Heart Of England Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary Treasurer & Match Secretary  
Chris Bird Margaret Davies Brian Parkinson   
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1.  The League shall be called the “Heart of England Friendly Bowling League”.   The Aims and Principles of the League shall be to promote and encourage bowling between both sexes of all ages.


2.  The rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association will be adhered to during all matches.


3.   The League shall be affiliated to the Warwick and Worcester Counties Bowling Association


4.   The League and its affairs shall be controlled by a Committee which shall comprise of the following members:- President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary,Competition Secretary and a minimum of Three Elected Delegates.


5.   Meetings of this committee shall be held as and when it is deemed advisable to ensure the efficient running of the League affairs.   All officers and members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of this League, which will be held early in the year.   All items for the Agenda of this meeting must be in the hands of the Secretary by 31st October and must be in writing.


6.   The Committee will have the power to convene meetings of club delegates should they feel it necessary.   A minimum of two such meetings shall be arranged.   Non attendance will be penalised by a £5 fine.   Three consecutive non-attendances and the club must seek re-election to the League.


7.   At committee meetings, all members shall have one vote with the exception of  the Chairman, who should the voting be equal, shall have the casting vote.


8.   At the AGM and the Delegates Meetings, each club shall have one vote.   Should the voting be equal the Chairman shall have the casting vote.   Committee members may not represent their clubs as delegates.


9.   New clubs may apply for membership not later than 30th November.   These applications will be considered by club delegates prior to the AGM and they will decide on the acceptance or rejection of these applications, which will be ratified at the AGM.


9a   All Clubs must register teams with the league by the 10th January each year.  Failure to comply may result in teams forfeiting their position within the league structure.

All teams registered must pay the annual subscription fee.


10.   The annual subscription fee, per team, will be determined at the AGM and must be paid on or by the first delegates meeting.  


11.   The formation of the League and the fixtures will be determined by the Committee.


 12.   All league matches will be played on Thursdays.   Over 60’s matches will be played on Fridays.   All start times of the matches to be designated by the Committee, and published with the fixtures, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the captains.


13.   Matches must be played on the dates according to the fixture list, unless authorised by the Committee.   Teams may, however, bring matches forward by mutual agreement, but must inform the Match Secretary, prior to the match being played.   Any team failing to appear for a match shall have 50 league points for Thursday teams and 40 league points for Over 60’s teams deducted from their total for the season.   The offending team will be expected to give an explanation in writing to the Match Secretary.


14.   Each match will consist of two teams.   Thursday league matches to comprise of eight players.   For Over 60’s matches teams shall comprise of six players.   There will be eight singles games in each Thursday match, and six singles games in each Over 60’s match.   The draw for order of play and opponents will be by the team representative five minutes before the match is due to commence.   In all matches on neutral greens there will be no practice and a coin will be tossed before the draw too determine which team will have the odds casting the jack and which will have the evens casting the jack.   IN ALL OTHER GAMES THE AWAY PLAYERS WILL CAST THE JACK.


15.   All games will be 21 up.  Should a player or players not turn up to play they will forfeit the game 21-0.   The green must be fully occupied at all times.   In the event of a player not being present when called upon to play a substitute player who has not already played must be used.


16.   Visiting teams shall be allowed fifteen minutes practice prior to the start of the League Match, and all home players must vacate the green during this period of time.   Home players may practice prior to this period.


17.   The word “players” shall include both male and female bowlers of all ages.   However to play in Over 60’s match or merit a player must be Sixty years of age or older on the day of the match or merit.

17a   All players must be registered with the Match Secretary prior to playing in any Heart of England competition.  A current BCGBA registration must be included in all registrations      

17b   Clubs may play one player per team who is over 55 on the day of the match but under

60 years, in league and cup competitions. They will only be allowed to play if all registered Over 60’s players have been asked and are unable to play. These players must be registered with the Match Secretary for inclusion in the Over 60’s League, prior to playing. Permission to play must be obtained from the Match Secretary every time they are required to play.


18.   Matches may only be postponed due to the green being unfit or through adverse weather conditions.   Should this situation arise, both teams must agree upon a new date for this match to take place and the fixture must be played off within 22 days of the original/rescheduled date and within 7 days of the last scheduled league fixture.   Both team representatives must notify the new date to the Match Secretary within 5 days of the postponed fixture.   Care should be taken to bear in mind that any re-arranged match cannot take precedence over the existing fixture list.   Should teams not be able to come to a satisfactory agreement over a new date for the match, then the committee shall have the power to stipulate a new date.


 19.   When captains of the team cannot agree on the fitness of play, the home team  captain shall have the final say 


 20.   The aggregate scores of both teams for each match shall be the way the result will        be determined.   Points will be awarded for a win 10 points and for a draw 5 points PLUS 1 point for each individual game won.

 21.   At the end of the season the team gaining most points in a division will be declared the winners of that division.   If two or more teams are equal on points the team having the best “plus” aggregate will be declared the winner.   If the figure is equal a play off match will take place on a neutral green specified by the committee and the winners of that will be declared the winner of the division.


22.   Match cards must be signed by both Captains and the home side must keep the cards till the end of season.   A fine of £5 may be levied for non compliance.Match results must be entered on the website by both sides within 5 days.   Penalty for late or incorrect result ~ £5 fine


 23.   There will be no restriction of players in any competition except as follows:-  Players who are members of more than one club, where both clubs are taking part in the same competition during a season, and after playing at least one game for one of those clubs, shall not be allowed to play for any other club in this competition during the season, unless a transfer has been agreed by the committee.   However, a player may play on Thursdays for one club and a different club in the Over 60’s competition


 23a   Players may only play in the last four scheduled fixtures, (Byes to count as a fixture) if they have played in a previous league fixtures.   Players may only play for the team they have played the majority of games for.   Players may however be promoted but not relegated.   The playing of an ineligible player will be penalised the same as an unregistered player.


 24.  Players of any club may not play for more than one team on any one date.  Re-arranged matches are considered to have been played on the original date for this purpose.   PENALTY – The opponent will be deemed to have won 21-0 and the club shall have two points deducted.   The playing of an unregistered player will incur the same penalty   


25.   Local club rules must be adhered to by visiting players at all times, except where it opposes the aims of the League.


 26.   Any point not covered by the agreed guidelines shall be made by the committee  whose decision will be final.


 27.   In fairness to opponents no mobile phones to be allowed on the playing surface at any time.


 28.   In the event of the death or serious illness of a player during the course of a match:-

The match shall be adjourned forthwith and shall subsequently be continued on a   mutually agreed date within 22 days.

Play will commence at the position of the jacks and woods at he last ends played and the scores of the players and their opponents will continue as from the last end played.

The player may be replaced on the date of the continued game by another eligible player.   Play shall commence at a point at which previous game was abandoned.

The Match Secretary must be informed within the normal time scale.


 29.   All trophies must be returned by 1st September to a member of the committee.       Clubs will be held responsible for the return of individual trophies held by members of their club.   A £5 fine per trophy wll be levied on clubs failing to comply




Merit Rules


  1.    Entries for merit competitions will only be accepted from clubs whose greens are made available for use in merits.


  2    Merit qualifying rounds to be played at dates and times as notified on the entry forms and as laid down by the committee.



  3.   All for merit competitions must notify on the entry sheet their membership of any other club in the league.   No player will play on a green where they are members

 3(a) In Doubles Competitions, one substitute is allowed in the preliminary stage only, provided the substitute player has not already entered the competition in his own right.


  4.    All games must be played on the date specified by the committee.  No matches may be until 30 minutes after the scheduled start time


  5.   The draw for merit competitions will be made by the committee and will only include players who have paid an entry fee.


  6.   All clubs on whose green a merit competition is played must ensure that all players have access to the green and equipment to enable the game to be played.


  7.   In all competitions the draw shall be a straight draw on the green.


  8.  Any point of rule not covered by the agreed guidelines shall be made by  the committee whose decision shall be final




1.   Matches must be played by the date specified for each round.   Failure to do so will result in the elimination o f the offending team(s).  It is the responsibility of both clubs to arrange the     date of the match unless pre-arranged by committee.  If the date of the fixture has not been agreed within 10 days, the Competition Secretary MUST be notified and he will arrange a date for both parties to play.


 2.   In Cup Matches teams will comprise of eight players, four to play at home and four t o play away.   No practise is allowed for away bowlers. Home bowlers may practice until commencement of match.   VISITING PLAYERS SHALL CAST THE FIRST JACK.   The Final shall be played by teams of eight players on a neutral green.   In all matches on neutral greens there will be no practice and a coin will be tossed before the draw to determine which team will have the odds casting the jack and which will have the evens casting the jack.

 2a    In all matches on neutral greens the host club must provide jacks, mats and long tapes.   Competing teams must provide measures.

 3.    In Over 60’s Cup matches teams will comprise of SIX players.   All matches will be played on neutral greens and NO PRACTICE ALLOWED.  In all matches on neutral greens there will be no practice and a coin will be tossed before the draw to determine which team will have the odds casting the jack and which will have the evens casting the jack.


 4.   The total aggregate scores, inclusive of any handicaps, of both teams, will decide all cup matches.   The team with the highest score will be deemed the winners.   Both captains must enter the result on the website within 5 days.


 5.   In the event of a tie in a cup match, the match shall be replayed within eight days following the tied match on a two home, two away basis.   Players must be from the original eight players, except in the final where the tied match will continue by selecting four players from each of the original teams.   In the event of a tie in the Over 60’s cup match the match will continue by selecting three players from each of the original teams.


 6.   All teams entering cup competitions may promote players but may not demote  players    Both Cup and Consolation Cup are deemed to be part of the same competition.

 6a   Players may only play in the Semi Final or Final of cup competitions if they have     played in a previous round of the cup


  7.   All Cup matches to start at times designated by the committee unless otherwise agreed     by both clubs.   All Over 60’s Cup Matches to start at 11.00 a.m. unless agreed by both  Captains.


  8.    A team fielding an ineligible player must forfeit the match.


  9.    Teams entering the Over 60’s cup must make their greens available for all rounds of    the cup.   Clubs failing to open their greens for matches detailed by the committee will be fined £5.00


  10.   Any point of rule not covered by the agreed guidelines, shall be made by the committee whose decision on all counts shall be final