Derbyshire C.G.B.A 2021

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  1 TITLE  
    The title of the fund shall be:  
    Derbyshire County Crown Green Bowling Association Development Fund.  
    The purpose of the fund to be used to purchase equipment, coaching and other relevant courses where required by  
    Clubs, Officials, and Players.  
    Capital projects for building will not be considered, along with green keeping equipment,  
    surround improvements, new seats, new jacks/mats.  
    The fund will be to further the development of Crown Green Bowling to all Clubs, Groups, Players and Officials in  
    membership of Derbyshire CGBA.  
    All Clubs, Players and Organisation’s/Groups eligible to apply must have been members of Derbyshire CGBA for at least  
    one year prior to application for grant aid.  
    In the case of Organisation’s/Groups these can include any Clubs/Officials or Players that are in membership of  
    Derbyshire CGBA.  
    If the club has not been in membership prior to the year of application they can pay the previous year’s subscription  
    before making an application.  
    The fund shall be administered by Derbyshire CGBA Management Committee, and the Management Committee will determine  
    the amount available at the first meeting of each new financial year.  
    The Management Committee shall consider each application to the fund, and determine the amount to be granted.  
    Once the Annual Allocation has been granted no further applications will be considered for that year.  
    The fund shall be available for the maximum award of 50% of the total cost or £300 whichever the lesser amount is.  
    All Derbyshire Junior activity will be 100 % funded.  
    Applications for funding can be made before or after the project has taken place.  
    Official Receipts/Invoices must be produced for all items that the application has been made for, before any payment  
    can be released.