Heart Of England Bowling League 2019

Chairman Secretary Treasurer & Match Secretary  
Chris Bird Margaret Davies Brian Parkinson   
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Singles Merit 
Thursday September 6th   6.30pm Start ( Prompt )
Pete Flowers                           ( Hall Green )
Ian Owen                                 ( Colebrook )
Simon Bloomfield                    ( RSJC )
Daryl Medd                              ( RSJC )
Jamie Carter                            ( Maggies )
Leah Crocombe                       ( Hall Green )
Ray Richards  **                      ( White Hart )
Willie Jeynes                           ( Tanworth/Colebrook )
James Crocombe                    ( Hall Green )
Barry Maskell Snr                    ( Tanworth )
Thursday September 6th   8.00pm Start ( Approx )
Jon Palmer                                 ( RSJC )
Adam Tyler                                 ( Hall Green )
Mitchell Harvey                          ( Maggies )
Keith Knight                               ( RSJC )
Sarah Sterland                           ( Maggies )
Kirk Wright  **                            ( White Hart )
Peter Mole                                 ( Tanworth )
Ben Cosnett                               ( Colebrook )
Tony Williams                             ( Maggies )
Nathan Crocombe                      ( Hall Green )
Justin Hemmings                        ( RSJC )
Thursday September 13th   6.30pm Start  ( Prompt )
Barry Maskell Jnr                       ( Tanworth/Colebrook )
Jake Williams                             ( Colebrook )
Karen Flowers                            ( Hall Green )
Martin Higgins  **                       ( Tanworth/White Hart )
Jim Cowling                                ( RSJC )
Lorraine Clark                             ( Maggies )
Simon Roderick                           ( RSJC )
Daniel Whitehurst                        ( Hall Green )
John Griffin                                  ( Colebrook )
Callum Mitchell                            ( RSJC )
Thursday September 13th     8.00pm Start  ( Approx )
Matt Higgins  **                             ( Tanworth/White Hart )
Danny Boyce                                 ( Colebrook/Tanworth )
Stephen Davies                             ( Hall Green )
Tony Toal                                        ( Woodbourne )
Joe Ruston                                     ( Maggies )
Ivan Smout                                     ( RSJC )
Jason McLoughlin                          ( RSJC )
Jack Williams                                 ( Maggies )
Tim Mole                                         ( Tanworth )
Chris Baker                                     ( Tanworth/KNBC )
**  A shot handicap will be in place for these bowlers
2 players to qualify from each qualifying session for the final which will also be played at White Hart on Monday September 24th starting at 6.30pm prompt.
Can those playing at 6.30pm please attempt to arrive at least 10 minutes prior where possible for a prompt start.  If not those players on the 8.00pm sesssions may have to wait a while before they can begin.
I will allow players from ONLY the same club to swop dates/sessions as long as I am notified prior to the commencement of the whole competition. The draw for who's playing who will be done on the night. Good luck to all involved
Many Thanks
Jonathan Griffin
HOE Merit Secretary
 Over 60's Doubles Final
The final of the Over 60's Doubles was played at Baldwin BC, Monday 20th August with 4 pairs battling it out to see who would be crowned winners.
So the semi finals saw Eddie & Kay Musgrave ( Moseley C.C ) taking on Terry Birch & Phil Richardson ( Wythall C.A. ). The first semi final went to the Moseley pair 21-14, and the second semi final was equally as close with last year's defending champions, Les Haylor & Joe Callan taking on Peter Eaton & John Reid. The pair from Acocks Green/College just got the better of the KNEX pairing winning their match 21-16.
So the final saw Eddie & Kay taking on Les & Joe and whilst the match started off with both pairings picking up shots, it was the Acocks Green/College pair that maanged to pick up some 2's and 3's which in doubles can make a huge difference.  Eddie & Kay managed to pick up a full house (4) the one end to reduce the deficit to 15-10 but in the end the defending champions would win the final 21-10 and retain their title as Heart of England Over 60's Doubles title.
Commiserations to Eddie & Kay who certainly played their part in the competition, also I'd like to thank both Peter Flowers at Hall Green for allowing us to use the green at Hall Green for the qualifiers and Alan Campbell for opening up and Baldwin BC for allowing us to stage the final on their green.
Many Thanks
Jonathan Griffin
HOE Merit Secretary
Over60's Singles Merit.
The final of the Over 60's Singles Merits will take place at Colebrook BC on Monday 30th July commencing at 11am. The finalists are Bill Kinchim ( Moseley C.C. ) Steve Davies ( Hall Green ) Ron Regan ( Moseley C.C. ) and Kirk Wright ( White Hart ).
Good luck to all the finalists

President Pairs
The Finals night was staged at Wythall C.A. on Monday July 9th, with 4 pairs managing to get through to finals night. The first of the 2 semi finals was between Tony Toal/Rob Fall from Woodbourne who were taking on Graham Savage/Mike Reade from Woodbourne and Henley.  This match was nip and tuck with Graham and Mike leading 14-2, Tony and Rob then started to find the weight with the jack and they led near the end at 20-16, Graham and Mike levelled the match at 20 across and with Tony and Rob lying the one shot they needed, Graham came up with a toucher with the very last bowl of the match to  book his and Mike's place in the final.  The other semi final saw Charlie & James Heesom from Henley taking on Paul Norris & Phil Cushin from KNEX.  This match was similar to the other semi final as Charlie & James raced into a decent lead at the start as Paul & Phil struggled to get the weight of the green but in the second half of the match they bowled well before losing out 21-15 to the Henley pair.
So the final saw Graham and Mike taking on Charlie & James, the match was close at the start but Graham and Mike continued their fine form in their semi final and slowly but surely started to play the green very well and Charlie and James struggled to find it. Graham and Mike would eventually win the final 21-10 and be crowned 2018 HOE Doubles Merit winners.  Commiserations to Charlie & James on just missing out in the final.
Many Thanks to Phil Richardson and the members at Wythall C.A.for allowing us to use their green and facilities, it's very much appreciated !!