Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2020

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St Georges Open Day 3&4 Review




St Georges Open Day 3 Preview

More top players travel to St Georges this weekend trying to qualify for the finals on Saturday 28th March. Simon Coupe travels down from North Lancs and is will feature amongst other big competition winners such as Carl Fielding, Rich Goddard, Matt Gilmore, Craig Gant, Gareth Gwilliam and Tom Hanson. In the afternoon and Callum Wraight will be the favourite to get through, while there are former home players in Jamie King and Spencer Clarke. Wayne Rogers, Tommy Johnstone, Darren Plenderleith, Dean Missere, Paul Bailey, Gareth Coates and Gaz Lally are all big competition winners and will look to qualify. 

St George's open
Players for this weekend
This is not the draw.

  • Saturday Morning session

Dave McCann
Neil Airey
Cody Everitt
Adam Mellor
Duncan Reeves
Dave Jackson
Anthony Thompson
Rich Goddard
Simon Coupe
Sam Patterson
Matt Gilmore
James Southern
Craig Gant
Bailey Rice
Carl Fielding
Syd Heath
Rob Lawrenson
Callum Mitchell
John Newey
Josh Iddon
Owen Jackson
Derek Wright
Phil Clapham
Dave Worthington
Dave Gwilliam
Gareth Gwilliam
Noel Bates
Dan Parker
Allan Parsons
Tom Hanson
Adam Tyler

  • Saturday Afternoon session

Pete Griffiths
John Hambleton
Callum Wraight
Sandra Gilfedder
Nick Lewis
Steve Gilfedder
Will Childs
Jason Groome
James Grimston
Dave Haywood
Gaz Lally
Steve Smith
Tommy Johnstone
Wayne Rogers
James Higgins
James Fitch
Anthony Thornton
Robin Clarke
Martin Davies
Spencer Clarke
Paul Bailey
Bob Whyatt
Paul Leah
Gareth Coates
Mark sutton
Jamie King
Darren Plenderleith
Wayne Greenwood
Dean Missere.




St Georges Open Day 1 and 2 Report

Two women made the headlines in the first two days as they became the first women qualifiers to make these finals day. Nicola Boulton qualified after beating Steve Bodley 18 and Lee Kington 7, while Jackie Rutter defeated Darrell Handley 19 and Mark Clayton 13 to get through. Greg Smith will be one of the favourites on finals day as he beat Kevin Hocknull 12, Ivan Smout 8 and Liam McEgan 16. Spring Waterloo Winner Kevan Shaw qualified after beating Dave East 15 and George Curran 17. James Seville got through after getting past Dan Taylor 13, Carl Doyle 18 and Dave Higginbottom 15, and so did former North Midlands Merit winner Matt Horton after beating Andy Marshall 17, David Ord 19 and Adam Dickerson 20. Lee Johnstone qualified by beating Ben Percival 15, Craig Shore 19 and Paul Stretton, and Gareth Hughes got past Ed Wallis 10, Scott Wood 19 and Martin Jones 12. 

On Saturday and last year's winner Ryan Prosser will look to defend his title on finals day as he got through by beating Conor Chamberlain 10, Mark Thomas 18 and Adam Kirby 14. Fellow Warwick & Worcester county player Elliot McGuinness also qualified as he beat Scott Simpson 13 and Dave McDermott 15. Three more young guns also got through as Mike Beer, Tom Roden and Matty Worden all qualified. Tom Roden beat Matt Allen 19, Jane Bowler 9 and Kieron Roberts 11, while former Champion of Champion Mike defeated Natty Tonks 5, Rich Dandy 13 and Mark Booth 18. Last year's Isle of Man runner up Matty got past Joe Dicken 8, Simon Rhodes 14 and Adam Jones 17. The player who beat him in that final, John Bailey, also qualified as he defeated Nige Bound 16, Graham Dulson 18 and Michael Warrington 15. The final qualifier was John Dewey as he overcame Ant Bracken 18, Jamie Fitzpatrick 17 and Jon Palmer 13. 

Days 3 and 4 are next weekend. 


Day 2 Preview & Field

The second day sees more big name take their place in the competition. In the morning there is former All England Winner Andy Spragg, former West Brom Open winner Ben Percival and former Midland Masters winner Steve Pratt. Andy Hughes will know the green well, while Lee Johnstone knows how to win these big competitions. The afternoon has one of the top players in the country taking part in Greg Smith, but he may have to negotiate other top names in the field. Former Spring Waterloo winner Kevan Shaw and Staffordshire big guns Dave East, Gordon Hawkins and Chris Ward are there, along with Staffordshire Merit winner Steve Freer. Ivan Smout and Warwick and Worcester pair Gavin Dunkley and James Seville also take part. 

St Georges Open Day 2

This is not the draw.

  • Sunday Morning Session

Gavin Ratcliffe
Paul Stretton
Chris Kearns
Alan Catterall
Simon Lane
Chris Marshman
Ben Percival
Lee Johnstone
Paul Bayliss
Andrew Spragg
Craig Shore
Dean Nicholls
Jordan Baddeley
Larry Wells
Liam Dennis
Adam Dickerson
Andy Hughes
Martin Jones
James Blair
Chris Lambert
Matt Horton
Andrew Marshall
Steve Pratt
Gareth Hughes
Ed Wallis
David Ord
Scott Wood
James Sherringham

  • Sunday afternoon session

Steve Freer
Gordon Hawkins
Jayne Bates
Stuart Gittings
Chris Ward
Gavin Dunkley
Dave Higginbottom
Carl Doyle
Mandy Pagett
James Seville
Dave East
Kevan Shaw
Ashley Tattersley
Adam Walker
Danny Statham
Greg Smith
Mark Hall
Tony Eades
Justin Hemmings
Mark Clayton
Adam Jones
Ivan Smout
Liam Macegan
Andy Hayes
John Crossley
David Bagnall
Darryl Handley
Tim Jordan
Chris Baker
Rikki Higgs

Day 1 Preview & Field

The first big competition of the season starts as the St Georges Open commences with 64 players on Saturday looking for the 8 finals day tickets on offer. There are big names opening up, with former Isle of Man winner Leighton Roberts in the morning session, along with former Champion of Champions Mike Beer and John Bailey. Former homesters Tom Roden and Simon Rhodes will look to make home knowledge count, while there are top lady bowlers Claire Pugh and Tracy Ryan in the field. The afternoon sees an incredible amount of talent that would make a great finals day. Top players such as Graeme Wilson, former winner Ryan Prosser, Conor & Paul Chamberlain, Ant Bracken, Pete Farmer, Dave McDermott, Elliot McGuinness, Scott Simpson, Paul Evans, Jamie Dunn, James Thomas, Chris Barton, Jon Palmer, John Dewey, James Fitzpatrick, Lee Kington and Adam Kirby all take part in what promises to be an afternoon full of top clashes. 


  • Saturday morning session

Leighton Roberts
Danny Sillitoe
Mike Beer
Mark Booth
Richard Dandy
Paul Williams
Nigel Ferrington
Claire Pugh
Graham Dulson
Nigel Bound
John Bailey
Jane Bowler
Matty Allen
Tom Roden
Tracy Ryan
Russ Prosser
Simon Rhodes
Joe Dicken
Adam Jones
Brian Allen
Chris Tonks
Gareth w Hughes
Andy Jones
Martin Maguire
Natty Tonks
Daniel Jones
Michael Warrington


  • Saturday Afternoon Session

Conor Chamberlain
Ryan Prosser
Simon Memmott
Dan Bodley
Adam Kirby
Conall Redmond
Nicola Boulton
Steve Bodley
Graeme Wilson
Lee Kington
Paul Chamberlain
Dave McDermott
Pete Farmer
Reece Farr
Elliott McGuiness
Scott Simpson
Ant Bracken
John Dewey
Jon Palmer
Paul Evans
James Fitzpatrick
Matthew Whitaker
Juliette Smith
Jamie Dunn
Richard Worthington
James Thomas
Chris Barton
Mark Thomas
Paul Chambers
Joshua Warner