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BCGBA Ladies Competitions Dress Code 2019

Taken from the 2019 Handbook, P237

19A. Players must wear suitable footwear. No hard or block heeled footwear, open toed sandals or flip flops to be worn.


B. Trousers, tailored shorts, tailored cropped trousers or skirts, these shall be at least knee length and single coloured.


C. Shirts must be collared with sleeves, and may be embellished with any or all of the following: Players name, club insignia, county insignia, manufacturer’s insignia, BCGLBA insignia, sponsors name. County Associations to determine the style and design of their county shirt.


D.  Finals – Club or county colours, if not then navy or black trousers with shirt with sleeves and collar. It is the responsibility of the County Secretary to inform all finalists that the dress code will be observed.


E. Where necessary, and in accordance with the pertaining weather conditions, sweaters/cardigans which conform to the above may be worn, but correct dress must be worn under wet gear.


F. In team contests, uniform clothing will be worn by all team members. In pairs contests players will be dressed in the same colours.


G. Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of tracksuits, shell suits, denims, combat trousers, jeggings, skinny jeans or leggings.


H. Any player failing to conform to this standard shall be prevented from playing in the competition and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee, or prize money earned in the competition.


I. In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted prior to the commencement of the game.


It is strongly recommended that this be adopted by all subsidiary organisations and other organisers of competitions, and that players notice be drawn to it on the entry forms of all such competitions.