowered also to deduct points from offending clubs should they consider that malpractice has occurred.

f) In the event of a player receiving a walk – over, the score card must indicate the game(s) which/were a walk – over and the score be recorded on the score card as 21 - 0.

g) For the purpose of players league averages, a player receiving a walk over will receive a score of 21 -10

h) League average prizes (as determined by rule 15e) will be awarded to the player achieving the highest number of wins in League matches for that division in the event of a tie best aggregate wins

i) No player to play for his clubs first, second or third teams in the league in any scheduled fixture, a re-arranged match shall be classed as a scheduled fixture.

j) In the case of clubs with more than one team in the league no more than 4 higher team players can play in a lower team match. A player shall be deemed as a higher team once he has played four games for the higher team.

k) In the event that one club has 2 or more teams in any one division of the League, these teams will be considered as separate clubs for the purpose of player registration.

l) No more than 2 players to play for their club in a Heath Town league schedule fixture that have represented their club in another S.C.B.A affiliated league whose fixture was scheduled to be played on the same day as the Heath Town league fixture.A rearranged match shall be classed as a scheduled fixture.



A player registered with a member club shall be allowed to transfer to another member club subject to the following conditions

a) The player has played no more than four (4) League games with the registered club.

b) Both clubs agree to the transfer.

c) If the player has played in any cup matches for the registered club, he/she shall be cup tied for all cup matches for that season.



Any player(s) or club(s) suspended by SCBA shall not be eligible to play in any league match or any competition run by the league





The two team captains to act as referees, and when playing their places to be taken by the vice captain or secretary. The home captain to act as measurer.



a) Each club shall be responsible for forwarding the completed score card from its home matches to the League Secretary within 5 days of the match been played. Defaulting clubs will be fined £5 on each occasion the card is late

b) Match cards must bear the signature of an official of both competing teams. The League Secretary will keep a complete record of all matches



a) The first and second teams in division two will be promoted to division one. The bottom two teams in division one shall be relegated to division two. Likewise promotion and relegation between lower divisions shall be determined under the same system.

b) In the event of complications due to clubs resigning teams from the league promotion and relegation if affected will be determined by a General meeting.

c) All new clubs/teams joining the League will start in the lowest division, unless a majority decision by the members decides otherwise.



a) The prize presentation shall be centrally situated for all clubs

b) Suitable in size facilities

c) Prize winners or their representatives who fail to make an appearance at the prize presentation will forfeit all prize monies won.

d) Prizes to be awarded will be determined by the Management Committee.

e) All trophies are to be returned to the secretary in readiness for the presentation evening by the 1st September. Any team or individual failing will be liable to a fine of £10.


16. IMC

a) Players entering Individual Merit Competition must be registered with the Heath Town League and have played a minimum of 4 league matches prior to the initial stages. Special consideration may be given to players who do not qualify under this rule (by application to the Management Committee).

b) Entry must be made through the official entry form, late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the management Committee

c) The League Secretary will inform players of venues and scratch out times through their clubs.

d) No player shall be drawn on a green of a club of which they are a member or were members during the previous year. It is the responsibility of the player to inform the League Secretary if he his allocated to a green of which they are or were members (previous year only). Any player contravening this rule will be disqualified from the competition.

e)The draw for thefirst roundwill be made on the chosen green from those players present at scratch out time. Any player arriving after scratch out time will take no part in the competition but will be liable for the entry fee.

f) After the first round, any player called to the green to play will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to appear, after which time if they have not commenced play the game will be awarded to their opponent.

g) Scoring in the competition to be 21 up to Semi-Final and Final which will be 21 up.

h) Any player having qualified for Finals day in any competition, fails, without reasonable cause to turn up for the said Final will be suspended from entering any Merit Competition organised by the League for the following season.



The Competition will be governed each year by rules set up jointly by the Management Committee and the Sponsors Representative.

a) All teams in the League to compete with an entrance fee of £5.

b) Play on a knock out basis will consist of teams comprising of 8 players playing 21up. All matches to be played on a neutral green.

c) Total aggregate score will determine the winners. In the event of a tie the team with the majority of winners shall be deemed the winners, If still a tie the team with the better individual winning card (pro rata) shall be deemed the winners.

d) In all rounds up matches will be decided by an open draw.

e) Handicap system will be,. division one players to be of scratch, division two to receive 2 on the card for each player, division three to receive 4 on the card for each player.

f) In all rounds a toss of a coin to determine odd or even jacks

g) Players to have played a minimum of two scheduled league games prior to the first round of the competition. 3 league games prior to the intermediate round, 5 games prior to round 2, 7 games prior to round 3. At the semi final stage all players to have played a minimum of eight scheduled league matches. Any infringement of this rule by any player and their score shall be recorded 0 – 21.

h) Prize money will be decided by the Management Committee and the sponsor’s representative.