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Disciplinary Code of Practice:

Offences will come under following categories:

Physical Assault.

Racial Abuse.

Verbal Abuse with Threats.

Verbal Abuse against a Minor/Child.

Verbal Abuse against an Adult.

Social Media/Bringing the game into Disrepute.

Any other offences not covered by the above categories.



1) If found guilty of a Physical Assault even without Police intervention the penalty will be a minimum of 2 years suspension.

In the event of a physical assault it may be advisable that police action is sought.

2) Racial Abuse of any nature if found guilty should be a minimum of 18 months suspension.

3) Verbal Abuse with Threats if found guilty should be a minimum of 18 months suspension.

4) Verbal Abuse if found guilty should be a minimum of 12 months suspension.

5) Social Media /Bringing the game into Disrepute if found guilty should be a minimum of 1 year suspension.


The procedure will be as follows:

If a complaint is made it will be dealt within the following format:

If member makes a complaint it will be firstly to the body under which the alleged offence has occurred, and will be in writing.

For example a player makes a complaint against another player in the club.

The club must set up a Hearing Panel with a suggested number of THREE (3) persons and a Hearing date set and notified in writing to the respective parties.    The Hearing Panel could be officers of the club or neutral individuals within the club.

One person on the respective Panel should be nominated as Chairperson.

The smaller number of Panel members, usually allows for an Appeal Hearing Panel to be formulated much more easily.

A Hearing is a face to face Hearing where questions can be asked of all parties and where a decision should be made and a decision will issued to the relevant parties.

The Hearing Panel will allow evidence to be submitted in the form of statements /letters/emails etc. all documentary evidence should be clearly dated.                   i.e. when written when received etc.

However, at any Hearing the maximum number of people allowed to attend will be TWO (2) from each Party, this excludes the Hearing Panel number itself.

All parties must be given the right of appeal against any decision, and an appeal can be made within 14 days of the original Hearing body’s decision being issued, and that appeal shall be back to the body that made the original decision, namely the club in this example.

If an appeal is received, the original body making the decision must set up an Appeal Hearing as soon as possible, and the Appeal Hearing Panel will be constituted of three different individuals to the original Hearing panel. A further face to face hearing must be set which can accept new evidence and a decision will be made.

An Appeal Hearing at any point will have the powers to uphold the original decision and increase, decrease or retain the original penalty applied or it can rescind the original decision totally.

Should any of the party’s feel it necessary they can Appeal to the League/Section after the above process has taken place, where again that body must set up a Hearing Panel and a face to face hearing will take place and a decision issued.

Once this has taken place and a further Appeal is received, again it must go back to the body that made the decision who can change or uphold the original decision before it possibly goes to the next level.

If this then gives rise to a further appeal, this will then go to the County Association, which will follow the same format face to face hearing etc.


Following that it can go through to the BCGBA on same format.

At all points the right to appeal must be given to both parties.

In all instances the first point of complaint must be the lowest part of the process, i.e.

Individual to a club.

Individual/Club to the League/Section only after being dealt with at the lowest point of complaint.

Individual/Club/League /Section to the County, only after being dealt with at the lowest point of complaint.

Individual/Club/League/Section/County to BCGBA.

The decision’s at the Hearing Panel anywhere in the process should be issued verbally at the time of the respective Hearing, but the Hearing Panel also have the discretion to issue a decision in writing at a later date, after the face to face Hearing has concluded.

All decisions  in the process must be given in writing after a hearing has been held, and the right of appeal reply should be 14 days from the date of the letter being issued, but should clearly stipulate the period in the letter.

All decision letters should be sent by recorded delivery to the respective parties.


BCGBA bye-laws 12, 19 & 20 are also applicable in the process.


Active from 24.6.18.