Clwyd Bowling League 2019



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  1. TITLE:  The League to be known as “The Vale of Clwyd Mid-Week Bowling League”.
  2. OBJECT:  To foster and encourage the game of Bowls as played under the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association as further exemplified in the Rules of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association.
  3. LEAGUE:  The League shall consist of three divisions i.e. “A., B. & C” and a maximum of 12 teams in each division.
  4. MANAGEMENT: Government of the league shall be under the jurisdiction of the Management Committee, consisting of League President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Honorary Auditor and two representatives nominated from each division in the league.  The Management Committee shall have powers to apply and act upon and enforce the Rules of the Leagueand shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the League, includingany not provided for by the Rules.  Five members to form a quorum.  
  5. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:  The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held on the First Thursday in December each year, at which shall be received and confirmed all reports on the activities of the previous season and all League officials for the ensuring twelve months elected.  At least 14 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent by the secretary to all clubs in membership with statement of accounts and the agenda of the business to be transacted at the meeting.
  6. Extraordinary General Meeting:  An EGM can be called by Officers of the League or by any Club (with 5 affirming Clubs).  Not less than 14 clear days’ notice to be given to all Clubs.  Any Notice of motion to be listed on the Agenda and all clubs notified of the agenda item/s.
  7. PRE-SEASON MEETING: A Pre-Season Meeting shall be held on the last Thursday in February to deal with any business that may have arisen following the A.G.M. other than changes to the rules, and to approve fixtures for the season and make shield/cup draws and decide venues for the preliminary rounds in the shield/cup matches.  Draft Fixture lists shall be circulated to each club 14 days prior to this meeting.
  8. APPLICATIONS FOR LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP: Applications from any team for membership of the League must be made at the Annual General Meeting. Applications made at any other time shall not be considered under any circumstances.
  9. CLUB SUBSCRIPTION: The annual subscription for each team entered is £50.00 payable in May.
  10. REGISTERED PLAYERS:  All registered players must be fully paid up members of their respective clubs and will be allowed to play for only one team in either league, shield or cup matches. Transfers will be permitted providing that the player has not played for any other registered team in the League and has complied with rule 11.  This will not apply to a player who has been banned from the league following a general vote of the Management Committee.  When a Club has more than one team in the league, the team in the higher division can borrow a player from the team in the lower division.  This will apply in league matches only.  Teams cannot borrow players from another team in the same division.  If a borrowed player plays 3 times then their registration will be transferred to the team in the higher division.
  11. REGISTRATION WITH THE LEAGUE:  The name of each registered player must be submitted to the league secretary for each team.  This can either be by each Captain or their deputy entering their players on the by the end of March or by submitting the issued registration form, to reach the league secretaryAT LEAST SEVEN DAYS before the commencement date of the season.  Further registrations can be made via email or in writing, up to the closing date (20thJune).  Seven days must elapse between notification and the use of such players. After 20thJune no registration or cancellation of registration will be accepted.  There will be a £10.00 fine for playing an unregistered player, 21- 0 to opponent, 21-11 for averages.  All players must be registered members of the B.C.G.B.A. before they register for the League.
  12. LEAGUE MATCHES: All games to be played on Thursday evening except those for which by necessity are arranged for a Monday evening. All matches shall commence at 6.00pm, except from the start of the season upto and including the 2ndweek in May and after the 2ndweek in August, when the start time will be 5.30pm.  Each team will consist of 10 players, Games 21 up.  The visiting team with the exception of their captain shall be allowed exclusive use of the green for fifteen minutes prior to the time fixed for the commencement of each match.  The visiting captain to be allowed fifteen minutes practice any time he wishes in the hour preceding the commencement of the match.  No practice to be allowed once the match has commenced
  13. DECLARATIONS FOR ALL MATCHES:  The home cards will be numbered 1-10 to link up with Opponents 1-10. The full draw to take place and completed before commencement of the match.  Scratch will be when called.  If for any reason a player is unable to be present or is likely to be absent when he/she is called the captain may name a substitute and advise the opposing captain he has someone available to take his/her place and that person will then be allowed to play in place of the absent player, but the substitute must be named before scratch time is called.  Once a player is scratched he/she cannot take part in the match.  For each and every absentee a score of 21- 0 shall be awarded to the opposing side and the player left without an opponent shall be awarded a 21-11 win for the league averages.
  14. POSTPONEMENTS AND RE-ARRANGEMENTS:  No Team shall have the power to award or concede a Fixture whether it is league, Shield or Cup Match to an opposing Team.  
    LEAGUE MATCHES.  All Match fixtures shall be binding on all teams.  Any team wishing to attend the Colwyn Bay Festival Game may re-arrange their game to a date agreed between the 2 Captains.  The new date will be at any time before or within 14 days after the scheduled date.
    POSTPONEMENTS DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER shall be agreed to be replayed within 14 days the original date. .  Permission to postpone for any other reason whatsoever must be sought from the League Secretary who, after consultation with the Management Committee will make a decision.  If permission to rearrange is given, then the match must be played within 14 days of the original date.  Any team falling to fulfil a fixture on the original date (other than for inclement weather & Colwyn Bay Festival) without permission from the League Secretary shall be liable to a fine of £50 and 14 points deducted from their total. The opposing team to be awarded an average score of matches played Home/Away, whichever is relevant.  Any team falling to keep a fixture within the 14 days of the original date on a date mutually agreed with the League Secretary shall be liable to a fine of £50.00 and 14 points deducted from their total, plus any expenses to be duty certified, incurred by their opponents. The opposing team shall be awarded an average score of matches played Home/Away whichever is relevant.  
    CUP AND SHIELD MATCHES.  If a team fails to fulfil a Cup or Shield match then that team will be liable to a fine of £25.00.
  15. WET WEATHER AND BAD LIGHT:  In the event of wet weather and the visiting team having reached their destination the captains shall have the final decision as to whether the match is to be played.  If play has commenced and during the course of the game it becomes so dark that the jack cannot be distinctly seen from the footer any player may have a light exhibited at the jack if he so requests or he may appeal to the referee or captains whose decision shall be final, for the game to be abandoned or temporarily held up. In the event of the captains failing to agree as to whether the match is to be played.  The captain of the home club shall be responsible for the decision as to whether the green is in a fit state to play.
  16. ABANDONMENTS:  In the event of abandonment through inclement weather every effort should be made to ensure that games in progress are completed before the match is halted.  A fresh draw will be made by the captains for all games that have not started, when the teams meet to complete the Fixture. In the event of one player from an incomplete game being absent on the re-arranged date, and his/her opponent being present he/she shall be awarded the game.  The absent player will retain his/her score from the previous game.  In the event of both players being absent their game should be declared void and two substituted players will be entered in with those matches which are redrawn.  Unfinished and postponed matches must be completed within fourteen days of the original dates.
  17. RECORDING MATCH RESULTS:  The match results shall be recorded, where possible, on the computer programme, by a member of the HOME team.  The match result to be kept by both captains in case of dispute.
    a.    The results of league matches shall be on a point basis, namely one point for every individual game won and two points for team winning the match on aggregate and one points each team if the match is drawn on aggregate.  In the event of a tie in points, in the final table, the team with the best aggregate shall be deemed the top club.
    b.    The results of League Cup and Shield matches shall be on a point’s basis, namely one point for every individual game won and one point for the aggregate.  The Inter-Division Cup will be played as a Handicap competition and is an optional competition.  Any team wishing to opt out must notify the Secretary by the end of January.  The results of all matches will be determined on aggregate only.  Each team’s handicap shall be determined by the League Officials based on the previous season’s positions.  With the team placed first in Division A playing off nil.  A new team entering the League shall have their handicap determined by the League Officials.  
  18. LEAVING THE GREEN:  Should a player leave sight of the green without informing the opponent and obtaining permission of the Referee or both Captains, that player shall forfeit the game.  The offender(s) to receive no further score and the opponent(s) to receive the maximum score.
  19. SHIELD AND CUP MATCHES:  All matches to be played on neutral greens.  All matches shall commence at 6.00pm, matches may start earlier with the agreement of both Captains.  Teams 10 a side, game 21 up.  Winners in each competition shall receive a trophy and a cash prize of £50.00. Runners-up and losing semi-finalists shall receive a cash prize of £25.00 and £10.00 respectively.  The captain winning the toss to have the option of first lead for the five even or odd placing 1-10 after the draw.  Up to and including the quarter-final matches no league match qualification is necessary before a properly registered player can be included in a cup or shield team but to play in either the semi-final or final every player must have played in two league matches prior to the date of the semi-final of the competition.  The club on whose green a tie is played shall appoint from one of their players an experienced bowler who shall be the referee with full powers to decide on matters in the event of any dispute between the opposing teams.
    In each of these competitions one draw shall be made for the complete competition at the pre-season meeting of the league and the venues for each drawn match shall be decided at this meeting.  The venues for the follow-on matches shall be decided by the Management Committee.
    All cup matches to be played on Monday and Thursday evenings on the pre-arranged dates. The only postponements allowed will be in the case of increment weather.  (See rule 14, postponements and re-arrangements).  The greens of all member clubs within the League shall be used to play (Cup and Shield Matches.).  This rule is a binding factor in the conditions of membership.
    It is to be understood that the league shield and cup matches shall take precedence over any competition outside the jurisdiction of the league except the County Cup.  In the event of any match finishing with both teams having equal points both captains are to nominate a player from their side to play a deciding match.  This will be 11 up.  Both Captains to nominate their designated player prior to commencement of the match, with no substitution after that nomination.
  20. CHAMPION CLUB AWARDS:  Division “A”; the winning team shall receive the Popplewell Shield and a cash prize of £50.00, and the runner up shall receive the W.A. Parry Cup and a cash prize of £30.00.  Division “B”; the winning team shall receive the Mayor of Denbigh Trophy and a cash prize of £50.00 and the runner up shall receive the Keepfers Shield and a cash prize of £30.00.  Division “C”; the winning team shall receive the P.W. Hughes Cup and a cash prize of £50.00 and the runner up shall receive the I. Davies Cup and a cash prize of £30.00. The Teams placed 3rdand 4thin each division will receive a cash prize of £20.00 and £10.00 respectively.
  21. THE PRESIDENTS COMPETITION:  The Presidents competition will be played on the next 2 Sundays in September following the end of the playing season.  Two greens will be used on the 1stSunday of the competition and on this day Rounds one, two and three will be played leaving just four winners from each green to go forward to the green of the President on the 2nd Sunday.  Both host green clubs to be awarded £6.00 from League funds to cover green fees.  No competitor shall play on his/her own green on the first Sunday. Play will commence at 10.00am each day with no scratching time allowed.  The two players in each team who have the best record of wins for the season to qualify (aggregates to count if a tie).  If a player who has qualified is for an adequate reason unable to play, in the qualifying rounds and President's Day, the team must send the player with next best number of wins as a substitute, any team not represented in this competition will be fined £20.00 for each player.  
    All games to be played 21 up throughout the competition.  All games will be handicapped, Div A scratch, Div B +1, Div C +2 except on President's Day, if a player plays on his/her own green a handicap of -2 will be applied.  
    The winner shall receive the J.W. Palin Cup and a cash prize of £75.00. The runner up and defeated semi-finalists shall receive a cash prize of £40.00 and £20.00 respectively.
    All trophies and prizes will be presented on President's Day.  If any Club, individual or representative is not present to receive their prize, the prize will be retained by the league.
  22. LEAGUE PROMOTION AND RELEGATION:  The bottom two teams in Division A and B shall be relegated to division B and C respectively.  Their places shall be taken by the top two teams in Division B and C respectively.  In the event of a tie on Points, in the final league table, then the team with the best aggregate shall be deemed the winner.
  23. LEAGUE AVERAGE PRIZES:  The top player in each Division with the best record of wins shall hold a trophy for 12 months and receive a cash prize of £20.00.  The Lady bowler in each Division with the best record of wins shall hold a trophy for 12 months and receive a cash prize of £10.00. Aggregate to count if a tie.
  24. VETERANS AWARD:  Trophies and a cash prize of £10.00 will be awarded annually to the player of 60 years of age and over with the best average.  Qualifying veterans shall have celebrated their 60thbirthday on or before the 31stMarch in the year of the competition. When registering players, clubs should mark their veterans with a capital “V” so that the League Secretary knows who is eligible when checking player’s record.
  25. PAIR'S COMPETITION:  A voluntary pair's competition is organised annually on two Sunday set aside at the Chairman's green.  Each team may enter upto 2 teams.  The players representing the teams must have played at least 2 league matches.  The winning pair from each day to play the final on Presidents Day before the singles competition starts.  Any team opting out and teams entering 2 teams must notify the secretary by the end of May.  Play will commence at 10.00am on each Sunday.  The winners and runners up of the pair's competition shall receive a cash prize of £40.00.and £20.00 each respectively.  The League Secretary will carry out a draw of all teams and notify each Club Secretary/Captain when they are to play.  Any team who has not opted out and is not represented at this competition will be fined £40.00.  The pairs will be handicapped, “A” Div. Scr, “B” Div. + 2, “C” Div. +4.  Any team pair playing on their Home green to be handicapped – 2.
  26. ALTERATIONS TO RULES:  Rules printed in the league rulebook are binding on all teams and members and changes can be considered and voted on at the Annual General Meeting of the League. Any propositions for amending the rules must be sent by clubs in writing to the League Secretary at least 28 days prior to the A.G.M. so that drafts can be circulated to member clubs not less than 14 days before the meeting.  Voting shall be decided by a simple majority of the teams present at the A.G.M. with the Chairman having the casting vote.
  27. MARKING AND MEASURING:  Officials of each team shall arrange for markers to sit together and mark the game.  Markers shall compare the score every three ends and in the event of a dispute the players shall revert to the last agreed score.  All measuring to be done by one representative from each team.
  28. CLUB BOOKS:  Each club will receive a copy of the League Rulebook, a copy will be sent to each Secretary's and Captain's nominated email address and a copy will be available on  The Rulebook will be amended and reissued following any amendment at an AGM or EGM.
  29. TROPHIES:  All league trophies are perpetual awarded annually and they cannot be won outright. Winners of the trophies shall be responsible for their team's or individual's name being inserted on the trophies at their own expense.  It has been agreed (2017 AGM) that when a trophy is lost or damaged beyond repair, it will not be replaced.
  30. DESIGNATION OF A “WOOD”:  Woods to be used for all competitions under the control of this league shall weigh NOT LESS THAN 2lb.0.ozs.
  31. NOMINATED GREENS:  At the commencement of each season clubs with more than one green must nominate the green on which their respective teams will play league matches. No change of greens will be permitted by any team for the duration of that season unless sanctioned by the league management committee.
  32. STRIKING:  Players must signal and give a verbal warning before striking, so to avoid the possibility of causing injury to other players, official and spectators.
  33. FOOTWEAR:  Hard or block heeled shoes must not be worn by players or officials on the green.
  34. DRESS:  At all times players and officials must be suitably dressed, i.e. wear a shirt, T/shirt, blouse or other suitable garment.  On President's Day all players and officials must conform to the BCGBA by-laws.
  35. SAFEGUARDING:  All clubs must have in place a relevant safeguarding policy whenever:-
  • it has, or intends to have, children or vulnerable adults in membership.
  • it regularly opens its facilities for their use whether accompanied or not, e.g. for coaching, open recruitment or family days.
  • it offers the use of its facilities to schools, Gateway clubs, or other bodies, which provide for the vulnerable
    The club must prominently display the Child Protecting / Safeguarding Officer, who has an up to date DBS certificate, completed an approved training course and is registered with the Glyndwr Area Safeguarding Officer.

 Note:  No person, other than the players and the referee, is allowed on the green (except measurers when their services are required). Nothing in this Rule will apply to a severely disabled person who needs assistance on the green.

It has been agreed (2017 AGM) that when a trophy is lost or damaged beyond repair, it will not be replaced.