Clwydian Senior Citizens Bowling League 2019

President Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
Mr Bill Rushton  

Peter Scott


 Shared Duties Mrs. Marlene Humphreys


/The implementation, amendment or dispute to the intent or meaning of these rules shall rest solely within the purview of the Management Committee.

It is mandatory that the CSCBL Rules and its Constitution are to be displayed in all clubs.


(i) Teams and Players.

(a) Maximum of 14 teams per division. Teams shall consist of ten players. All games to be 21 up. Play shall start at 2:15pm in all matches except for morning fixtures which will start at 10.15. Each visiting player will be the leader at the first end. Visiting teams to be allowed use of the green 15 minutes prior to the time fixed for the commencement of the match. The visiting Captain shall be allowed to practice for 20 minutes at any time subject to agreement with the home captain. No practice to be allowed once the match has commenced. All matches are to be played on Tuesday afternoon or on other days as authorised by the Management Committee. Scratch times shall be 30 minutes from the start of the match.

(b) Clubs entering three/four teams in the League but having only one green, the following will apply:-

The third/fourth team must play their home match starting at 10.15 am on a Tuesday morning. All other provisions as in (a) apply.

(c) Players will normally play for the team for which they are registered with the League. However, when a team suffers a player shortage it can borrow a player (subject to his or her Captain's approval) from another team in the same Club. Such a player may be borrowed up to four times in a season. Players must be borrowed from a team in a lower Division or in a lower position in the same Division.

(d) Players will not be permitted to play on the same green on the same day.

(ii)  Declaration.

No match will start unless both teams have at least 8 players present and available to play at the official start time. The match will be cancelled and the home club to report the matter to the Management Committee to be dealt with, as soon as possible. The full complement team captain may choose which two players he wishes to withdraw.

Up to the start of play in any match, the respective Captains shall declare their full teams including any reserves and substitution will not be allowed after the stated 30 minutes scratch time. A player in a declared team who is not present at scratch time will be considered an absentee. In the case of absentees a score or 21-0 shall be awarded to the opposing side and the opposing player shall be awarded 21 – 11 win for league average purposes.

Prior to the start of the game the Home team Captain shall numbers his cards 1 - 10. The Away team Captain will blind cover these cards to determine the draw.

No club shall have the power to award or concede a fixture to the opposing club and in the event of any club failing to play on a rearranged date, 12 points and an aggregate of 210 points shall be awarded to the opposing club.

(iii) Adverse weather and postponement of games.

In the event of adverse weather, when the visiting team has reached its destination, the Captains/Green keeper shall have the final decision as to whether the match is to be played. In the event of the Captains/Green keeper failing to agree, then the Captain/Green keeper of the home team shall have the responsibility of deciding whether the green is fit to play on.

Rearrangement of matches may NOT be made solely to accommodate a Club unable to raise a team on a specified date without League approval. For any match not played as a result, the penalty for the offending team will be the loss of the 12 game points and 210 aggregate points in the League table. Should the League grant approval the date and time of that match must be agreed by both teams within 14 days of the original fixture date and the League informed accordingly.

Should the match have commenced and a postponement is necessary, the points scored by each player shall count and the position of the jack marked. Unfinished games or matches are to be completed within 14 days of the original date.

Any Club failing to keep a fixture on a mutually rearranged date will be liable to a fine.

(iv) Match Results.

Points awarded for all League Matches shall be:-

(1) Two points for the team winning the match on aggregate.

(2) One point for every individual game won.

In the case of a draw on aggregate, both teams to be credited with one point. Points from each team match to be accumulated to the final League Table in each Division. In the event of a tie on points gained under (1) and (2) above, the team with the best aggregate score for and against for all matches played shall be declared the Top Team for the Division. A result card shall be signed by both Captains and retained until the season’s end.

If any result card is incorrectly completed both competing teams will have 2 game points deducted from their score.


(a) All clubs must register their initial team players in writing to the League Records & Registration Secretary and pay the appropriate club team subscriptions before 1st April.

(b) During the season additional player registrations must be given to the League Records & Registration Secretary by either email, telephone or in writing with no less than 3 days notice prior to the match in which they are to be played. In addition the person submitting the request MUST ensure that the Records & Registration Secretary is in receipt of it.

(c) In the case of a team being found to have played an unregistered player, a score of 21-0 shall be awarded to the opposing side and the opposing player awarded a 21-11 win for league aggregate purposes.

d) No registrations will be accepted after 21st July but players intending to register who are 60 years of age after this date but in the same season may register prior to this date but not play until they reach 60 years of age. Any registered player may be asked to provide ” Proof of Age ”  by the Management Committee.

(e) Clubs proposing to add or remove teams from the League must do so in writing to the League Secretary no later than 1st January for consideration by the Management Committee. If a higher division placed team is withdrawn then all other lower teams of the same club will be renamed as necessary but will remain in their respective divisions, however in order to accommodate a vacant division position all teams will be moved accordingly. New additional teams will be entered into the lowest division.


The League adopts the “BCGBA Laws of the Game” and in addition:-

All measuring to be done by a representative from each club.

A mark thought to exceed 38 metres may be contested and measured, all other provisions apply as in BCGBA Laws of The Game – Section 4. ‘Setting a Mark’.

Any disputes will be referred to the captains or their representatives whose decision will be final.


Prize money will be presented by the President to all Teams that 1st and 2nd in their respective League.

The Champion Team in each Division will be awarded a cash prize of £100 with the Runner Up Team awarded £50


 This award is for the lady or man with the most league match wins in the season except where there is a tie; the greater aggregate points will apply. The winner will receive a cash prize of £50


The provisions in Section 1. (iii) Adverse weather and postponement of games apply

Any team wishing to withdraw from the Cup Competition must inform the Cup Fixture Secretary prior to the 1st May.

Please note that player usage between teams does apply in Cup Competitions as in 1(i)(c). In addition all rounds will be limited to one match and played on a neutral green on staggered Friday's, including the semi-finals and finals 

Games will commence at 2.00pm. No practice allowed.

Teams are to consist of ten players.

Captains will toss a coin to decide choice of odd or even lead jacks. Up to and including the quarter final matches, no league qualification is necessary before a properly registered player is included in a cup team, but in either the semi-final or final, every player must have played not less than two league matches prior to the date of the semi-final competition.

Prior to all matches each captain will prepare their numbered score cards in order of play.

Scoring for all matches will be one point for each game, and ONE for the aggregate. If this results in a draw then the captains will select one player from their team to play one deciding game of 11 up, captains to toss for lead jack.

Teams drawn first will be deemed to be the home team, an official result card shall be filled in with the detailed results of the match and signed by an official of each club.

If any result card is incorrectly completed both competing clubs will be fined.

The winner of each Division Cup final will receive a cash prize as will the runner-up.


Two bowlers with the most wins in League matches from each team qualify.

Separate competitions will be held for each Division.

Preliminary and early rounds will be played on greens ‘neutral’ to the Division.

4 Qualifiers from each Division will play on President's Day on a Handicap basis

The Final will be played on President’s Day on the green of which the President is a member. All games will be 21 up with a handicap as per Division and two markers for each game will be appointed and MUST sit together.

The President's Day winner will be awarded a cash prize of £75,    Runner Up £50,  2 x LSF £10

In the event of a player or players nominated being unable to play, the player next in order of merit in that team shall play in the competition.

If there is a tie in the number of games won, the better aggregate will decide the competitor to play.

Any Club not supporting President’s Day, by sending TWO competitors to the preliminary rounds of the MERIT competition, shall be fined for each player not attending.

The League will provide the President with £200 to help towards catering on the day


Notice of Annual General Meetings will be given by the League Secretary.  Not less than 14 clear days notice to be given to all members,  The AGM should be held in January but any change is at the discretion of the Management Committee.

The AGM will receive a report from officers of the Management Committee and a statement of the audited accounts.

Nominations for officers of the Management Committee and any motion for a constitutional change will be sent to the Secretary, in writing, 14 days prior to the AGM.

Election of officers are to take place at the AGM.

All teams have a right to one vote at the AGM.

The quorum for AGMs will be 30 teams.

The Management Committee has the right to call Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) outside the AGM. Procedures for EGMs will be the same as for the AGM.


These rules are binding on all members. A Notice of Amendments to these rules should be sent in writing to the League Secretary for consideration by the Management Committee.


Any Club registering a complaint shall deposit £25 with the League Secretary who will take the complaint to the next League Management Committee meeting. If, at that meeting, the complaint is upheld the deposit will be refunded and a fine of £25 be raised against the offending Club. If the complaint is not upheld the £25 deposit shall be forfeited.