Derby Vets Bowls League 2021

President & Chairman

  Secretary/Treasurer Fixture Secretary


Vice Chairman


 Cliff Robinson



Kevin Braithwaite



Peter Harper 




 9 Knoll Close, Littleover


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 23 Hampshire Road


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 2 Saundersfoot Way

Oakwood, Derby

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1      The association shall be known as the Derby Veterans Crown Green Bowling Association, and will be open to application for membership to all bone-fide bowling clubs in the derby and district area.

2      The Association will be members of the S.D.C.G.B.A. by affiliation.

3      The objects of the association shall be:

(a)  To promote, govern, and organize veterans crown green bowls

(b)      To create friendship.

(c)     To ensure that game are played in a true and sporting spirit.

4           All members shall be male and have attained the age of 55 in the current year.

5           The Officers of the association shall consist of The President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Fixture Secretary, and the Secretary/Treasurer.

6           The Annual General Meeting will be held on the second Wednesday in November. The business of the meeting, will be conducted by the Chairman, from the Agenda prepared by the Secretary. Each club is to have one official delegate with the power to vote, but any other club member is permitted to attend. Only one vote per club is allowed. Any rule changes are by simple majority.

7           The Secretary/Treasurer shall present his annual report, along with the financial statement, the Fixture Secretary as the Association Auditor will give his report.

8           The fixtures will be prepared by the fixture Secretary and the finalising of the fixtures will be made followig the Fixtures meeting in February. Results are to be sent to the Secretary ideally, within 4 days  direct onto Mb results service. The away team should also enter results). Results not received within 10 days of fixture, 5 points will be deducted.

9           All clubs in the Association shall make their greens available as requested by the Secretary, for the Association Competitions.   

10       Clubs having more than one team in the same division, shall nominate their four best players, from a list of six supplied by the secretary, and based on the previous year’s averages. The nominated players from a higher team will not be able to play for a lower team. However a nominated player from a lower team will be allowed to play for a higher team.

11       Clubs with more than one team in different divisions, shall nominate their four best players, from a list of six supplied by the secretary, and based on the previous year’s averages. These will be tied to the higher division. Any club playing a tied player will be deducted ten points.

12                 (a) Ten players shall form a team, and shall play three doubles and four singles, starting with two single and two doubles games.followed by 1 double and 2 singles

      (B) Match points allocated are: 1 for singles win, 2 for doubles win, 2 for home aggregate, 4 for away aggregate. In the event of a tie, each team share points, ie 1, and2.

13       Matches may be rearranged if the green is unplayable, or the weather prevents a match being started, or there is a funeral for a club member of one of the teams concerned. Postponed matches must be must be rearranged, (not necessarily played) by mutual agreement within 7 days, both clubs to notify the secretary of date. In abandoned matches, substitutes are allowed in the replay of any games not started. A roll up is allowed on the replayed date. In the event of non-agreement of the above, the home captain will have the final say. 

(a)   Following abandoned games the scores will remain for the replay of games started. In singles if one of the original players is not available, the opponents get 21 points, if one pair is not available, their opponents will get 21 points.


14       Clubs with two or more teams in the league may not cancel their first team game due to not being able to raise a team.

15       All games to be played to the Laws as laid down by the B.C.G.B.A

16       All bowling members who participate in the league competitions, or competitive bowling must have a B.C.G.B.A. registration number and be registered with the S.D.C.G.B.A’

Club secretaries are to register their players with the South Derbyshire Vets Secretary.

17       The committee is empowered to deal with any matter not covered in these rules, which supersede any previous rules.

18       Clubs with more than one green must nominate their usage

19       Clubs wishing to enter a new team in the league, must notify the secretary by January 1st

20       Clubs wishing to make proposals for discussion at the A.G.M should do so as soon as possible but no later than November 1st

21       Should there be a tie in the final league positions, the order of precedence shall be determined by: (1) team with most wins,

(2) Team with most draws (3) best aggregate.


MEMORIAL CUP: This is a team handicap knockout competition . Handicaps will be based on the previous year’s positions. Highest scratch, then increments of +2, to the lowest position.

The matches are decided on total aggregate score including handicap. In the event of a tied aggregate the last doubles on the green will play one more end (toss for Jack).Players are only allowed to play for 1 team, no player is allowed to play more than once. If a team is short they can play a single player against a double. The format is the doubles have to play their bowls in succession, either leading or following.