Burton and District Bowling League 2019

President Chairman Association Secretary Association Treasurer
 Alan Eccleshall Martin Drury Ian Wallis  Malcolm Cheese
1 Bridgeside, Stretton 28 Beech Lane, Stretton Flat 20, Elizabeth Court, Brough Road, 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
Burton-on-Trent DE13 0EH Burton-on-Trent DE13 0DX Winshill, Burton-on-Trent DE15 0EG Burton-on-Trent DE15 0DE
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  1.1 Teams playing in league and cup matches shall be comprised of either male or female players. In the Burton & District Saturdays  
    League players should be registered on the appropriate form which should be returned to the Association Secretary by the last  
    Saturday in March. Failure to do so may result in sanctions to be decided by the Executive Committee.  
    Only players on this original form shall be eligible for the Charity Cup.  
    Additional players can be added to the list throughout the season but will not be eligible for Charity Cup matches.  
  1.2 Teams in the Association shall be formed into Leagues, each League to consist of a minimum of ten teams.  
  1.3 Cups shall be provided by the Association for each division.  
  1.4 The method of promotion and relegation shall normally be two up and two down.  
  1.5 Teams shall play every other team in its own League at home and away.  
  1.6 Fixtures shall be drawn up by the Executive Committee each season and must be home and away alternately as far as possible,  
    and subject to the provisions of 2 & 3 below, shall be played on the dates specified in the fixture book.  
  2.1 All matches are to be played on the original fixture date unless a re-arrangement of all or part of the match can be mutually  
    agreed by both teams.  
    In all cases the match must be completed on or before the date of the original fixture not withstanding conditions provided for  
    in rule 3.  
    If a re-arrangement is sought but cannot be agreed by both teams, the match must be played on the original fixture date.  
  3.1 In the event of a fixture not having been started or not completed, due to climatic conditions or other reasons beyond  
    the participants control, any completed games shall stand and should a player whose game has commenced be absent  
    on the re-arranged date their score shall stand as far as they have already played and their opponent shall score 21.  
  3.2 Clubs concerned shall agree on a date on which the match shall be played or completed and inform the Association Secretary  
    of such arrangement or failure to agree no later than the Wednesday following the date of the original fixture.  
  3.3 In the event of failure to agree the Executive or a Sub-Committee thereof shall determine the date and time.  
  4.1 No player of a visiting team shall be allowed to practice on the green until 15 minutes before the match or later part thereof,  
    the home team to give way to the visitors.  
  4.2 Any player found to have been practicing the opponents green within 14 days of a match, with the exception of  
    allowed practice for representative matches shall lose their game 21-0.  
  5.1 All games shall be played under the rules of the BCGBA.  
  5.2 All League matches on Saturday to commence at 4.00 p.m. except by mutual arrangement.  
  5.3 Games shall be 21 up and the matches 12 a side.  
  5.4 Visitors to take the jack at the commencement of each game.  
  5.5 In all League matches the Captains and Vice-captains shall draw cards and act as referees and appoint measurers,  
    unless special officials are appointed.  
  5.6 Before the commencement of the match the Captains (and/or Vice-captains) shall draw all twelve cards which shall be  
    numbered from 1 to 12 to determine the order of play.  
  5.7 Not less than three and not more than four games shall be going on at the commencement of the match on any green,  
    this to be continued with no less than three ends throughout the match.  
  5.8 In the event of the green not being occupied by three ends and a player’s opponent (or substitute) not forthcoming  
    within 15 minutes the player present shall claim their game 21-0.  
  5.9 If the light deteriorates to such an extent that the match cannot be continued without the use of artificial light,  
    floodlights may be used provided that the Association has approved them, and that the two Captains agree to their use.  
    If mutual agreement is not forthcoming the match shall continue under the status quo.  
  6.1 The matches will be decided by the system of reckoning one point per player winning a game and two points for  
    an aggregate win at home or four points for an aggregate win away in all games.  
  6.2 In the event of a tie on aggregate, each team shall receive half their win points.  
  6.3 The team scoring the most points in a game shall be declared the winner.  
  6.4 For the purposes of League positions, where teams are level on points ranking will be by ratio of total shots for over total  
    shots against, in the event that rankings are still tied they shall be determined on the basis of results between the teams involved.  
  7.1 At the end of the match the completed match card should be agreed and signed by both captains. The home team is responsible  
    for entering the results on the Mb Bowling Results Service website http://bowlingresults.co.uk/burton  
    The away team may verify and also make alterations to the result through the website. Each team will have a password for  
    entering results which must be updated within 24 hours of the match. A £5 fine will be imposed on the home team for any  
    late entered results. The home team must retain the match card until the end of the season in case of a query by either the  
    away side or Association Secretary.  
  8.1 Where a club has more than one team, a player may play for more than one team on a particular fixture date,  
    subject to eligibility as defined in 8.2.  
    The maximum number of players permitted to do this shall be two per team on each fixture date.  
    This will not be allowed in the first five or the last three scheduled fixtures.  
  8.2 A player is considered tied to a higher team once they have played five games and won more than 50% of their games for  
    that team.  
    Subsequently, if a player has played less than five games for the higher team or has won less than 50%, they may play at the  
    next lower level.  
    In the last three scheduled matches, a player having played more than 2/3 of their games for a higher team may not play for  
    a lower team irrespective of their results.  
  8.3 In the event of a team having an open date, no player shall play below their then current level.  
  8.4 No player shall be eligible to represent his Club or compete in any of the Association Competitions who is a defaulter  
    to another Club in the Association, and no player shall be allowed to bowl for more than one Club in the Association,  
    neither shall they be allowed to transfer their membership as an Association player from one Club to another during the season  
    without special permission from the Executive Committee.  
    No transfers shall be permitted after 31st July.  
  8.5 In the event of any Club playing an ineligible member all points gained in that match by the offending player shall be  
    deducted from the fixture in which the offence has been committed and the ineligible player shall lose 21-0.  
  9.1 Any team or individual player who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is deemed to have acted in an unacceptable  
    manner shall be liable to sanctions to be decided by the Executive Committee.  
  10.1 In the event of any dispute arising during a match not being covered by the Association Rules, it shall be decided by the  
    Laws of the Game as adopted by the BCGBA and all Clubs should have the BCGBA rules available at their venue.