Frodsham & District Bowling League 2020

Secretary & Treasurer

Mr John Brassington
tel: 73 10 34


Mr Alan Hough
tel: 71 31 20

Result Secretary

Mr Pete Snelson
tel: 72 27 52


Mr Brian Griffiths
tel: 73 31 83

Frodsham Bowls League Constitution

(Updated Monday 20th January 2020, Comp Rule 5, as change agreed at AGM )

Frodsham and District Bowling Association

1. The League shall be called the Frodsham and District Bowling League.
2. The object of the League shall be to promote amateur bowling amongst organised teams in Frodsham and the neighbouring parishes at the discretion of the Annual General Meeting.
3. The AGM will be held not later than the last Tuesday in January. Those attending and voting must be club officials or registered players.
4. The management of the league shall be vested in all the elected Officers forming a Committee, with one member nominated from each club, the Hon. Secretary shall be notified of the member's name.
5. A meeting of the management committee will be held on a Tuesday prior to the start of the season, and further date after the end of the season. Meetings would only be held during the playing season if the league officials are unable to resolve a situation themselves. The Chairman will have the casting vote in all meetings.
6. The Hon. Treasurer will not later than the 31st July each year send accounts of League fees to each club treasurer. These must be paid by the 31st August each year.
7. The accounts of the League shall be audited by the Hon. Auditor who will be elected at the AGM.
8. The Frodsham and District League will consist of three divisions. Each season the two teams finishing bottom of Division One and Two will be relegated to Division Two and Three respectively. The two teams top of Divisions Two, and Three a will be promoted to Division One and Two respectively. In the event however of team resignations, or the addition of new teams, the AGM have the authority to decide on an appropriate course of action.
9. All Competition fees and Prize Money and Honoraries will be decided by the management at the pre-season meeting, the officials to be able to adjust prize money if the entries are low.
10. Matches to be played as per fixture list compiled by the Hon. Secretary on the half season reverse basis, they can be found on the website.
11. Matches to be played on Wednesdays starting at 7pm. It will however be necessary to start at 6.30pm or before during April and September for teams with no lights (optional). Fixtures must be played on the due date unless teams agree to bring them forward. An unfit green will be the only reason allowed for a game to be postponed unless exceptional circumstances are presented to the league League Secretary for him to leiase with the other officials for their permission to be granted. Any team who does not conform with their decision and fails to play the game on the set date will have 50 points deducted from their records and fined £10. All postponed games must be played within 14 days, failure to do so will incur a £5 fine and a date being set by the officials whose decision shall be final.
12. Teams to be of 8 (eight) players.
13. Teams Annual Subscription to be £10.00.
14. League match Fee to be £3.20 per team (40p per player).
15. All clubs will send to the Result Secretary a full list of registered players on or before 1st April. Names on the list will only be accepted if accompanied by a Cheshire and BCG number. Clubs failing to send in lists on time will be fined £5.00. Additional players can be registered up to the 1st July. There is no minimum age for a player.
16. A player can only be transferred before the 31st May and this must be sanctioned by the management committee.
17. The home team must pay the greenage.
18. All games will be 21 up.
19. If a team cannot provide eight (8) players for any match, 21 points will be forfeited by each missing player who must be recorded as being absent and the score marked as nil (0).
20. Home clubs will forward to the MB system ( and the League Result Secretary will check ) the result of the match within three (3) days of the match. In the event of any club failing to comply with this rule, a fine of £5.00 will be imposed.
21. Players in all matches to be drawn for by captains (The order of play to be determined by the home captain). Only four jacks on the green unless agreed.
22. Players signed on for lower status team will be allowed to play three (3) league games for any higher status team from the same club. They will not however be allowed to play for 2 separate teams on the same night or week number in the case of a postponement. Team status will be determined by the officials from registration received.
23. If two players are unable to decide as to which bowl is the winner, the respective captains or deputies appointed by them shall measure and their decision shall be final.
24. Players from visiting teams will not be allowed to play if they have already played on the green earlier in the day for a team who were not involved in an official league game.
25. Should a club wish to raise an objection they must do so within seven (7) days of the match. These objections (in duplicate) will be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary with a remittance of £5.00 which will be returned if the committee consider the objection reasonable.
26. Results of league matches will be decided by the team with the highest aggregate score in each game being the winner. The team finishing the season with the highest total score from all the games played being declared the Champions of the Division. In the event of a tie in total scores, the winner will be the team who have won the most number of matches. If there is still a tie it shall go to the winner of a four home and four away match on the total aggregate score. Relegation ties will be decided in a similar way.
27. The league Secretary must be informed asap of any fixture changes brought forward or postponed. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £5 for teams responsible.
28. The League officials to have the power to issue fines and/or deduction of points relative to rule infringements where set penalties are not listed.
29. Once the match has commenced the green must be kept occupied by a least one game. In the event of the green becoming clear, the match will be considered finished and the defaulting team forfeiting twenty-one (21) points for each player failing to arrive.
30. Any Club/Team who wish to withdraw from League to transfer to another league must give notice in writing to the League Secretary before the AGM. Those not doing so will be liable for the subscriptions, match fees and handbook charges for the following season and invoiced. The C.C.B.A will also be notified of all action taken.
31. If a match is started but has to be abandoned because of the green becoming unfit, all completed games will stand. Where games are started but not finished and where players have been drawn, the games start again with complete re-draw, the match must be completed within 14 days. The League Secretary must be informed of the revised date by the home team as soon as possible. If the uncompleted match is still not arranged and played within 14 days, the disagreeing team or teams will be fined £5.00, a date will be then set by the League Officials whose decision is final.
The individual average winners ( winner and runner up ) for each division will be determined by the Secretary. To qualify, players in all Divisions must play 18 out of 22 games, only two of which must be away.To calculate the aggregate, total chalks for and against will be determined and the difference between the two is the divided by the number of games played. The player with the highest number arising from the calculation is the winner. The League Secretary will decide from the record to hand
33. In all competitions final days in which games will be under the control of an official referee, players will be expected to dress in a manner which neither harms the image of the sport nor give offence to other players or spectators. Players will not be permitted to wear shell suits, denims, shorts or football shirts. Contravention of this rule will mean expulsion from the competition.
34. Flat soled shoes must be worn on the green in all games.
35. Should any situation arise which is not provided for in these rules, representatives of each club or player in dispute must be present to state their case. The management committee will then consider the same and their decision will be final. No representative of the club or player shall remain present while the committee is deciding.
36. It will be the duties of the winners of the team and individual merit trophies to return them to the league Secretary not later than seven (7) days before the following years final, so that they may be presented by the President or the Chairman at the final.
37. These rules can only be amended at the AGM by a majority of those present. Any amendment will be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary prior to the end of season management meeting. At the  AGM each club shall be entitled to vote per representative attending - up to a maximum of two (2) per club. When necessary the Chairman will have a casting vote.
38. Any prize money not collected on presentation night will be put back into League funds.
39. British Crown Green Rules apply where League rules do not cover any controversy.
1. Two team knock-out cups will be played for each season namely the 'Fred Rogers' and the 'Alf Jones' Cups.
2. All teams will play for the Fred Rogers Cup.
3. Only losers in the Fred Rogers Inaugral Round will play for the Alf Jones Cup.
4. The rules of both knock-outs to be the same.
5. Entrance fee to be £20.00 per team.
6. Teams will be handicapped each season by the league secretary using the arithmetical system. If however the new team registrations show a significant change in player strength, the officials shall have power to alter handicaps up or down to reflect this by the 1st May.
7. All member clubs must ensure that their greens are available to the Competition Secretary ( League Secretary if position isn't filled ) if required for the date listed on the website. Also jacks, mats and 19 metres tapes should be available from the host club, who are responsible for collecting their greenage.
8. All matches to be played on a neutral green. The draw will be made by the crossing of sheets. Players listed in order of play 1 to 8. Captains toss for the right of choosing the first player to take the jack at the commencement of the match and vice versa.
9. All knock-out matches to be played on designated Thursday or Friday nights on or before commencing at 7pm. If respective teams cannot agree on the rearranged fixture that date will stand. The final date will be played as designated. No practice allowed on the day of the match. A greenage of £1 per player to the host club, this will be paid by the League in the Final.
10. The winners of each match played will be decided on aggregate team score. In the event of a tie, the two players involved in the last game to finish will play a decisive end, they will toss a coin for the lead of the jack.
11. Bowlers taking part in semi-finals or final matches shall have played in at lease two cup or league matches in the current season. The names of those taking part in these rounds shall be notified to the Competition Secretary at least 3 days prior to the game, so that the necessary checks can be made. Dress code rule 33 will apply in the Final.
12. That any issue not covered by these rules will be governed by the League Rules applicable.
1. Two Individual Competitions will be played each year, one for the Frodsham Merit ( Charles Lomas Cup ) - this to be open to all registered players of the League, the second for the Frank Edwardson Cup which will be a handicap competition for Division Two players off scratch and Division Three players off two (2). Greenage fee £1.00. Entrance fee to be confirmed. Merit to be played on Saturdays. The Frank Edwardson Cup on Mondays unless Wednesdays are available.
2. Players must qualify and play the final on a neutral green.
3. Final Day greenage will be paid by the League.
4. No practice allowed on the day of the Final.
5. A player whose drawn opponent is a non-arrival shall be allowed to practice before playing an opponent (who has already had the advantage of having played) in the next round.
6. No entries allowed after the closing date and the draw is made.
7. That any issue not covered by these rules will be covered by the League rules applicable.
8. A player failing to turn up will have £1 greenage added to their entrance fee which the league will pass to the the host club.
1. A competition will be held each season. Qualifying rounds and the Final will be played on Saturday afternoons, unless Wednesday night is available. Greenage £1.00 per player, Entrance Fee to be confirmed.
2. Rules 2 to 7 the same as for the Individual Competitions but in the plural.
3. One substitute allowed in the first game only.

( Updated Mon 25th January 2016, after Rule changes agreed at AGM )
( Updated Tuesday 13th January 2015, after Rule changes and reduction of Divisions from four to three at AGM )

(Updated Tuesday 18th January 2011, after Rule changes at AGM)
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