Burton Ladies Bowling League 2021

Chairwoman Results Secretary League & Afternoon Secretary Treasurer
Mrs Eunice Ireland Mrs Marie Worthington Mrs Yvonne Sweet Mrs Iris Smith
39 Henhurst Ridge 207 High Street 225 Woodland Road 7 Woodview Road

Burton on Trent

Newhall, Swadlincote Stanton, Burton on Trent Newhall, Swadlincote
DE13 9TH DE11 0EA DE15 9SU DE11 0UG
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1  All games to be played under BCGBA. rules.

1b The games shall be played in singles of 21up, eight players in a team

2  The visiting team to have exclusive use of the green for practice for 15 minutes preceding the time fixed for the match to commence. In all matches, the Club on whose green the match is being played shall provide jacks and footers, and a 19-metre measure shall be available.

3a All Matches to start at 6.30pm or earlier by mutual consent

     Clubs/greens that has floodlights if requested by any player they much be switched on and used

3b The home team captain can decide whether to put three or four ends at the beginning of the match. Matches to be completed by 11 days following the last fixture date.

4  Score to be one point per game and two aggregate points for home win, four points for away win. In the event of a draw one point for home win and two points for away win.

5  All result sheets to be forwarded to the Result Secretary within 3 days of the match being played, this can be either by email or post, the offending Club to be fined £2.00.

6a  In the event of a Club having more than 1 team in the league, no player is eligible to play for more than 1 team in the same week, (not fixtures week if match is cancelled), except abandoned match, which has already commenced, abandoned match to count from commencement date. Should the first team have no fixture, no regular (A) team player to play in any other team that week, and no regular team player to play at a lower level in any other team for the last 3 fixtured matches of the season, the offending player to forfeit the game 21-0.

6b Teams failing to fulfill a fixture shall receive no points. Their opponents shall be credited at the end of the season, with their average points gained home or away as the case may be but excluding aggregate points.

7   Any Club having two teams in one Division, no player shall play more than two matches against one team and must play each other at the beginning of the season.

8   Drawing of Cards - All eight cards to be drawn at commencement of each match. Visiting Captains must advise home captain of the late arrival of any players before the cards are drawn.

9a  All matches to commence with 3 or 4 games and to continue with not less than 2. In the event of the green being occupied by 1 game only, and this not being the final game, the team having no available player or substitute shall be allowed 15 minutes to obtain a player, otherwise they forfeit the game 21-0.           Any team not making an appearance by 15 minutes after the designated start time is liable to forfeit the match.

9b All eight games should be played on the same evening even when a match has been re-arranged.

    The only exception to the above being when a match has begun and the weather stops play or a player becomes incapacitated.

10 For cancellation or re-arranging matches, this will be done by the Captains of the clubs and the Results Secretary must be notified immediately of the cancellation.

     The game must be played within 42 days (6 weeks) of the fixture and the Results Secretary must be notified of the new date within 10 days of the cancellation date. No extension of the 42 days will be allowed however matches can be played before the original fixture by mutual consent of both captains.

     All games to be completed by 11 days following the last fixtured date.

11 In the event of no new teams applying to join the league or teams withdrawing, a system of promotion and relegation shall be applied each year, the 2 winning teams going up and the 2 bottom teams going down.

    If one or more new teams apply to join the League, the winning team from each Division shall be promoted in any event, but the runners-up may not automatically be promoted.

12 Substitutes will be allowed in the first round of all competitions run by the Burton and District Ladies' Bowls Association.

13 Any new teams who apply to join the League must go in the lowest division and play on a Tuesday night.

14 All Clubs shall register their players by Full Name and Registration number on the registration form this must be with the Results Secretary by the AGM.

     Any player joining a Club during the season shall be registered with the Results Secretary within 7 days following the match in which she has played; this can be done on the results sheet.

     No player shall be registered without her knowledge or consent.

     No player shall be allowed to transfer their registration mid-season without a transfer form signed by an officer (Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer) of the club they are leaving and the club they are joining. The signed form should then be forwarded to the Results Secretary.

15 It is the responsibility of both of the scorers to make sure that the cards are checked and agreed on every three ends. If there is a dispute on the card and players and scorers cannot agree, play must resume from the last time the cards were in agreement.

16 League matches must be put before competitions. Any club not fielding a team at the finals day of the league competition e.g. "Home and Away", "Charity Cup" will have deemed to have donated their prize money to the year's selected charity.

17 At the Presentation a member of the winning team must be present to accept prize money or forfeit their money to the Charity chosen for that year.

18 If it becomes necessary for an established complete team to change venue, e.g. due to closure of a Club or unsuitability of facilities, they should be allowed to maintain their current league position.

19 The handicap for competitions will be:

     The previous year's winner will be 2 points and in a doubles competition 1 point for each player.