Heart Of England Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary Treasurer & Match Secretary  
Chris Bird Margaret Davies Brian Parkinson   
 01564 637922 01527 66451  01527 893525    






All match results must be entered on the Website within 5 days of the fixture by both sides.  The second Captain may change the result if incorrect or if correct simply click on ‘save’.


Result cards must be signed and retained by the home side until the end of season. (Rule 22).  A photo of the scoreboard is not acceptable ~ it needs to be a photo of a ‘signed by both captains’ match card.


 Matches must be played according to the fixture list but may be brought forward by mutual agreement and the Match Secretary informed. Failure to turn up for a match will have Forty points deducted for Over 60’s and Fifty points for Thursday teams.(Rule 13)


 Matches may only be postponed due to the green being unfit or through adverse weather conditions. (The Home team Captain has the final say).  These matches must be played within 22 days of the original/rescheduled date.   Both team representatives MUST notify the new date to the Match Secretary within 5 days of the postponed fixture. (Rule 18) 


To save unnecessary costs, where teams have a distance to travel, early notification to away teams would be appreciated


 All players must be registered with the Match Secretary.  You can check your list of registered players on the Website.


 In Over 60 matches the use of over 55s is restricted to one player per team and must be sanctioned by the Match Secretary every time they are required to play. (Rule 17b)


 Players may not play for more than one team on any one date ~ rearranged matches are considered to have been played on the original date for this purpose.


To play in the last four scheduled league fixtures (Byes to counts as a fixture),players must have played in a previous league fixture unless agreed with the Match Secretary.   Players may only play for the team they have played the majority of games for.  Players may however be promoted but not relegated. (Rule 23a)


 To play in the Semi Final or Final of Cup Matches, players must have played  in a previous round. (Competition Rule 6a)


 It is now the responsibility of both Captains to arrange the date of Thursday Cup matches (if not fixed by committee) and to notify the Match Secretary if the fixture has not been arranged within 10 days. (Competition Rule 1)


 In all Thursday Cup matches the Home side may practise until the commencement of the game.   There is no practise for Away sides. (Competition Rule 2)


If in doubt, ring the Match Secretary, Brian Parkinson on: 01527 893525 who will be  pleased to advise.