Derby Vets Bowls League 2021

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 Cliff Robinson



Kevin Braithwaite



Peter Harper 




 9 Knoll Close, Littleover


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 23 Hampshire Road


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From records via Terry Fletcher from theDerby Telegraph "Green  un", the Derby Vets League was formed in 1956 there being only 4 teams  
Allestree,Alvaston &Boulton, D C S (DERBY CO-Op,) and Celanese (Spondon), with Allestree A,Overdale, and British Railways joining the following year.
The teams then played 6 singles, and 3 doubles, with the singles players being allowed to play in the doubles, (Much like the present Burton Vets.)
The Memorial Cup was originaly the Mayors Cup  and was Derby Crown China. This must have been given to the vets for a competition now called the
Memorial Cup, which was first played for in 1986. The original division 1 cup, is now presented to the division 2 winners, with a new cup being played
for in 1969, so this must have been when Division 2 was started. A 3rd division was started in 2013,with an extra shield competition run,but tis proved
unpopular and the league reverted back to 2 divisions in 2016. The Wilf Foster doubles, and the merit singles were stopped in 2014    
YEAR Div 1                  
1956 Alv&Boulton                  
1957 Alv&Boulton ..                
1958 Alv&Boulton ..                
1959 Btit Celanese ..                
1960 Allestree ..                
1961 Allestree ..                
1962 Allestree ..                
1963 Alv&Boulton ..                
1964 Allestree ..                
1965 N P T B L ..                
1966 Alv&Boulton DIV2                
1967 R R Retired vets Winners                
1969 Brit Celanese A N P T B L                
1970 N P T B L Brit Celanese                
1971 N P T B L Brit Celanese                
1972 R R R E Brit Celanese                
1973 Brit Celanese R R Retired vets                
1974 R R R E Brit Celanese                
1975 R R R E N P T B L                
1976 Littleover 1st R R Retired vets                
1977 R R R E Littleover                
1978 R R R E Int Combustion                
1979 R R R E Alv&Boulton                
1980 R R R E Cortaulds                
1981 R R R E Alv & Boulton A                
1982 R R R E Alv & Boulton A                
1983 R R R E Chellaston                
1984 R R R E Littleover   Memorial            
1985 R R R E Rowditch   Cup            
1986 R R R E Alv & Boulton A   Rolls Royce 1st            
1987 R R R E RRRE B   Rolls Royce 1st Individual          
1988 R R R E Rowditch   Qualcast MERIT          
1989 R R R E R R R E  B   Rolls Royce 1st A Storer Wilf Foster        
1990 Rolls Royce 1st R R R E "B     Rolls Royce 1st T Kerle Doubles        
1991 Allestree 1st Qualcast   Rowditch 1st A Wilkinson D Tipping & K Marshall        
1992 Rolls Royce 1st Alv & Crewton   Littleover 1st P Lord A Storrer&R Hanson        
1993 Rolls Royce 1st Littleover 1st   Chaddesden 1st A Storer A Eydon &P Lord        
1994 Chaddesden Alv & Crewton   Littleover 1st A Rice D Tipping & K Marshall        
1995 Rowditch 1st Intl Comb   Rowditch 1st D Burton D Tipping & K Marshall        
1996 Rowditch 1st Allestree 2nd   Rykneld 1st D Rice D Briars &D Johnson        
1997 Littleover 1st Spondon 1st   Rowditch 1st D Tipping W Parkin&S Louden        
1998 Littleover 1st Chaddesden 2   Chaddesden 2nd D Rice T Bottomley&F Doleman        
1999 Littleover 1st Allestree 2nd   Rykneld 1st F Dyson J Wise & P Neal        
2000 Littleover 1st Intl Comb   Derby Co-Op F Harrison D Perry&J Sinnott        
2001 Chaddesden Rykneld 3   Derby Co-Op   B Varty & M Watts        
2002 Chaddesden Alv & Crewton     J Hughes J Sharman&R Leadbetter        
2003 Allestree 1st Chaddesden 2   Little Eaton W Park D Eley&W Jeffries        
2001 Derby Co-Op Brackens   Rowditch 1st J Sharman J Sharman&P Howitt        
2005 Littleover 1st Chaddesden 2   Spondon R Trail G Glynn&G Kirkland        
2006 Derby Co-Op Allestree 2nd   Rowditch 1st   G Glynn&G Kirkland        
2007 Derby Co-Op R R 2nd   Little Eaton   W Randle&R Spencer        
2008 Derby Co-Op Littleover 2nd   Mickleover   S Louden&M Bosworth        
2009 Littleover 1st Mickleover   Allestree   W Grant&A Kniveton        
2010 Derby Co-Op Derby Co-Op 2   Allestree   G Kirkland & C Hawksworth Lge Shield Lge Shield Lge Shield  
2011 Littleover 1st Chellaston Div 3 Chaddesden 1st   M  Oldbury&M Loomes Div1 Div 2 Div3  
2012 Littleover 1st Rykneld 2 Winners Spondon   I Wooley&M Bosworth Littleover 1st Rykneld 2nd Allestree 2nd  
2013 Littleover 1st Spondon 2nd Rolls Royce 3 Allestree 1 not played M Frost&M Nelson Littleover 1st Alv & Boult 1st Mickleover 2nd  
2014 Littleover 1st Alv & Boult 1st Little Eaton Little Eaton not played not played Littleover 1st Rowditch  Int. Combustion  
               Best Ave      
2015 Littleover 1st Rowditch Allestree 2 Alv & Boulton 1     Singles div1 Doubles div1 Singles div2  Double div2
2016 Littleover 1st Rykneld 2 back to 2 Div'ns Breadsall     B Thomson B Varty N Lymer R Williams
 2017 Littleover 1st Mickleover 1st    Allestree 1st     D Hill D Press D Ball B Thompson
 2018 Littleover 1st   Chaddesden 1st    Spondon 1st      C Robinson  B Varty  D Hill  M Smedley

2019    Littleover 1st       Ashbourne 1st                              Rykneld 1st                                                                        M Wilson         B Varty            A Gadsby   K Ba        

2021    Littleover1st        Alv & Boul 2nd                            not played covid                                                                   D Halstead      B Varty             D Palmer