East Midland Parks Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
 Jamie Southern Kevin Kelly-Walley  Malcolm Cheese 
 3 Elmsleigh Green, Midway 15 Poplars Road, Horninglow 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
 Swadlincote, DE11 9AX Burton-on-Trent, DE13 0XG Burton-on-Trent, DE15 0DE
 Mob - 07927 265295 Tel 01283 605543 - Mob 07955 658199 Tel 01283 536588 - Mob 07963 829735
 Email gfcsc1985@gmail.com Email mazkw@icloud.com Email malcolm.cheese@sky.com  
  1 The League shall be called “THE EAST MIDLANDS PARKS BOWLS LEAGUE”, but in the event of sponsorship being  
    obtained, the Executive may amend the title from time to time.  
  2 The League shall be open to clubs situated within a 15-mile radius of Burton Town Hall who are not affiliated to any other  
    British Parks organization.  
    Applications for membership of the League must be made at the Annual General Meeting. The applicant shall supply a list of  
    intended players and based on such a list the Executive Committee shall decide in which division the applicant is placed  
    provided that the inclusion does not affect promotion gained as the result of the previous season’s matches.  
  3 The League shall be governed by the E.M.P.C.G.B.A. Executive Committee.  
  4 Teams shall be formed into Divisions, Each Division to consist of not more than 10 teams. The method of promotion and  
    relegation shall be 2 up and 2 down. Teams to play each other home and away. Games shall be 21 up.  
    Teams shall be comprised of 8 players with matches being played as 2 doubles and 4 singles.  
  5 Participating teams shall pay an affiliation fee of £10, and all clubs shall, prior to the season, register their players at a cost of  
    25p per player. In the case of a player joining a club during the season their registration shall be in the hands of the Association  
    Secretary on the Saturday following their first match. At each game there will be a match fee of £2.80 per team.  
    All fees to be paid to the Association Treasurer by 14th October.  
  6 Fixtures shall be alternately home and away as far as possible and all matches shall be played on Wednesday evenings  
    commencing at 6.45 p.m. except in April and August when they shall commence at 6.30 p.m. unless mutually agreed otherwise.  
  7 No match shall be re-arranged to be played after the original date except, in the event of a match being not played due to  
    climatic conditions, in which case it shall be mutually re-arranged within 28 days of the original date except in the case of the  
    last four matches which must be played within 14 days.  
  8 In the case of a match being commenced and being left to finish at a later date, should a player whose game has started be absent  
    their score shall stand as far as they have already played but their opponent shall take 21 points. Any team failing to field a  
    minimum of 6 players will forfeit all points and may be liable to a possible fine.  
  9 The matches will be decided by the system of reckoning 2 points for a winning doubles, 1 point for a winning singles and  
    two points for a home aggregate win and four points for an away aggregate win in all games.  
    In the event of an aggregate tie each team shall receive half the win points. The team scoring the most points in a game shall be  
    declared the winner.  
    For the purposes of League positions, where teams are level on points, rankings shall be determined by the ratio of total shots for  
    over total shots against.  
  10 All matches shall commence with 1 doubles and 2 singles followed by the second doubles and two remaining singles and shall  
    continue with 3 ends on the green at all times with the exception of the last end which shall have ten minutes grace.  
    Visitors to take the jack at the commencement of each game.  
  11 Captains or Vice-Captains shall draw cards and act as referees and measurers unless special officials are appointed.  
  12 No player shall be eligible to represent their club who is a defaulter to any other club and no player shall play for more than one  
    club in the League. A player may however apply to transfer to another club provided they do so before mid-season and  
    accompanies their application with the subscribed fee of £5.  
    No transfer shall be valid until it is approved by the Executive Committee and all applications must be in the hands of the  
    Association Secretary not less than seven days before a player wishes to represent their new club.  
  13 When clubs have more than one team in a division they shall, at the time of the first match, lodge with the Association Secretary  
    the names of eight players for each team who shall not thereafter be interchangeable in that division.  
  14 Clubs having teams in more than one division shall nominate 3 of their best players for each team except the lowest.  
    Any other players shall be considered nominated if they have a plus average at any time after three matches  
    Mode of interpretation:- Any player, who other than the three nominated, has a zero or minus average is eligible to play for the  
    club in a lower division.  
  15 Floodlights: Floodlights may be used provided that they have been approved by the Association and that the two captains agree  
    to their use.  
  16 All results to be entered onto the website by the home team, the away team is responsible for verifying the result.  
    Results to be entered within 24 hours of the match being played. All defaulters shall be liable to a fine of £2.  
    Result cards which should be signed by both captains are to be retained by the home team until the end of the season in case  
    of disputes.  
  17 Doubles Merit  
    (a) The competition shall be styled the "East Midlands Parks League Doubles Merit"  
    (b) The competition shall be open to male or female bowlers who are registered with the East Midlands Parks League.  
    (c) Entry fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  
  18 In the event of any dispute arising during a match and not being covered by the League Rules it shall be decided in accordance with  
    the laws of the game as adopted by the BCGBA. and all clubs shall have a copy of the BCGBA. rules in their possession.