Burton Ladies Bowling League 2019

Chairwoman Results Secretary League & Afternoon Secretary Treasurer
Mrs Eunice Ireland Mrs Marie Worthington Mrs Yvonne Sweet Mrs Iris Smith
39 Henhurst Ridge 207 High Street 225 Woodland Road 7 Woodview Road

Burton on Trent

Newhall, Swadlincote Stanton, Burton on Trent Newhall, Swadlincote
DE13 9TH DE11 0EA DE15 9SU DE11 0UG
Tel: 01283 542070 Mobile: 07429 086704 Mobile: 07904 994405 Tel: 01283 219128
email: lady.baby@hotmail.co.uk email: rienaz@sky.com email: yvonnesweet@sky.com email: i.smith3@hotmail.co.uk


1    All matches to commence at 6.30pm. if played at night.

2    No practice for visitors.

3    Cards to be numbered and drawn before match starts, visiting team to have the jack.

4    Score to be on aggregate, and in the event of a tie, the number of games won shall determine the winning team. If these should also prove to be a tie the fixture must be replayed within 28 days.

5    If any game has not been played by the date given, the team unable to provide a date to play two days prior to the date given is liable to be scratched.

6    If a club has two teams in the competition no player to play for more than one team.

7    These games are played on a four at home and four away basis and must be played by the date given.

8    Played to BCGBA. Rules.

9    Handicap as follows Division 1 off scratch, Division 2 +10, and Division 3 +20. Results Secretary to add handicap to final scores.

10  Results sheets 4 games on each to be marked 'Home & Away' to be sent to the Results Secretary within 3 days of each half being played, £2.00 fine to apply.

11  On Finals day, dress code of the association (in accordance with Association Rule) will be strictly adhered to.           Final game will be played on neutral green, and on the date set by the Executive Committee, prior to the commencement of the season. Score to be on aggregate, and in the event of a tie the number of games won shall determine the winning team, after which if it is still a tie the captains will nominate a player to play 21 up.