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Mkt Drayton Bowling League 2018


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1a. The League shall be known as the Market Drayton and District League,(hereafter known as MDBL) with the addition of the current sponsor.

1b. The League shall be affiliated to the BCGBA and its entire member clubs must be affiliated to the SCGBA.

1c.  All games and activities of the League will be governed by these rules in addition to the rules of the BCGBA and the SCGBA. No rule of the League shall be altered, rescinded or added to without the consent of the majority at the Annual General Meeting, (hereafter known as AGM). Requests for New Rules or alterations to Rules must be sent in writing to reach the League Secretary not later than November 30th.

1d. A copy of these rules, together with a list of BCGBA registration members, must be posted in each club, and be available to the visiting team captain, the list to indicate which player, plays in which league.

1e. These rules are to be incorporated in the League Handbook, and are to be the OFFICIAL RULES of the League. Each team must take a minimum of 1 handbook per team plus 1 for the club, no returns allowed.

1f. Ineligible Player defined as:-

1) A player playing for more than one club during the season, (Rule D1a)

2) A player not registered, (rule D1b)

3) A player playing for two (2) different teams in a playing week, (i.e. Friday -Thursday)

4) A player playing under a false name.

5) A player who has been caught practising on their home green or their opponent's green before a match.


2a There shall be a President, Vice- President, (who will both serve for three years), Chairman, Vice- Chairman, League secretary, Compeition secretary, Treasurer, who will be elected annually at the AGM. Nominations for any of the named positions from any club to be sent to the League Secretary by 30th November annually.


3a. An Executive Committee, consisting of the Officials, ex-officio members, and one representative from each club will govern the affairs of the League, (though more representatives may attend if they wish). Decisions made will be ratified by a majority vote of those clubs attending. Each club and League officials to be allowed one vote. In the event of a tie in the votes, the Chairman will have the casting vote. Decisions made by the Executive Committee shall be final and binding. Any directive not being complied with will render the offending club/team being penalised at the League Management Committee's discretion.

3b. The League will be managed by a Committee to be known as the League Management Committee and consisting of the officials of the League, two County representatives, four representatives of member clubs and one representative (under 25 years of age) to be elected annually. Retired Presidents are to serve as ex-officio members. This Committee shall have full powers to act on any matter, which comes before them, including complaints, disputes, fines etc. Decisions made by this Committee shall be final and binding. All members serving on this committee must abide by committee meeting etiquette, (i.e. matters discussed must remain confidential and are not to be communicated outside of the meeting).

3c. A subcommittee consisting of five nuetral members of the League Management Committee shall be appointed by the Management Committee to deal with questions raised under these rules and of any disciplinary matters.


4a. All monies due to the League shall be paid on or before 31st October. Clubs with outstanding dues NOT paid by 31st October will be fined £20.00 monthly untill paid. The Accounts of the League shall be made up and audited to 31st December in each year and shall be presented for the approval at the AGM.

4b. Prize money for Division winners etc., plus Match and Competition fees shall be decided at the League's AGM each year.

4c. Prize monies whether division, competition or individual can only be collected by a member of the club concerned that is attending the Presentation Dinner. Prize monies NOT collected on the night of the League's Presentation Evening will become forfeit and donated to a charity of the President's choice.

4d. The Captain of each team shall collect the match fee from each player per match (including walkover games), and each club shall be responsible for forwarding the total amount to the League Treasurer via the annual account.

4e. Annua Dinner / Presentation Evening. To be reviewed annually, (i.e. date, venue, cost of tickets and guests). All ticket monies must be paid at least ONE week prior to the function.

4f. All recipients of trophies MUST make sure they return them when requested to do so, in the same condition (i.e. cleaned), failure to do so will result in a fine of £10.00 being levied on the Club or Individual concerned.

4g. A member of a League Club not paying their just liabilities to their Club shall not be allowed to become a registered played of the League until such liability has been discharged.



1a. The League Executive Committee and the League Management Committee shall meet on the instructions from the League Secretary in conjunction with the League Chairman. Notice of Executive meetings shall be forwarded to all member clubs at least fourteen days before the meeting.

1b. Minutes of previous Executive meeting shall be distributed to the appointed Secretary of all clubs affiliated to the League, before any subsequest Executive meeting of the League.

1c. Minutes of all Executive meetings shall be read out at the next Executive meeting of the League, or they may be taken as read.


2a. The AGM of the League will be held in January to receive the annual accounts for the previous year, and to elect officials of the League and a Management Committee.

2b. Minutes of previous AGM shall be distributed to the appointed secretary of all Clubs affiliated to the League, before any subsequent AGM of the League.

2c. Minutes of all AGM's shall be read out at the following AGM of the League, or may be taken as read.

2d. A Special General Meeting of the League shall be convened at any time upon receipt of applications from at least ten member clubs of the League.

2e. Any Club failing to be represented at a League Executive meeting or any General Meeting shall be fined £10.00. 



1). The number of teams to compete in each division of the League shall be decided by the League Management Committee, who shall also have the power to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

2). Any Club with only one green cannot play in another League unless they guarantee to fulfil the Market Drayton League's fixtures.

3). Clubs having two teams in the same division of the League shall be programmed to play each other between the first and fourth fixture date of the season (if able).

4). Clubs having two or more greens, each team shall nominate the green on which they intend playing all home League matches.

5). Each team shall play home and away matches with all the other teams in the same division. Teams consist of ten players. Games to be 21 up. In the event of a club failing to field a full team, the score shall stand 21-0 in favour of the opposing team for each player absent.

6). Prizes will be awarded to the first, the second and third placed teams of each Division. The value of these prizes shall be decided at the previous AGM.

7). Promotion / Relegation to operate in the Divisions on a two up and two dowm basis.

     Promotion shall be decided as follows:-

     the team scoring the most points

    in the event of a draw, the team with the most games won.

    in the event of a draw, the team having the highest aggregate in the two games played between them.

    Relegation shall be decided as follow:-

    the team scoring the least number of points.

    in the event of a draw, the team with least number of games won.

    in the event of a draw, the team having the lowest aggregate in the two games played between them.

8). A 'Best Individual Performance Prize' for both male and female will be awarded in each division of the League. The Best Performance being the player with the most wins. In the event of a tie, this will be the player with the highest points average in all games played (i.e. total chalks divided by total games played).

9). No League match can be played other than on the date fixed and stated in the Fixture Book, except for cancellation due to inclement weather. In the event of inclement weather, the home captain shall decide if the green is fit to play not earlier than 5.30pm and if not fit shall immediately notify the opposing captain, and inform the League Secretary within 24 hours.(Failure to inform theLeaguel Secretary will result in a fine of £10.00). All matches not played on the fixture book date due to inclement weather must be played within fourteen days of the original fixture date. The Clubs concerned shall mutually agree a date in consultation with the League Secretary. Should teams fail to make such arrangement they must submit to the League Management Committee's ruling.

10). Clubs whose greens are selected by the Management Committee as venues for League and County Competitions shall upon request place their greens at the disposal of the League Management Committee. A club member to be in attendance for the duration of the match. This person should provide four standard jacks, four mats and a 19 metre tape.

11). All protests must be in the hands of the League General Secretary (in writing) within three clear days (Sundays excluded) and must be accompanied by a protest fee of £25.00 which will be returned if the protest is upheld. Representatives of the club which has lodged a complaint or dispute shall not be allowed to be present at any League Management Committee meeting whilst the matter is discussed, other than to present information that the Committee may need.

12). Clubs who wish to withdraw a team from the League must give notice in writing or email by the AGM (advising the League on which team will be withdrawing). Any Club withdrawing a team after the AGM and before the League commences shall be fined £20.00, and shall pay all their obligations due to the League. A Club withdrawing a team from the League during the season shall be fined £50.00 and shall pay all their obligations due to the League. Players from that team may apply for a transfer to another club. Permission MUST be sought in writing or email by the player to the Management Committee which may be granted at their discretion.




a. Clubs may be allowed to enter one or more teams. Clubs shall sign on all players as registered members of the MDBL. A player is only allowed to play for one team during the week (a week means Friday to Thursday inclusive). Players can only play for ONE CLUB per season in any game organised by the MDBL.

b. Any player without a BCGBA registration number is only allowed to play 5 League games. Proof of application to the SCGBA registrar will need to be seen by the Results Secretary, or the players registration entered on the Club's list of players, (only the Reults secretary can enter a player onto the list after the season has commenced). PENALTY: If no proof of application is subsequently made available, all games already played will be 21-0 to the opposing teams and classed as an ineligible player (as Rule A1f). Only one deduction of 40 chalks to apply in this matter.

c. Any team playing an ineligible player in a League game shall lose 40 chalks from the League table, and the opponent awarded the game 21-0.

d. Players or supporters of visiting teams are NOT allowed to consume alcoholic drinks NOT purchased on the premises of the home club, during League matches or competitions, (if they have a bar licence). The PENALTY for infringing this rule will be a fine of £25.00 imposed on the offending Club, which will be passed to the host club. The individual found breaking this rule may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

e. Conduct of Players and Spectators:

Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated! Any incident of this by a player on the green should be immediately reported to the Captains, who will issue a warning to the offending player. Any repetition of the offence will result in the offending player being disqualified and the opponent awarded the game 21-0. Any incident of this by a spectator will result in that person being told to immediately leave the club premises. It is suggested that this aspect should be incorporated in all club rules. All such incidents must be reported to the League Secretary within 24 hours, with details of the offence and name(s) of the person(s) involved.


A. No practice allowed by either team within an hour of the commencement of the match on the green on which the match is being played. No player shall practice on an opponent's green on the day of any League fixture. N.B. This does not apply to players in other League fixtures, which may have been on the same green.

B. Unless both Captains agree otherwise, the home team captain to name first four (4) cards and place them face down. Visiting team captain will then place their own four (4) cards on top, this being the draw for the first four games. This to be repeated for the middle four (4) and the last two (2). The home captain will number his cards in playing order. A player who is not present or unavailable to play in the first two sets of four shall not be named to play at time of the draw.

C. Matches to COMMENCE at 7.00pm. Not less than four games shall be in progress by 7.15pm and no more than 15 minutes shall elapse between completion of one games and commencement of the next.

D. The visiting players shall have the first jack in all League matches. All clubs shall supply four stadard jacks as approved by the BCGBA for the use in all League fixtures and other competitions organised by the League. All jacks must be test dated and only used prior to the expiry date marked.

E. The captain of each team shall act as arbiters (referee) and appoint measurers and the vice-captain shall act while the captains are playing. In case of dispute in which both captains fail to agree in five minutes, they shall mutually agree to call in a responsible person to give a decision on the disputed end.

F. One representative of each team shall mark each game. In the event of any disagreement in the score, which cannot be settled amicably, the score in the game must revert back to the last end checked where both representatives agreed (BCGBA rule 3.4 page 181).

G. In the event of a postponement, due to bad light or bad weather, completed games shall stand, and uncompleted games shall be completed within 14 days and with the same players. The points scored by each player shall count and the position of the jacks be marked. N.B. No player will be allowed to play in a re-arranged match if they have already played for another team in his/her club during the week in which the original fixture should have been played.

H. The Home captain musr ensure that the result sheet is either in the hands of the Results Secretary, or the result entered on-line on the MDBL web site, no later than FOUR days after the match is played. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the team concerned paying a £20.00 fine.

H1. The result sheet must be fully completed and signed by both captains. If the result sheet is not available when required by the League Secretary, they must submit to the Management Committee's ruling and a fine of £25.00 will be imposed.

I. BCGBA registration numbers. Both captains to ensure that team players registration number (including prefix and christian names) must be on all result sheets whether being entered on the League web site or going to the League secretary in case the result sheet needs to be seen because of any dispute. The league secretary may at any time request to see a result sheet.

J.Premier League bowlers are only allowed to play in the first three divisions, and cannot play on a Monday night for any team from the first three divisions that have to play their home games on a Monday.

K. League games re-arranged due to Premier League clash i.e. Friday match played on a previous Wednesday would be deemed to be that following weeks match.


1. All League Competitions

1a Market Drayton & District League competitions must be played on a Neutral Green (any green other than their own)in Market Drayton area.

1b. All competitors must be current playing members of the League. i.e. Registered with the League, and having played at least one (1) league game by the end of May in the current season, or have played three League games in the previous season. Any individual League competition played after the end of May, competitors must have played three League games in the current season

1c. No entries will be taken after scratch time of any competition, (scratch time will be half an hour before the start of the competition as designated by the Competition secretary).

1d. Entries to League competitions will be taken up to a week before the competition date. An extra £2.00 per competition will be charged on the entrance fee if entering after the closing date. There will be a handicap if playing on your own green.

1e All entrance fees shall be paid on the day of each competition.

1f.  Anyone receiveing a bye or walk-over shall be allowed 10 minutes practice.

1g. All matches to commence at time stated by the Competition Secretary and are 21 up.

1h. Any player who is not present at the official starting time will be scratched. This rule to be included on all entry forms.

1i. Any breach of these rules will result in the game concerned being awarded to the opponent 21-0.

2. Team Knock Out Doubles Competitions

a. All Clubs must enter teams by the closing date. All teams must play in the preliminary round of the competition. Winners of the preliminary round go into the Main Cup (Jim Swire), and the losers go into the Consolation Cup (Bernard Lazarus). Withdrawing from this competition after the draw has taken place, will result in the club concerned being fined £10.00.

b. Teams to consist of ten players (five pairs). All team players must have played at least one (1) league team game before playing the second preliminary round, and have played at least two (2) league team games by the quarter final stages. (Not including any competiton games).

c. Players who have played all their League games to date, in the current season, for a higher team in the League, are not eligible to play for a team in a lower division. Contravention of this rule will lead to the opposin g team being awarded 21-0 for each ineligible player.

d. Each team shall be handicapped before the draw for the first round is made.

e. Handicap- Division 1 scratch, Division 2 +10, Division 3 +15, Division 4 +20, Division 5 +25, Division 6 +30.

f. The handicap is to stand for all rounds, including the final.

g. All matches to commence at 7.00pm. The third games must commence by 7.15pm. Should 15 minutes elapse between the end of one game and the beginning of the other, 21 points to be forfeited by the offending team. The 15 minute period shall commence after the third game has been completed. All games must be completed. Match to be completed in one evening. (Weather permitting).

h. Any team failing to fulfil a fixture without notifying the following: League secretary, opposing tean captain and the secretary of the host club, at least 24 hours before the event will be liable to a fine of £25.00. Half to go to the club involved compensating the grounds man / bar steward etc., and the other half to go to the League.

h1. The result sheet must be fully completed and signed by both captains. if the result sheet is not available for inspection when required by the League secretary, they must submitt to the League Management Committee's ruling and a fine of £25.00 will be imposed.

i. No player to play for more than one team in the same year's competition.

j. Captains will place their pairs in order of play 1 to 5.

k. If the match ends in a draw, the team who has won the most games will be declared the winner.

l. Captains will toss for the first jack, remaining games to be played on odd and even basis.

m. Winning captains to be responsible for entering their result on the League's web site or sending the result sheet to the League secretary. If sent to the League secretary, the result must be received within two days of the match being played, to enable the next round draw to take place.

n. Dates for each round to be incorporated in the Fixture Book.

3. Individual Merits and Doubles.

a. The Ladies and Men's Merit shall be confined to competitors who are 18 years of age or over as of 1st January of that year.

b. The Junior Merit and Junior Doubles shall be confined to competitors (Boys and Girls) who have not reached the age of 18 years by 1st January of that year.

c. The Men's and Ladies Doubles shall be confined to competitors who are 18 years of age and over as of 1st January of that year.

d. The Mixed Doubles shall be open to any playing member of the League.

e. The League Management Committee shall decide on the number of greens to be used in Qualifying rounds.

John Barber Cup.

a. The John Barber Cup shall be confined to competitors who are 60 years of age and over as of 1st January of that year.

b. All games to be 21 up with each player starting with 3 on their card.