East Midland Parks Bowling League 2021

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
 Jamie Southern Kevin Kelly-Walley  Malcolm Cheese 
 3 Elmsleigh Green, Midway 15 Poplars Road, Horninglow 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
 Swadlincote, DE11 9AX Burton-on-Trent, DE13 0XG Burton-on-Trent, DE15 0DE
 Mob - 07927 265295 Tel 01283 605543 - Mob 07955 658199 Tel 01283 536588 - Mob 07963 829735
 Email gfcsc1985@gmail.com Email mazkw@icloud.com Email malcolm.cheese@sky.com  
  1 The name of the Association shall be:-  
  2 The object of the Association shall be to encourage the game of bowls in the area of East Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and  
    such other contiguous areas as are not covered by existing Parks Bowling Associations, by participating in competitions  
    organised by British Parks C.G.B.A. or members thereof.  
  3 All bona-fide Bowling Clubs within the area described in Rule 2 above shall be eligible to become members of the Association  
    either through an affiliated Section or by direct election.  
    Any Section or Club seeking membership must be proposed and seconded by two Clubs already in membership and election  
    shall be by simple majority of those Clubs present and voting.  
    Two weeks notice in writing shall be given to member Clubs of applications for membership.  
  4 All Sections and Clubs in membership shall make their greens and players available to the Association.  
  5 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year on a date to be decided by the Executive Committee  
    to receive the yearly financial statement and to conduct the Annual business.  
    Any member of any Club affiliated to the Association shall be eligible to attend and speak, but each club shall nominate  
    one delegate who alone shall be permitted to propose, second or vote on any proposition.  
    Twenty one days notice in writing shall be given to the Association Secretary of any proposed alteration to rule.  
    No alteration to rule shall be made except by the Clubs at the Annual General Meeting, following two weeks written notice to  
    them of any proposed changes.  
  6 The officials of the Association shall be elected annually by the clubs at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of an  
    Honorary President and Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditors.  
  7 The active management of the Association shall be in the hands of an Executive Committee comprising the Chairman,  
    Vice-Chairman, one nominee from each affiliated section, six general members, no more than two to be from any one club,  
    and any elected County Team Manager or County Team Captain, together with the Secretary and Treasurer as ex-officio members,  
    five to form a quorum.  
    General members who have served for three consecutive years shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible  
    for re-election.  
  8 In the event of any official or general member of the Executive Committee ceasing to hold office during the course of a year the  
    Executive Committee shall have power to appoint a replacement for the remainder of that year save only for a nominated member  
    whose section shall appoint such replacement.  
  9 All Sections and Clubs in membership shall notify the Association of their registered members.  
  10 All subscriptions and fees to the Association shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. Competition Fees shall be payable at  
    the time of entry and all other moneys due shall be paid no later than 14th October in each year. The Association reserves the right  
    to levy fines on any Clubs failing to pay any moneys by due dates.  
  11 The Association shall endeavour to be self financing but in the event of any shortfall of income this shall be met by the member  
    Sections and directly affiliated Clubs in proportion to their membership as notified under Rule 9.  
  12 The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by two auditors and a printed copy of the Statement of Accounts  
    shall be sent to each club in membership together with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.  
  13 Any Section or Club wishing to retire from the Association shall do so by notice in writing to the Annual General Meeting at the  
    close of which its membership shall be terminated following which it shall cease to have any responsibility for any liabilities of  
    the Association and shall forfeit all claim to any share in the assets of the Association.  
  14 Three weeks notice in writing shall be given to all member clubs of any proposal to dissolve the Association which shall only be  
    implemented with the consent of two thirds of the Clubs present and voting at a General Meeting called for that purpose.  
    Following any such dissolution the Executive Committee shall have power to realise and divide the Association assets among, or,  
    in the event of net liabilities raise levies upon, the Sections and Clubs in membership at the date of dissolution as in Rule 11.  
  15 All competitions entered in the name of, or held under the auspices of, the Association shall be played under the Laws of the  
    Game as promulgated from time to time by the British Crown Green Bowls Association and administered under the Rules of  
    those competitions as defined by the British Parks Crown Green Bowls Association.  
  16 At the start of each season, the Executive Committee shall appoint captains for the senior home and away teams who, together  
    with the Team Managers and Association Chairman, shall form the Selection Committee  
    Membership of the Selection Committee shall not be a bar to selection.  
  17 The East Midlands representatives in the Inter-County Club Championship shall be the previous season’s winners of Division 1  
    of the East Midlands Parks League.  
  18 Individual Merit  
    (a) The competition shall be styled the “East Midlands Parks Individual Merit” and shall be a qualifying competition for the  
    British Parks Individual Merit.  
    (b) The competition shall be open to male bowlers who are members of clubs affiliated to the East Midlands Parks Association.  
    (c) Entry fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  
  19 Should any dispute or other matter arise for which no provision has been made in these rules, such matter shall be dealt with by  
    the Executive Committee and their decision shall be final.