Burton Vets Bowling League 2021

President Chairman Secretary/Treasurer
Alan Eccleshall  Cliff Robinson Malcolm Cheese
1 Bridgeside, Stretton  9 Knoll Close, Littleover 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
Burton-on-Trent DE13 0EH  Derby DE23 3SG Burton-on-Trent DE15 0DE
Tel 01283 563752 - Mob 07949 868255  Tel 01332 519521 - Mob 07757 923902 Tel 01283 536588 - Mob 07963 829735
  Email cliffrobinson@ntlworld.com  Email malcolm.cheese@sky.com  
  1 The League shall operate under the Rules of the Burton & District Association and League with the exceptions listed below.  
  2 Entry to The League shall be confined to Clubs registered with the Burton & District Association. Players shall be male members  
    of those clubs and have reached 55 years of age but need not necessarily be registered by them with the Burton & District League.  
  3 The active management of the League shall be in the hands of an Executive Committee of six members from six different clubs,  
    two of whom shall retire by rotation each year and be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.  
    Finance shall be obtained by a Club Registration Fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting.  
  4 Providing there are sufficient entrants Four Divisions shall be formed with promotion and relegation being two up and two down.  
  5 Matches shall be played on Thursdays commencing 1.30 p.m. with 15 minutes practice being allowed for visitors  
    immediately beforehand.  
    Some additional matches shall be listed as Tuesdays however these dates may be varied by the home club where they clash  
    with another arrangement at that club, any other re-arrangements being by mutual consent.  
  6 No league matches will be played after the last league fixture date, except for any match cancelled in the last week of the  
    season due to climatic conditions. This must be played before the scheduled Champion of Champions date  
    (i.e. 1 week after the last League fixture date). All veterans teams must also comply with Burton League Rules 8.2 to 8.5.  
  7 Teams shall be comprised of from 6 to 12 players with matches being played as 6 singles and 3 doubles.  
    No player shall play in more than one single or more than one doubles.  
    Results shall be reckoned on the basis of one point per game with an aggregate win bonus of two points home or 4 points away.  
    In the event of any team fielding less than the minimum six players they shall be liable to a fine at the discretion of the  
    Executive Committee.  
    Teams will be allowed to rearrange as of right one game per season only and which must be played within 14 days of the  
    original fixture date. Split fixtures will be allowed with the agreement of both captains. Where a team is unable to reach  
    an agreement with its opponent then the Executive Committee will determine when the game shall be played.  
    In the event of a published fixture having been postponed and not completed by the last league fixture date in accordance  
    with rule 6, excepting matches postponed on the last league date due to inclement weather, or adverse green conditions as  
    determined by the host club, the match will be declared void with the offending team allocated nil points and their oppenents  
    10 points. In addition, the Executive Committee will impose a mandatory fine and consider demoting the offending team for  
    the following year.  
  8 Notification of re-arrangement shall be in the hands of the Secretary no later than 24 hours following the date in which  
    the match was scheduled. Notification to be made by email or telephone.  
    All results to be entered onto the website by the home team, the away team are responsible for verifying the result.  
    Results to be entered within 24 hours of the match being played.  
    Alternatively scorecards may be scanned as PDF files and emailed to the Secretary within 24 hours of the match  
    being played. All defaulters shall be fined £5; moneys so collected shall be allocated to Charity each year.  
    Result cards which should be signed by both captains are to be retained by the home team until the end of the season in case of  
  9 A Charity Cup and Charity Shield plus Individual and Doubles Merit Competitions shall be run on dates to be determined  
    by the Executive Committee. No handicaps shall be given other than in the Charity Cup and the Charity Shield Competitions,  
    which shall be variable based on a team's final league position the previous season, plus a fixed allowance between divisions.  
    Handicaps to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.  
    All such matches to be decided on aggregate. In the event of a tie the match shall be mutually re-arranged at the same venue.  
    In addition a Champion of Champions shall be run at the end of each season for divisional winners to be decided on aggregate.  
    Handicaps for the Champion of Champions shall be Div.1 - minus 15, Div.2 - 25, Div.3 - 50, Div.4 – 70, in order to be eligible  
    players must have played at least 7 league matches in the current season for the competing team, or have played in the  
    clubs lower team, subject to approval having been granted by the Executive Committee.  
    The Executive Committee reserve the right to adjust the handicap of any team based on their list of registered players for the  
    forthcoming season, which must be submitted to the Secretary no later than 31st March of the current season.  
    Clubs shall nominate players for Cup & Shield separately. Once nominated no one may play below that level.  
    Where a player, who plays for a club’s first team in either Division 1 or 2, attains the age of 55 during the season, the club  
    must obtain permission from the Executive Committee via the Secretary if they wish to play him in a Shield match.  
    Entry Fees shall be set at the Annual General Meeting.  
  10 Player Registration: All players taking part in the Veterans League must be registered with the Secretary by 31st March of the  
    current season. Clubs to be fined £10 for non-compliance.  
    Any subsequent registrations must be in the hands of the Secretary by the Tuesday following the match in which he first plays.  
  11 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January each year.