Burton Ladies Bowling League 2021

Chairwoman Results Secretary League & Afternoon Secretary Treasurer
Mrs Eunice Ireland Mrs Marie Worthington Mrs Yvonne Sweet Mrs Iris Smith
39 Henhurst Ridge 207 High Street 225 Woodland Road 7 Woodview Road

Burton on Trent

Newhall, Swadlincote Stanton, Burton on Trent Newhall, Swadlincote
DE13 9TH DE11 0EA DE15 9SU DE11 0UG
Tel: 01283 542070 Mobile: 07429 086704 Mobile: 07904 994405 Tel: 01283 219128
email: lady.baby@hotmail.co.uk email: rienaz@sky.com email: yvonnesweet@sky.com email: i.smith3@hotmail.co.uk


1   The competition shall be entitled the Ladies’ Champion of Champions Competition and shall be run on a round robin and handicap basis. The Officers of the Association together with the Fixtures and Competitions Committee shall run it, and the decision of the said Committee shall be final on any disputes, which may arise. It shall be governed by the Laws of the Association and played to B.C.G.B.A. Rules.

2   The date for the Champion of Champions matches will be known at the beginning of the season and printed in the fixture book.

     All games to be played on the date given and no re-arranging to be allowed. (Except in adverse weather conditions).

3   The committee shall nominate a neutral green on which these matches will be played.

4   The Clubs on whose greens the games are played shall provide jacks, footers and a 19-metre measure.

5a  No practice shall be allowed.

5b The games shall be played in singles of 21 up, eight players in a team.

5c  Drawing of cards – All eight cards from both teams to be numbered 1-8 and drawn in order at commencement of the match.

5d Scoring shall be aggregate with the handicap added to the final score.

     Handicap will be in accordance with the charity cup handicaps.

6   If there is a tie on aggregate the captains shall choose a player to play 21 up (no handicaps to apply to this match).

7   The dress code applies on finals day offending players will not be permitted to play.

8   Any matter arising not covered by the above rules shall go to the said committee and any decision made shall be final.


 Suggestion for the 2020 season (as discussed at the AGM)

The 3 teams involved to submit their team and playing order by the Wednesday preceding the Champion of Champions finals date to the Secretary via email yvonnesweet@sky.com

This doesn’t mean you can’t change a player but the order must remain the same.  This will hopefully enable the day to run quicker and smoother